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Border Crossings: Czech Republic - Germany

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[D] DB Corridor Trains on the secondary route between Eibau and Zittau ceased at the end of the winter 2000/2001 timetable. A local service, provided by Sächsisch-Böhmische-Eisenbahngesellschaft (SBE) ran until December 2006.
In December 2010 services restarted between Liberec, Zittau, Varnsdorf and a replacement platform at Seifhennersdorf, operated by 'Trilex' (''Die Länderbahn GmbH''). The line between the border and Eibau was leased from DB by Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn GmbH (DRE). However since 13 March 2015 the service has terminated at Varnsdorf Pivovar Kocour on the Czech side of the border, with the cross-border section to Seifhennersdorf being served by minibus. This is because of problems with DRE meeting "operational requirements for cross-border railway operations". From The line is not closed nor the timetable change in December 2019service withdrawn - it is merely suspended indefinitely. The bus operation is still designated as a rail-replacement service (SEV). Despite these problems, the replacement bus service is due to be withdrawn and the line will be officially closed north of Varnsdorf Pivovar Kocourretendered in 2020 for a further eleven years.
==Varnsdorf ČD - Großschönau (Sachs) DB (- Zittau)==

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