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==Obscure services==
===[Braniewo PKP] – Mamonovo – Kaliningrad===
[1] (ERA 251B1-A1; ''75C5'') RU18RU19/1
Broad and standard gauge tracks run parallel from Poland until just north of Golubevo and then take totally different routes into Kaliningrad. The standard gauge line heads east with an interlaced Broad gauge freight only track to join the line in from Bagrationovsk near the closed station named simply 6km to enter Kaliningrad South station from the east, whereas the Broad gauge passenger service runs via and calls at Kaliningrad Kievskaya to arrive into Kaliningrad South station from the west. The daily standard gauge service between Gdansk and Kaliningrad was discontinued in 2012 although occasional charters from Germany still run.
 Two pairs of test services ran on the Broad Gauge Border crossing to Braniewo on 5 January 2018, allegedly prior to limited trains running during the football World Cup in June 2018 but this never happened.
===Kaliningrad Passazersky south to north avoiding line: Kaliningrad Kievskaya – Kaliningrad Severniy===

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