Moldova - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on CFM timetable information dated from 12 December 2017, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA" refer to the European Railway Atlas Romania, Bulgaria & Moldova, Regional Series 2016, by M.G.Ball.

Obscure services

Bălţi-Slobozia avoiding line

(ERA 236C3) MD19/1

This north <=> south connection links the lines from Ungheni and Ocniţa. NOTE these schedules change by one hour at the change from summer to winter time on 26/27 October 2019.

47Щ Chişinău - 14:49 Bălţi-Oraş - Moskva Kievskaia
Odd Days 61Щ Chişinău - 00:59 Bălţi-Oraş - Sankt Petersburg Vitebsk
Odd Days 61Ь Sankt Petersburg Vitebsk - 03:00 Ocniţa - Chişinău
47Ь Moskva Kievskaia - 18:59 Ocniţa - Chişinău

Ungheni avoiding line

(ERA 236C2) MD19/2

This east <=> west connection links the lines from Chişinău and Ocniţa. NOTE these schedules change by one hour at the change from summer to winter time on 26/27 October 2019.

47 11:51 Chişinău - Moskva Kievskaia
Odd Days 61 21:04/21:30/22:30 Chişinău - Sankt Peterburg
Odd Days 61b Sankt Peterburg - 07:01/07:34 Bereşti - Chişinău
47b Moskva Kievskaja - 22:50 Bereşti - Chişinău

Ungheni CFM - Cristesti Jijia CFR - Socola (1520 mm gauge)

(ERA 236C2) MD18/3

The track is dual 1435/1520 mm gauge between Ungheni and Socola marshalling yard on the eastern outskirts of Iaşi. CFM introduced a daily 1520 mm gauge train between Chişinău and Socola on 30 September 2015, reduced (as at January 2016) to an extended weekend. This is the only broad gauge train.

SSuO 821 06:43 Chişinău - 08:57/09:35 Ungheni - Socola 11:00
SSuO 822 17:02 Socola - 18:57/19:17 Ungheni - Chişinău 21:20

Other Sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) – fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week – or do not run each weekday:

  • Ocniţa - Chernivtsi (Ukraine)
  • Bălţi-Slobozia - Rogojeni
  • Basarabeasca - Revaca (Note that notices at Chisinau in 2017 advised the train was not actually running despite being in the timetable.)

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