Border Crossings: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Serbia

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(Bijeljina -) Velino Selo ŽRS - Sremska Rača Nova ŽS (- Šid)

[D] ŽS operated to Bijeljina, there was no connection to the rest of the railway system of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Passenger service over the whole route from Šid to Bijeljina ceased in June 2005. Note: this crossing was available to local passport holders only.

(Tuzla -) Zvornik Novi ŽRS - Brasina ŽS (- Ruma)

[D] This line was built in 1978 and carries ŽS freight traffic to a large works at Zvornik Novi. The route is shown wrongly, or not at all, on many maps, and runs from Rasputnica [= junction] Donja Borina, just south of Brasina on the Ruma - Zvornik Grad line, via a cross-border river bridge to Zvornik Novi. The line onwards from Zvornik Novi towards Tuzla is of even newer construction and was physically completed in January 1992 although not open to traffic until at least 1999 as a consequence of war in that region.

(Višegrad -) Vardište - Mokra Gora (- Šargan Vitasi)

[D] 760mm gauge. The former narrow-gauge main line from Sarajevo to Beograd closed in 1974. This cross-border section of the Šargan Eight tourist railway opened in 2010 - see Wikipedia.

The main tourist service runs between Mokra Gora and Šargan Vitasi within Serbia. Because of the need to arrange in advance for border control officials the cross-border section between Mokra Gora and Višegrad used to be covered only by chartered trains, however a scheduled service started operating during 2022 on weekends between 28th August and 30th October and this is repeated for 2023 across the same date range.

(Požega -) Jablanica ŽS - Štrpci ŽRS - Rača ŽS (- Podgorica)

[E] The line crosses the border twice, with one station within Bosnia-Herzegovina at Štrpci. ŽS operates all trains.

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