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Austria - General Information

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It is reportedly planned to double sections of the <i>Steirische Ostbahn</i> (Graz – Gleisdorf – Szentgottard [HU]), but information on this is sparse: [ Wikipedia's Steirische_Ostbahn entry] indicates a south to east Graz avoiding line (otherwise any trains between the Koralmbahn and Szentgottard would have to run round in Graz) and a possible completion in 2020. However, the project does not appear in [ OeBB Infra's list of projects].
'''====Threatened passenger lines''' (position at September 2016 with updates)====
The Achenseebahn (T311: Jenbach - Achensee) is potentially in danger of closure at the end of the 2019 tourist season owing to poor track condition. As it is a tourist line, the Tirol region does not wish to subsidise it.

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