Border Crossings: Hungary - Slovakia

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(Hegyeshalom -) Rajka GYSEV - Rusovce ŽSR (- Bratislava-Petržalka)

[E] Prior to 10 December 2010, MÁV generally worked to Bratislava, though on some longer-distance workings locomotives were changed at Rajka. After seven years with no passenger service, services operated by GYSEV reopened this line to passengers from the December 2017 timetable change.

Komárom MÁV - Komárno ŽSR

[E] This line closed to passengers in December 2004, re-opened in December 2007, but closed again in December 2008. Freight continues and is normally worked by ŽSSK locomotives to Komárom.

(Budapest -) Szob MÁV - Štúrovo ŽSR (- Bratislava)

[E] MÁV and ŽSSK share the workings on the Budapest - Bratislava through services.

Drégelypalánk MÁV - Šahy ŽSR

Line closed and lifted in the 1960s.

Nógrádszakál MÁV - Bušince ŽSR (- Veľky Krtíš)

[D] Closed to passenger traffic. With the end of coal mining at Malé Straciny, ŽSSK freight trains using the corridor from Lučenec via Hungarian territory (see next item) will probably cease by the end of July 2015.

(Balassagyarmat - Nógrádszakál -) Ipolytarnóc MÁV - Kalonda ŽSR (- Lučenec)

[D] Closed to passenger traffic. With the end of coal mining at Malé Straciny, ŽSSK freight trains from Lučenec to Veľky Krtíš (see previous item) via this corridor through Hungarian territory will probably cease by the end of July 2015. However, this line remains available but without any booked traffic.

(Hatvan -) Somosköújfalu MÁV - Šiatorská Bukovinka ŽSR (- Fiľiakovo)

[D] Passenger service withdrawn 1 May 2011. Previously ŽSSK generally worked to Somosköújfalu, though some trains were operated by MÁV locomotives as far as Zvolen. Regular freight traffic ceased in 2014 but occasional trains still run.

Bánréve MÁV - Lenartovce ŽSR

[D] Passenger service withdrawn with the timetable change on 12 December 2009. Previously it was operated by MÁV and ŽSSK diesel railcars. Freight services remain.

(Tornádaska -) Hídvégardó MÁV - Hosťovce ŽSR (-Turňa nad Bodvou)

[D] The track is largely intact but very overgrown, and has not carried any traffic for many years.

(Miskolc -) Hidasnémeti MÁV - Kechnec ŽSR (- Košice)

[E*] ŽSSK generally works to Hidasnémeti using dual-system locomotives, the electrification changeover being at the border. ŽSSK locomotives have been reported as working as far as Budapest via this route.

(Szerencs -) Sátoraljaújhely MÁV - Slovenské Nove Mesto ŽSR

[D] MÁV works to Slovenské Nove Mesto. Passenger service withdrawn with December 2008 timetable change. Freight services continue. Despite MÁV completing electrification to Sátoraljaújhely for passenger services there is still a 500m wiring gap across the border.

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