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This list is based on the timetable dated from 13 December 2020 to 11 December 2021, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Note: The former timetable numbers are no longer referred to in the on-line timetable information, so may not be quoted in the entries. The spelling of place names is normally consistent with those used in the European Railway Atlas (ERA). Map references are for the European Railway Atlas, Regional edition - The Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine.

Obscure services

Zdolbuniv avoiding line: Hlyns’k-Zahura – Semylitka

(10/65) (ERA261C1) UA21/1

Trains travelling Lviv - Shepetivka - Kyiv use this curve which avoids the need to reverse at Zdolbuniv. In the present timetable almost all Lviv - Kyiv trains take this route.

Yahodyn - Dorohusk (Poland)

(18) (ERA261A2) UA21/2

Only long distance trains between Warszawa (Poland) and Lviv cross the border, with bogie changing performed at Yahodyn.

L’viv primys’kyi(Lviv suburban station)

(20, 25, 26) (ERA265B5) UA21/3

West of Lviv main station a short branch diverges east to a terminus station built in 1996 a short distance south of the main station. Once known as Lviv primys’kyi, it is now considered to be the suburban platforms of the main station. The suburban railway station serves trains to the west and south of Lviv including Stryi, Morshyn, Truskavets, Lavochne, Mukachevo, Khodoriv, ​​Zhydachiv, Sambir, Syanky, Shklo, Mostyska and Sudova Vyshnia.

Stryi avoiding line: Nezhukhiv - Uhers’ko

(20/23) (ERA266A3) UA21/4

This is a west to north link between the L’viv – Stryi line and the Drohobych – Stryi line. It is used by fast trains to avoid Stryi. Trains to L’viv run via the flyover and those towards Drohobych via the direct curve.

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Note 1 41 Dnipro Holovniy 14:26 - 08:53 Lviv - Truskavets
Note 2 21 Kharkiv Pas 20:13 - 12: 28 Lviv - Truskavets
Note 3 42 Truskavets - 13:59 Drohobych - Dnipro Holovniy
Note 4 22 Truskavets - 16:40 Drohobych - Kharkiv Pas

Note 1: 13/12/2020-12/01/2021 daily; from 13/01/2021 on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,1,3
Note 2: from 14/12/2020 on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 28,30,2
Note 3: 14/12/2020-13/01/2021 daily; from 14/01/2021 on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 30,2,4
Note 4: from 13/12/2020 on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,31,3

Zhmerynka avoiding lines

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All fast trains between Kyiv and Lviv via Ternopil use these lines to avoid Zhmerynka

There two possible routes between the Khmel’nyts’kyi and Vynnitsia lines at Zhmerynka

Zhmerynka eastern avoiding curve

(30/70) (ERA267B3) UA21/5A

This is a short west to north curve avoiding Zhmerynka station.

Fast trains use it to avoid reversing at Zhmerynka station but possibly only eastbound. See also the following entry. Any travel reports would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Zhmerynka western avoiding line: Braїliv - Zhmerynka-Podil’s’ka

(30/70) (ERA267B3) UA21/5B

This ca 8 km long freight avoiding line runs via a flyover at Tartak and skirts the town to reach Zhmerynka Tovarnaya (marshalling yard) and thence Zhmerynka Podol'skaya. It appears to be used only by westbound passenger services, which are allowed slightly longer timings than eastbound trains. See also the preceding entry.

Train 715, the 06:50 Kyiv - Przemysl was confirmed as using this route on 23 September 2019

Note that there are two possible routes through Zhmerynka Tovarnaya. Any travel reports would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Chop avoiding line: Z.P. Dachne - Z.P. Chop Perevalochna Baza

(40) (ERA266A2) UA21/6

A north <=> east curve enabling trains to avoid reversal at Chop station. All trains Lviv <=> Uzhhorod not calling at Chop-Pas use this curve

Kyiv Western avoiding line: Borschahivka – Vyshneve

(86) (ERA271B5) UA21/7

A curve from the Korosten’ – Kyïv line to the Kyïv – Fastiv-1 line allowing trains from the south to avoid Kyiv.

Used by only one local train pair.

6540 Fastiv-1 - 07:01 Vyshneve - Sviatoshyn
6541 17:30 Sviatoshyn - Fastiv-1

Korosten’ – Korosten’-Podils’kyi

(61) (ERA262B4) UA21/8

Two routes exist from the Ovruch line into the western end of Korosten’ station - a direct curve via Z.p Sady and a longer route via post. Pivdennyi, which dives under the Kovel' main line and comes up into the south side of Korosten station.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


Most trains use the direct short curve via Z.p Sady but trains may run via post. Pivdennyi. Train 6453, the SuO Vystupovychi – 15:31 Korosten-Podils’kyi – Korosten’ was booked via this route for some years, but in 2020-2021 takes the direct route via Z.p Sady. The Egtre compilers would weloome further infornation on the routing of International trains to/from Belarus.

Koziatyn avoiding line: Kaolinova – Sestrynivka

(65/70) (ERA267C4) UA21/9

A NW to NE curve avoiding Koziatyn-Pas. used by almost all fast trains between Lviv and Kyiv routed via Shepetivka.

Fastiv avoiding line: Trilisy – Fastiv-2

(??) (ERA268A5) UA21/10

This is a south <==> east chord avoiding Fastiv-1.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


It is used by direct trains between Koziatyn and Myronivka.

Note 1 110 Lviv (16:21) - 00:44 Koziatyn - Kherson
70 Lviv (01:12)- 09:20 Koziatyn - Mariupol
Note 2 134 Rakhiv (00:27)- 16:09 Koziatyn - Mykolaiv
Note 3 88 Kovel (10:14) - 18:36 Koziatyn - Novoolekslivka
Note 4 86 Lviv (10:55) - 19:10 Koziatyn - Novoolekslivka
Note 5 42 Truskavets (13:10) - 23:32 Koziatyn - Dnipro Holovna
Note 6 86 Novoolekskivka (12:20) - 03:00 Bila Tserkva - Lviv
Note 7 88 Novoolekslivka (12:20) - 03:20 Bila Tserkva - Kovel
Note 8 134 Mykolaiv (17:25) - 06:10 Bila Tserkva - Vorokhta
70 Mariupol (12:55) - 07:36 Bila Tserkva - Lviv
Note 9 109 Kherson (12:40) - 22:24 Bila Tserkva - Lviv
Note 10 41 Dnipro Holovna (14:26) - 22:34 Bila Tserkva - Truskavets

Note 1: year-round on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 28,30,2
Note 2: 3,5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15,17,18/01/2021
Note 3: year-round on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,1,3
Note 4: 13/12/2020-25/03/2021, 1/11-11/12/2021 on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,1,3; 28/03-26/05/2021, 10/09-30/10/2021 on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 28,30,2; 27/05-8/09/2021 daily
Note 5: 14/12/2020-13/01/2021 daily; from 14/01/2021 on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 30,2,4
Note 6: 18/12/2020-26/03/2021, 2/11-12/12/2021 on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 30,2,4; 29/03-27/05/2021, 11/09-31/10/2021 on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,31,3; 28/05-9/09/2021 daily
note 7: year-round on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 30,2,4
Note 8: 3,4,6,7,9,10,12,13,15,16/01/2021
Note 9: year-round on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,31,3
Note 10: 13/12/2020-12/01/2021 daily; from 13/01/2021 on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,1,3

Znam'ianka avoiding line: O.P. Znam'ianka-2 - RZD. 5 km

(101/118) (ERA269A2) UA21/11

A west <=> south curve avoiding Znam'ianka-Pas.; used by some fast trains between Myronivka and Dolyns’ka not calling at Znam'ianka-Pas.

Note 1 110 Lviv (16:21) - 06:15 Chornoliska - Kherson
Note 2 161 Kyiv (14:35) - 19:09 Tarasa Shevchenka - Kryvyi Holovna
Note 3 134 Rakhiv (00:27) - 20:35 Tarasa Shevchenka - Mykolaiv
Note 4 72 Kyiv (20:20) - 23:20 Tarasa Shevchenka - Zaporizhzia
Note 5 134 Mykolaiv (17:26) - 00:26 Dolynska - Rakhiv
Note 6 72 Zaporizhzia (19:47) - 02:12 Dolynska - Kyiv
Note 7 109 Kherson (12:40) - 16:55 Dolynska - Lviv

Note 1: year-round on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 28,30,2
Note 2: 12/01/2021
Note 3: 3,5,6,8,9,11,12,14,15,17,18/01/2021
Note 4: year-round on even-numbered days (except 6,8,20/01/2021), with two odd-numbered days 30,2,4
Note 5: 3,4,6,7,9,10,12,13,15,16/01/2021
Note 6: year-round on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,1,3
Note 7: year-round on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,31,3

Rozdil'na avoiding line: Rozdil'na-2 – 1437 km

(110/112) (ERA274A4) UA21/12

A north-to-south link avoiding Rozdil'na-1 used by trains Moskva, Kyiv and the Baltic States <=> Tiraspol and Chișinău (Moldova) not required to call at Rozdil'na-1

Verkhnii Tokmak-2 - Verkhnii Tokmak-1

(122/132) (ERA276A5) UA21/13

A west to south link from the Fedorivka – Kamysh-Zoria line to the Polohy – Berdians'k line allowing trains from Fedorivka and Verkhnii Tokmak-2 to reach Verkhnii Tokmak-1 and Berdians'k.

In previous years there was a Melitopol <=> Verkhnyi Tokmak-1 train pair, but there are no trains using this curve in the 2020-2021 timetable.

Zaporizhia avoiding line: Imeni Anatoliia Alimova (ex. Zaporizhia-Male) - 4 km

(129/134) (ERA273B1-C1) UA21/14

A west <=> east link allows trains from the Kharkiv - Melitopol line to reach the Zaporizhia to Apostolove line without calling at Zaporizhia main stations 1 and 2. This lengthy connecting line was used by a Dniprobud-2 <=> Vil'nians'k train pair, but there are no trains in the 2020-2021 timetable.

Dnipropetrovs’k Holovna avoiding line: Pl. 175km – Obvidna – Zustrichnyi and Dnipropetrovs'k-Pivdennyi – Nizhn’odniprovs’k-Vuzol

(130, 134, 139) (ERA274B1) UA21/15

This line bypassing Dnipropetrovs’k Holovna to the south links the Dniprodzerzhyns'k Pas. - Dnipropetrovs'k Holovnyi line (135) with the Dnipropetrovs’k-Pivdennyi – Apostolove line (136).

Previously one local train pair Verkhivtseve – 175km - Obvidna - Zustrichnyi – Dnipropetrovs’k-Pivdennyi - Synel’nykove-1 provided a commuter service, but these trains to do not appear in the 2020-2021 timetable.

Synel'nykove South to East curve: Synel'nykove-1 – Post 239 km*

(120, 130) (ERA274C1) UA21/16 This south <=> east curve was used by some long distance trains to/from the Crimea and some local trains which stopped at Synel'nykove-1 en route to/from Chaplyne.

No services use the curve in the 2020-2021 timetable.

Lozova avoiding line: Z.P. Khlibna - Pl. 940 km*

(131/151) (ERA270A3) UA21/17

This direct north <=> south connection avoiding Lozova-Pas. was used by many long distance trains between Russia/Belarus and Crimea/Southern Ukraine not calling at Lozova. These trains no longer run following the annexation of the Crimea.

P'yatykhatky-Pas avoiding line: P'yatykhatky-Stykova – 5 km

(135/138) (ERA269B2) UA21/18

This north <=> west curve enables trains to avoid reversal at P'yatykhatky-Pas.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


It is used by one long distance train pair. Note that all trains have a working stop at P’yatykhatky-Stykova to change locomotives as this is the boundary between 3 kV and 25 kV electrification.

76 Kyiv-Pas (21:28) - 03:20 Oleksandriia - Kryvyi Rih-Holovnyi
76 Kryvyi Rih-Holovnyi-1 - 21:42 Rokuvata – Kyïv-Pas

Korystivka avoiding line: Z. P. Mala Berezivka - Rzd. 309 km

(135, 142) (ERA269A3) UA21/19

A direct north <=> south link avoiding Korystivka. Previously taken by a Minsk <=> Dnipropetrovs’k-Holov train pair, but there are no trains using the curve in the 2020-2021 timetable.

Poltava-Pivdenna avoiding line: Z.P. Dublianschyna - Z.P. Krutyi Bereh

(140, 145) (ERA269C5) UA21/20

This east <=> north curve avoiding Poltava-Pivdenna is used by long distance trains between Kyïv and Kharkiv.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


Zanky – Korobochkyne

(150, 153) (ERA270A4) UA21/21

This line connects the Kharkiv – Sviatohirs'k and Kharkiv – Kup'ians'k-Vuzlovyi lines south east of Kharkiv.

The very limited local service appears to have ended and there are no trains in the 2020-2021 timetable.



Kharkiv is a complex area providing a number of alternative routings. These are indicated in the map above.

Two routes exist between Shpakivka and Kharkiv - the more northerly direct line via Zalyutine and the more southerly and slightly longer line via z.p. Podvirky and Nova Bavariya. There are obscure routes onto and off these lines south of Kharkiv-pas.

(Kharkiv-Pas.-) z.p. Novoselivka - Zalyutine

() (ERA276B3) UA21/22

This chord allows trains from Kharkhiv-Pas to access the northern line to Shpakivka via Zalutine.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

(Kharkiv-Pas.-) z.p. Novoselivka - Zalyutine.jpg

It is used by just one westbound service.

SSuX 6167 Zolochiv - 14:19 Shpakivka - Kharkhiv-Pas

(Osnova -) Novozhanove - Zalyutine

() (ERA276B3) UA21/23

Three commuter trains starting from Kharhiv-Pas, Kharkiv-Balashivs’kyi and Kharkhiv-Levada reverse at Osnova and take this route to access the northern line to Shpakivka via Zalutine.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

(Osnova -) Novozhanove - Zalyutine.jpg

They may be identified in this timetable

6137/6138 Kharkiv-Balashivs’kyi (08:24) - 09:03 Novozhanove - Zolochiv
6145/6146 Karkhiv-Pas (17:17) - 18:12 Novozhanove - Zolochiv
6149/6150 Kharkiv-Levada (20:17) - 20:55 Novozhanove - Zolochiv

Nova Bavariya - Novozhanove (- Osnova)

() (ERA276B3) UA21/24

Trains from Shpakivka via the southern route (Nova Bavariya) can use a graded junction to access the line to Novozhanove and Osnova.

One train (train number 6172) was booked to run via this route, but there are no trains in the 2020-2021 timetable.

(Kharkiv-Pas. -) or west of city to rzd. 6 km - Osnova

() (ERA276B3) UA21/25

The direct route from Kharkiv-Passazhirs’kyi to Osnova is via Novozhanove and is used by most trains. However, a more northerly route from Kharkiv-Pas or the west of the city uses the rzd. 6 km - Osnova line, which is not used by other passenger services.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

(Kharkiv-Pas. -) or west of city to rzd. 6 km - Osnova.jpg

Based on previous years, the following trains may run via this line:

6419 08:48 Kharkiv-Pas - Izyum
6141/6142 Kharkiv-Levada (15:10) - 15:39 Osnova - Zolochiv
6159/6160 Zolochiv (04:22) - 06:40 Shpakivka - Kharkiv-Balashivs’kyi
6172/6171 Zolochiv - 18:35 Shpakivka - Kharkiv-Pas
6680 Izyum - 18:50 Osnova - Kharkiv-Pas

Slovians'k avoiding line: Maschormet - Kramators’k (z.p. Radhosp)

(160) (ERA272A2) UA21/26

This north <=> south curve avoiding Slovians'k was used by several international service before the Donbas conflict. Now only one train pair remains.

Note 1 2 Kostyantynivka (16:34) - 17:07 Kramators'k - Ivano-Frankivsk
Note 2 1 Ivano-Frankivsk - 14:53 Slovianskyi Kurort - Kostyantynivka

Note 1: from 13/12/2020 on odd-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 29,31,3
Note 2: from 14/12/2020 on even-numbered days, with two odd-numbered days 28,30,2

Venherivka - Svitlanove

(164/165) (ERA272A3) UA21/27

This north <=> east curve to the north of Popasna enabled trains to avoid the Donets’k area.

The line from Svitlanove east to Sentyanivka has been severed by the unofficial boundary between Russian controlled and Ukrainian military forces.

(Simeykyne -) Post 152 km – Post 154 km (- Krasnodon)

(174) (ERA271B2) UA21/28

Trains between Simeykyne and Krasnodon used to run via either the direct west <=> east line between Post 152 km and Post 154 km or via a reversal at Simeykyne-Nove.

This line in the east of Donbas is in the Russian controlled area. There is no passenger service to either Simeykyne or Krasnodon in the present timetable.

Koroleve avoiding line: Hudia - B.P. 67 km

() (ERA265C2) UA21/29

This south <=> west curve connects the Dyakovo line to the Vynohradiv line. There is only one train uses the line in the 2020-2021 timetable. Note that this train reverses at Vynohradiv.

6574 06:10 Dyakovo - 06:35 Prutivka - Solotvyno-1

Uzhhorod – Uzhhorod-2

() (ERA265B2) UA21/30

Uzhhorod 2 station on the Uzhhorod – Maťovce (ŽSR) line used to have an unadvertised workers' service, but there are now two regular trains.

The two trains on this short branch south of Uzhhorod must travel Uzhhorod - Uzhhorod-2 (reverse) - Uzhhorod

6541/2 Syanky – 07:43 Uzhhorod – 08:03 Uzhhorod-2 – Uzhhorod – Mukacheve
6527/8 Mukacheve – 19:44 Uzhhorod – 20:04 Uzhhorod-2 – Uzhhorod – Sianky

Odesa-Poizna – Odesa-Zahidna

() (ERA274C3) UA21/31

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


There are two routes between Odesa-Poizna and Odesa-Zahidna for trains between Odesa-Golovna and Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyj and vice versa. The longer route is via Odesa-Zastava-1 station and the shorter route to the south bypassing that station.

In the recent past services between Odesa Golovna <=> Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'ky have used both routes, but only the northern, longer route via Odesa-Zastava-1 is used by the two train pairs in the 2020-2021 timetable.

It is not known which route is used by the long distance trains on this line so the compilers would welcome any information.

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - two or fewer trains each way or not daily, in each case excluding Sundays. Note that the 2020-2021 timetable is a reduced one with some service suspensions due to the Covid pandemic so information from another source for the preceding 'normal' timetable period has been used to list Sparse services. Each entry is preceded by the map reference in the most recent European Railway Atlas Regional edition:- The Baltic States, Belarus and Ukraine.

261C2-C3 Antonivka - Zarichne NG
261B2-A3 Kovel to Zabolotta
261B1 Lutsk to Sapizhanka
261A1 Volodymyr-Volyns’kyi to Izov
262A2-B2 Ostriv to Vozlyakove
264A2-263B3 Bakhmach to Derevyny
263C1 Pryluky to Nizhyn
263C1-264A2 Pryluky to Bakhbach
264A3 Tereshchens’ka to Semenivka
264A2-269A5 Bakhmach to Lokhvytsya
264B1 Ambary to Viryns’kyi Zavod
264C1 Basy to Pushkarne
265C5 Zatoka to Shklo-Starzhys'ka
265C2 Borshchiv to Khmil'nyk NG
266A4-A5 L'viv to Chervonohrad via Rava Rus'ka.
266B1 Zavallya to Vyzhnytsya branch
266C2-266B2 Stefaneshty to Kolomyia
266A4-266C4 Khodoriv to Ternopil'
266C4-267A5 Ternopil' to Shepetivka
267C5 Zhytomyr to Korostyshiv Summer service only
267C5-267C4 Zhytomyr to Berdychiv
267A4-267C4 Voronkivtsi to Kozyatyn-1
267C4-268A3 Kozyatyn-1 to Zhashkiv
267B3-268A2 Vinnytsya to Haivoron
267C2-268A3 Vapnyarka to Khrystynivka
267C2 NG line Rudnytsya to Haivoron
267A4-267A2 Khmel'nyt'skyi to Sokyriany
268A3 Khrystynivka to Uman'
267A3-267C3 Khrystynivka to Kalynivka
268C1 Pidhorodnya to Holovanivs'k Runs Fri & Sun only
268A1-268B2 Borschchivka to Pomichna
268B2-269A1 Pomichna to Kryvyi-Holovnyi
268B2-268C3 Pomichna to Chornolisk'a
268B2-268C3 Pomihcna to Terasa-Shevchenka
269A1 Kryvyi Rih-Zakhidnyi to Inhulets'
269C2-269A1 Savro to Terni and Shakhtar Non public
269A2-269B2 Korystivka to P'yatykhatky
269A3-269A2 Kremenchuk to Korystivka
269A5-B5 Lokhvytsya to Hadyach
269C4-269C4 Krasnohrad to Novomoskovs'k-Dniprovs'kyi
269C2-269B1-275A5 Zustrichnyi to Apolstolove and on to Snihurivka
269C1-270A1-275B5 Zaporizhzhya-2 to Polohy and on to Komysh-Zorya
269C4-270A2 Novomoskovs'k-Dniprovs'kyi to Pavlohrad-1
269A1-274C5 Dolyns'ka to Mykolaiv
270A2-270A1 Chaplyne to Polohy
270A2-270C2 Pavolhrad-1 to Pokrovs'k
271A2-270C5 Kindrashivs'ka Nova to Lantrativka
272B2 Fenol'na to Skotuvata
274A3-273C3-C2 Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyi to Izmail
273C3 Artsyz to Berezyne
274B5-274C5 Kolosivka to Mykolaiv
274B2 Voskobiinya to Balivka
275A5-275C-276C5 Snihurivka to Fedorivka and on to Volnovakha
275A4-275B3 Kherson to Vadym
275C5 Tavriysk to Km2 Km2 to Enerhodar closed
276B4 Polohy to Berdyans'k
276A3 Artemivka to Lybotyn
276B3 Losieve to Kharkiv-Balashivs'kyi Only one train, never confirmed as running
276A3-276B2 Merefa to Zmiiv

Most lines in the disputed eastern part of Donbas are likely to be sparse services, but reliable information is difficult to find.

Deletions since previous edition

53 [Part] Storozhynets' - Berehomet
94 Altynivka - Korop operates on certain dates only
96 Khutir-Mykhaylivs'kyi - Esman'
97 [Part] (Vorozhba Pas. –) Tetkino – Lokot' (Russia)
128 [Part] Dniprorudne - Ukraïns'ka
143 (Kremenchuk-Pas.) – Potoky – Zolotnyshyne
147 Hryhorivka - Kachanivka
154 [Part] Vovchans'k - Nezhegol' (Russia)
157 Pushkarne - Ilek-Pen'kovka (Russia)
171 [Part] Lantrativka - Valuyki (Russia One daily train each way between Luhans’k and Moskva
173 Luhans'k – Lutuhyne

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