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'''This ''Wiki'' is work in progress - the main EGTRE site is still at []''' Data is being copied from the old site to this Wiki as time permits. Where the Wiki pages exist, they will be more up-to-date than the old main site. Please bear with us as we transfer the data. ---- Welcome to the '''Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe'''.  For each country in the Guide, there are three sections: * General Information about the country and its railway systems * information on lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services * information on [[Border Crossings - General Information|Border Crossings]], including electrification details It is suggested that you read the [[General Information]] first to gain an understanding of what the Guide offers. You must read this Copyright and Disclaimer Notice: Each of the documents on this website forms part of the Guide, the copyright of which, both individually and collectively, is reserved by the compilers. Copies of the documents must be for personal use only and shall not be used for commercial purposes. The information supplied in the documents is for general reference only and should not be relied upon without further specific enquiry. You may alter the formatting and content of the documents only to suit your own computer or printer.
Go to the [[:Category:Countries|List of Countries]] in the Guide.

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