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Albania - General Information

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→‎Planned changes: Projected rehabilitation of the Pogradec line; possible extension to N Macedonia.
It is understood that the new Tiranê station will be in the Laprake area, around 2km short of the site of the old one.
An October 2018 statement on the HSH website announced a European Union-financed feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the Durrës-Elbasan-Pogradec railway line and the construction of a new line from Lini to the border of North Macedonia.
===Recent changes===
As at September 2018 The April 2019 timetable, available on the [ HSH website] shows two train pairs from Durrës to Elbasan, two to Shkodër and one to Kashar. The changes since the September 2018 timetable involve an extra train pair on the Shkodër line at the expense of the service to Fier , on the Vlorë line, one to Shkodër and one to Kasharwhich has once again lost its service.  '''However the The situation still remains very fluid and travellers should be aware that further changes may be made at short notice.'''
According to the HSH website, on 22 September 4 December 2018 they opened a training course passed out 25 Driver Assistants, the first such qualifications to be achieved for train drivers 'after many 30 years', so the situation may . It remains to be stabilisingseen whether this leads to further reinstatement of services.
The only freight-only line currently in use is the cross-border line to Montenegro. It was observed to be in use in August 2018.

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