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Welcome to the Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe

For each country in the Guide, there are three sections:


Europe's railways have been significantly affected by the coronavirus epidemic and many governments placed restrictions on travel. A modified timetable, with fewer trains, has been in operation in many countries. Most international services were temporarily withdrawn. By January 2021 some railways were advertising something like a full service, but with short-notice alterations being possible and some cancellations. Others were issuing temporary timetables, often of short duration. The need for 'social distancing' has resulted in restrictions on the number of passengers who can be carried, particularly on long-distance trains. Seat reservations are increasingly necessary and in most countries it is obligatory to wear a face covering on public transport. Not all borders have re-opened and some countries impose conditions on international travellers. In many countries only essential travel is permitted.

This website continues to show advertised train services as far as possible, but temporary alterations to the regular service are likely in many countries.

Information about restrictions on travel to European Union countries can be found at the RE-open EU website.

A summary of train service alterations can be found at the Man in Seat 61 website. The European Rail Timetable is being issued with reduced frequency, but endeavours to show the service in operation at the time of publication.

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For rail services over obscure lines elsewhere in the world outside Europe, please visit Richard Maund's world beyond Europe page.