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Germany - General Information

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The ''Eifel-Bördebahn'' between Düren and Euskirchen, which currently has a weekend- and holiday-only service of four train pairs under the designation ''RB28'', was due to regain a daily service (six train pairs SX; four SSuO) in December 2018; however this has been delayed until December 2019 owing to signalling issues. The end-to-end journey time will be reduced from 60 to 50 minutes. In 2022 an hourly service is planned with a journey time of 35 minutes. This will be possible with automation of level crossings and a modest line-speed increase. This will make avoiding Köln Hbf an attractive option for journeys such as Aachen to Trier.
Gelsenkirchen-Buer Nord - Recklinghausen Hbf, part of the ''Hamm-Osterfelder Bahn'', will reopen to passengers in December 2019May 2020, forming a second branch of the ''S9'' service which currently terminates at Haltern am See; however the intermediate stations at Herten-Mitte, Herten-Westerholt and Gelsenkirchen-Buer Nord (main line platforms) are not scheduled to open before December 2022.
The extension of the ''S28'' Kaarster See - Neuss - Düsseldorf - Mettmann service to Wuppertal-Vohwinkel and Wuppertal Hbf is under construction. It uses the existing freight-only route between Mettmann and Dornap-Hahnenfurth (which will be doubled) and is new construction from there to a junction with the Velbert - Wuppertal line just north of Wuppertal-Vohwinkel. Doubling of the Neuss - Kaarster See section is also planned, along with electrification of both the western (Neuss - Kaarster See) and eastern (Düsseldorf-Gerresheim - Dornap-Hahnenfurth [- Wuppertal]) arms. Completion of the entire project is not now expected until December 2020.
The VRR (''Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr'') have announced that they intend to close the very lightly-used ''RB37'' service between Duisburg Hbf and Duisburg-Entenfang from December 2019. Rail services actually ceased from 17 March 2019, with a replacement bus service operating until the end of the 2019 timetable year. Services will be replaced by a higher frequency on existing bus route 928. The VRR say that this closure will not prejudice plans to reopen the ''Ratinger Weststrecke'' between Düsseldorf-Rath and Duisburg, but the line is needed for diversionary use during the line upgrades for the RRX (Rhein-Ruhr Express) project.
The current <i>S-Bahn </i> line between Frankfurt am Main Stadion and Frankfurt am Main Flughafen Regionalbahnhof is to be re-routed via a new station at Gateway Gardens, which is a commercial development of the former US military part of the airport. The original route to the airport closed on 25 October 2019, with <i>S-Bahn</i> services temporarily diverted to the Flughafen Fernbahnhof. Opening of the new line and closure of the original route is expected in planned for 15 December 2019.
The ''Zwönitztalbahn'' between Chemnitz and Aue (Sachs.) (KBS524) closed completely on 15th September 2018 for conversion to tram-train service under the ''"Chemnitzer Modell"'' Stage 2, to be introduced in December 20192020. Initial plans were to retain only the stretch from Chemnitz as far as Thalheim, but current plans envisage the conversion and reopening of the full line.
The ''Niederlausitzer Museumseisenbahn'' has announced that they are suspending service on closed their preserved line from Finsterwalde to Crinitz after a final day of service on 30th December 2018. This is because there is substantial work required on the line, which the society are not in a position to fund. They are not ruling out eventual reinstatement of the service once funding has been secured but this is a long-term aspiration.
The ''Teckelfahrten'' tourist operation from Hagen to Ennepetal did not resume operate in 2017or 2018, but they have announced that a limited service on was planned for three Sundays will operate in 2019. However in July 2019 the Ruhrtalbahn announced an end to their operations on the Teckel and Ruhrtal (Hagen - Hattingen) routes as a result of severe mechanical problems with their <i>Schienenbus</i>. They hope to resume operations in 2020 with hired-in stock but this is by far from definite. See [http Ruhrtalbahn website].
The ''Museums-Eisenbahn-Club Losheim'' was closed suddenly in April 2017 by the authorities because of the condition of the track. In 2019 trains are running only ran between "Großer Wald" (west of Losheim) and Dellborner Mühle whilst relaying is in progress.
The ''Wachtl-Bahn'' tourist operation did not resume in 2017 as it did not pass an official inspection. The service is currently suspended but the organisation has been restructured and work is underway to allow a resumption of services.
The line between Ihrhove and Nieuweschans closed after a ship hit and destroyed the main span of the bridge over the River Ems on 3 December 2015. DB is reconstructing the bridge, but the line is not expected to re-open until 2024. The train service on the German section west of the bridge, between Nieuweschans and Weener, resumed on 30 October 2016.
The preserved service on the ''Bremen-Thedinghausener Eisenbahn'' (''"Pingelheini"'') between Bremen-Kirchhuchting and Leeste (b. Bremen) ceased at the end of the 2015 season. It was planned to convert the Bremen - Leeste line between Moordeich and Leeste to an extension of Bremen tram route no. 8, but local opposition to the tram service has delayed the project indefinitely. From the start of the 2019 season on 1 May, it was intended that ''Pingelheini'' services would resume to Stuhr, only 4.5 km from Kirchhuchting, however as at August 2019 this has not yet happenedbeen deferred until 2020.
The service on the cross-border section of KBS 236 between Varnsdorf Pivovar Kocour (CZ) and Seifhennersdorf (2.1km) was withdrawn at short notice and replaced by a minibus shuttle on 13th March 2015, because of problems with the German infrastructure owner DRE not being able to meet the operational requirements for cross-border services.

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