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→‎Closures: DU-Entenfang and Seifhennersdorf SEV then closure
There have been numerous deviations of railways to allow open-cast mining. The latest proposal is for significant re-routing of the Görlitz to Cottbus line, which will involve the closure of around 10km of the existing line between Weißwasser and Rietschen, to be replaced by a 13km-long deviation to the east.
The VRR (''Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr'') have announced that they intend to close the very lightly-used ''RB37'' service between Duisburg Hbf and Duisburg-Entenfang from December 2019. Rail services actually ceased from 17 March 2019, with a replacement bus service operating until the end of the 2019 timetable year. Services will be replaced by a higher frequency on existing bus route 928. The VRR say that this closure will not prejudice plans to reopen the ''Ratinger Weststrecke'' between Düsseldorf-Rath and Duisburg, but the line is needed for diversionary use during the line upgrades for the RRX (Rhein-Ruhr Express) project.
The current S-Bahn line between Frankfurt am Main Stadion and Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Regionalbahnhof is to be re-routed via a new station at Gateway Gardens, which is a commercial development of the former US military part of the airport. Opening of the new line and closure of the original route is expected in December 2019.
The preserved service on the ''Bremen-Thedinghausener Eisenbahn'' (''"Pingelheini"'') between Bremen-Kirchhuchting and Leeste (b. Bremen) ceased at the end of the 2015 season. It was planned to convert the Bremen - Leeste line between Moordeich and Leeste to an extension of Bremen tram route no. 8, but local opposition to the tram service has delayed the project indefinitely. From the start of the 2019 season on 1 May, it was intended that ''Pingelheini'' services would resume to Stuhr, only 4.5 km from Kirchhuchting, however as at August 2019 this has not yet happened.
The service on the cross-border section of KBS 236 between Varnsdorf Pivovar Kocour (CZ) and Seifhennersdorf (2.1km) was withdrawn at short notice and replaced by a minibus shuttle on 13th March 2015, because of problems with the German infrastructure owner DRE not being able to meet the operational requirements for cross-border services. The passenger replacement bus service will be withdrawn on 14 December 2019 and the line has not been officially withdrawn - the 'temporary' service suspension is extended year by year in the timetablewill definitively close.
''Land'' Bayern may withdraw funding from lines that have fewer than 1,000 passengers per day. On the basis of data from 2016 these are:
| Fröttstädt - Friedrichroda
| (section Waltershausen to Friedrichroda only)
The following line closed on 17 March 2019:
{| class="osstable3"
| 447
| Duisburg Hbf - Duisburg Entenfang
| The service was operated by replacement bus from 17 March until 14 December 2019, the official closure date
| ''Mecklenburgische Südbahn'': Parchim - Inselstadt Malchow
The following line closed on 13 March 2015:
{| class="osstable3"
| 236 (part)
| Varnsdorf Pivovar Kocour (CZ) - Seifhennersdorf
| The service was operated by replacement bus from 13 March 2015 until 14 December 2019, the official closure date

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