Border Crossings: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Croatia

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(Sarajevo -) Čapljina ŽFBH - Metković HŽ (- Ploče)

[E] After a break of nearly nine years HŽ restarted a seasonal service between Sarajevo and Ploče on 01 July 2022, running on Fridays / Saturdays / Sundays until 11 September 2022. The only service that crossed this border previously had ceased in December 2013 and all internal HŽ passenger services between Ploče and Metković ceased from 24 April 2014. There was a plan to start a Sarajevo - Ploče Talgo service in 2017 but this did not happen. HŽ operates to Čapljina.

(Bihać -) Martin Brod ŽFBH - Ličko Dugo Polje HŽ (- Knin)

[D] Prior to the break-up of Yugoslavia this formed part of the principal rail route to the Adriatic ports of Zadar, Šibenik and Split. The line was electrified as far as Knin. Following the Croatian and Bosnian Wars of Independence between 1991 and 1995 the border between the two new countries crossed the line seven times between Bihać and Knin. The line was badly damaged during the war years but the track was repaired, with Martin Brod and Ličko Dugo Polje selected as the new border stations, and on 26 January 2001 a ceremonial passenger train conveying government ministers from both countries operated over the line. The line saw occasional freight traffic only, then in May 2010 HŽ closed the section south of Martin Brod owing to the poor condition of the track.

In May 2017 Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia agreed to seek EU funding to rehabilitate and reopen the entire route between Novi Grad (Bosanski Novi) and Knin. ŽFBH reopened the northern section of the line to passenger traffic as far as Bihać in 2018, but as yet there is no sign of the financial support required to reopen the cross-border section to Knin.

(Novi Grad -) Dobrljin ŽRS - Volinja HŽ (- Sunja)

[E] The only passenger service [a pair of day trains between Sarajevo and Zagreb] using this crossing were withdrawn at the December 2016 Timetable change. ŽRS had operated to Volinja. Freight continues. Novi Grad was formerly named Bosanski Novi.

Srpski Brod ŽRS - Slavonski Brod HŽ

[D] The standard gauge branch across the Sava River from Slavonski Brod was originally built to provide a connection into the Yugoslav narrow gauge line from Bosanski Brod (as it was then named) to Doboj and Sarajevo via Derventa. From 1915 the branch was configured as dual gauge to also allow narrow gauge passenger trains to reach the north side of the river until the narrow gauge network closed in 1968.

The line briefly became a cross border route in 1991 when Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia. However in 1992, during the Bosnian War, the bridge that carried the line over the Sava River (that marked the new border) as well as the refinery that it had latterly served were both badly damaged. Although the refinery later resumed production the rail link was never restored and the repaired bridge was turned over completely to road traffic.

(Doboj -) Šamac ŽRS - Slavonski Šamac HŽ (- Strizivojna-Vrpolje)

[E] The Budapest to Sarajevo train pair ended 9 December 2012, closing this line to passenger services. ŽRS operates to Slavonski Šamac. Šamac is referred to as Bosanski Šamac in the Croatian timetable.

(Tuzla -) Brčko ŽFBH - Gunja HŽ (- Drenovci - Vinkovci)

[D] A passenger service was introduced on this route in the 2002/2003 timetable but was withdrawn by the end of the 2009/2010 timetable period. ŽFBH operates to Drenovci.

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