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[260] (ERA180B5, ''F2'') PL19/206
Reissued PDFs for 260 shows this in use to mid March but not by all Pociąg do Kultury services connecting Berlin Lichtenberg with Wrócław Główny. This follows occasional 2018 diversions and note Interrail tickets etc are not valid on these services. Also used on 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 October 2019
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[200, 265] (ERA180A1, ''R13'') PL19/250
2018 Woodstock festival services ran via this combination of freight lines to avoid Wrocław Główny. ===Wrocław Brochów freight yards===[200, 215] (ERA180A1, ''R13'') PL19/250A From 1 July until 19 October, individual trains between [Brzeg] - Święta Katarzyna and Wrocław Głowny will be diverted via the Wrocław Brochów freight station as per a < at Wrocław Brochów. Additionally from 1 September to October 19th two inbound SSuX trains from Jelcz on 215 were also diverted via Wrocław Brochów freight yards so should have used a different approach line 764 from Siechnice.
===Wrocław Grabizyn - Line 753 - Wrocław Gądów - Line 751 - Wrocław Zachodni===

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