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Poland - General Information

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* Short Line operator SKPL, better known for running the Pleszew NG service, approached the local Authorities in 2017 with an offer to reopen the 24km line from Tarnów - Dąbrowa Tarnowska (and possibly later through to Szczucin, a further 24km) subject to receiving a subsidy of approximately PLN 1,200,000 annually.
* 381 Słupsk to Ustka. An agreement between PKP PLK and the Pomeranian Voivodship was signed on 28 February 2017 mentioning two new stops, Słupsk Strefa and Ustka Osiedle. The latter is one stop beyond Ustka on the former route to Sławno and closer to the Baltic coast. Timescale 2017-2020It has been suggested this extension may open at the December 20199 timetable date, and an all year round service commence.
* Line 249. PKM are considering reopening the Gdansk Nowy Port branch to regular services, as opposed to the infrequent services already running for events at the Expo Stadium

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