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Border Crossings: France - Switzerland

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==(Annemasse -) Ambilly SNCF - Chêne-Bourg (- Genève Eaux Vives) SNCF==
[E] This is part of the SNCF system and was operated by SNCF throughout using dual-frequency rolling stock, though the branch itself is electrified at 25kV 50Hz. There is no freight traffic. Genève Eaux Vives closed with effect from 28 November 2011 to facilitate construction of the new underground line to link this line with Genève la Praille. Thereafter the service ran to the previously closed station of Chêne-Bourg, which itself closed temporarily from 1 April 2013. The line was planned to be reopened in 2017 - partly diverted, wholly re-engineered, and linked to Genève Cornavin. However, full commissioning has been was postponed to and it will reopen on 15 December 2019 and could be further delayed by new objections from residents.
==(Evian-les-Bains -) St Gingolph SNCF - St Gingolph (Suisse) CFF (- Bouveret)==

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