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Ukraine - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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| Mukacheve – 19:42 Uzhhorod – 20:04 Uzhhorod-2 – Uzhhorod – Sianky
===Odesa-Poizna – Odesa-Zahidna===
() UA19/32
There are two alternative routes between Odesa-Poizna and Odesa-Zahidna for trains heading between Odesa-Golovna and Bilgorod - Dnistrovs'kyj and vice versa; a longer route via Odesa-Zastava-1 station, or a ~5 km shorter route to the south bypassing that station. Examination of the [ Odesa area Suburban Trains timetables] (under 'Schedule of Suburb Trains by Direction' change the 'Choose Direction' drop-down list item to show 'Odesa - Bil-Dnistrovs'kyj' then click SHOW) shows which Suburban trains run via which route. It is not known which route is used by the long distance trains on this line.
==Other sparse services==

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