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This list is based on the timetable dated from 12 December 2021 - 26 June 2022, unless otherwise shown. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" refer to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series - Nordic) by M.G. Ball.

Obscure services

Oslo Sentral – Lillestrøm (via Romeriksporten Tunnel)

[L1, L12, L13, L14, R10, R11, 21, 25, 104, 708] (ERA-E 5A2; ERA-R 20B1, not shown) NO22/1

Trains running non-stop between Oslo Sentral and Lillestrøm or Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen run via the Romeriksporten Tunnel but trains calling intermediately between Oslo Sentral and Lillestrøm use the Hovedbanen (old main line).

Tunnelled single track connections to avoid conflicting moves exist at both ends of the tunnel: two at the eastern Lillestrøm-end allow running to and from the Hovedbanen, while at the western end there is an additional single connection to the Hovedbanen. These connections and the services using them are detailed below.

Romeriksporten Tunnel: Eastern Connections - Lillestrøm

[L14,L13 (WB)] (ERA-E 5A2, not shown; ERA-R 1B4, not shown) NO22/2

These connections are used by trains to and from Oslo Sentral via the Romeriksporten Tunnel and the Kongsvinger line. They use Lillestrøm Tracks 4-9, to avoid conflicting moves with Gardermoenbanen line trains which use Lillestrøm Tracks 1-3: Stockholm InterCity and Table L14 services. The westbound connection (but not the eastbound) is also used by L13 services from Dal to Oslo.

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Oslo 1.jpg

Romeriksporten Tunnel: Western Connection - Oslo Sentral

[Airport Express 'Flytoget' F1, F2] (ERA-E 5A2, not shown; ERA-R 1B4, not shown) NO22/3

'Flytoget' Trains from Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen run via the Romeriksporten Tunnel to Oslo Sentral, but have different routes to exit the western end of the tunnel as different parts of Oslo Sentral station are served, depending on whether they terminate there or continue through the City tunnel towards Drammen.

Non-stop services between Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen and Oslo Sentral [F1] run via the main Romeriksporten Tunnel exit to join the Gjøvikbanen (the southern pair of tracks) and terminate in Spor (Tracks) 14-15 on the south side of Oslo Sentral.

'Flytoget' trains from Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen calling intermediately at Lillestrøm and running beyond Oslo Sentral through the City Tunnel to Drammen {F2] use the Romeriksporten Tunnel but take the single track cut-off tunnel branching from the main tunnel some 400m short of its western exit (? Hellerud) to join the Hovedbanen (old main line; the northern pair of tracks) to access the through platforms on the north side of Oslo Sentral. Normally Spar 2. However, this link is only available westbound: the return Drammen to Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen 'Flytoget' services use Spar 13, the southerly of the through platforms at Oslo Sentral, and then the same route as the F1 services via the Gjøvikbanen and the main Romeriksporten Tunnel.

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Lysaker – Sandvika

[41, 50, 708, L1, L12, L13, L14] (ERA-E 5A2; ERA-R 1B4) NO22/4

Trains running non-stop between Lysaker and Sandvika can be expected to use the Baerum Tunnel but trains calling intermediately run via the old main line, which reopened on 13 December 2015 after closure due to engineering work.

Sandvika – Asker

[41, 50, 708, L1, L12, L13, L14] (ERA-E 5A2; ERA-R 1B4-1A4) NO22/5

Trains running non-stop between Sandvika and Asker can be expected to use the 9.5 km long direct line, mostly in tunnel, whereas trains calling intermediately must run via the old main line.

Dal – Eidsvoll

[L12, L13,] (ERA-E 5A2; ERA-R 20B2) NO22/6

Trains between Oslo and Eidsvoll run via Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen (Gardermobanen) except the following, which runs via the Hovedbanen (old main line).

1679 Drammen - 01:31 Dal - Eidsvoll

Roa – Hønefoss

[41] (ERA-E 5A2; ERA-R 20A2-20B2) NO22/7

This alternative route for Oslo - Bergen line trains is used when the main line via Drammen is closed for engineering work. It was used by weekend relief trains until June 2006 but now has no regular service.

This route will be used between 9 April 2022 and 17 April 2022.

The line is also used by the Nordmarka Rundt excursion, which departs from Oslo Sentral at around 17:00 and makes an anticlockwise trip round Oslo via Roa – Hønefoss and Drammen, terminating at Oslo S around 22:30. See the Historiske Togreiser website and Facebook page for available dates. Dates for 2022 should be available in mid March.

Alnabru – Grefsen

(ERA-E 5A2; ERA-R 20A2-20B2) NO22/8

This line links Alnabru yard, on the Oslo - Lillestrøm line, with the Gjøvikbane, which runs due north from Oslo.

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In Summer and Autumn 2019 it was used, as in 2018, by the Nordmarka rundt dining excursions from Oslo, which were diverted to started from Grorud due to engineering work in connection with the Follo Line at Oslo Sentral. The train reverted to Oslo Sentral, but seems possibly to have start from Grorud in 2021. Dates and details for 2022 should be available in mid March.


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Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally) – fewer than three trains each way, on at least three days a week - or do not run every day:

26 (Trondheim –) Marienborg – Lerkendal Runs SSuX, not late June - early August 2021 (check dates)
52 Porsgrunn – Nordagutu – Notodden Runs SSuX
L22 Mysen – Rakkestad Runs SSuX
72 Hell – Storlien (Sweden) – Duved Check Swedish timetables, table 42
Narvik – Riksgränsen – Kiruna (Sweden) Check Swedish timetables, table 30

Deletions since previous edition

See also

The Norsk Jernbane-Museum occasionally runs excursion trains over unusual routes.