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Border Crossings: Belarus - Poland

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[E] Both gauges cross the border, with BČ working all freights to substantial yards to the west of Terespol. A gauge-changer was installed at Brest station early in 2015 for use by a new Moskva - Berlin Talgo service which started operation on 17 December 2016.
It was thought only PKP worked the passenger services to Brest, however, a BČ M62 and coaches formed the afternoon departure from Terespol in November 2014. Later sightings were the morning service to Brest in August 2017 formed by a PKP loco hauling BČ coaches, and the same combination for the 7am ex Brest in June 2019 so '''the compilers would greatly appreciate additionalconfirmed additional confirmed sightings of loco hauled passenger services at Terespol , and if BČ hauled, on which gauge tracks'''.
==(Brest -) Visoko-Litovsk BČ - Czeremcha PKP==

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