Border Crossings: Austria - Hungary

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(Bruck an der Leitha -) Nickelsdorf ÖBB - Hegyeshalom MÁV (- Budapest)

[E*] ÖBB works to Hegyeshalom, where there are switchable tracks. Trains on this route are generally worked by MÁV and ÖBB dual-frequency electric locomotives.

(Neusiedl am See -) Pamhagen GYSEV - Fertöújlak GYSEV (- Fertöszentmiklós)

[E] Since 24 April 2004 this route has been electrified at the Hungarian standard 25 kV 50 Hz, as far as a location just south of Neusiedl am See station where the ÖBB 15 kV 16.7 Hz electrification starts. Passenger services between Wien and Fertöszentmiklós are worked by dual-frequency ÖBB and GYSEV locomotives.

(Ebenfurth -) Baumgarten GYSEV - Sopron GYSEV

[E*] carries dual-frequency ÖBB Corridor Trains via Sopron to Deutschkreutz. Domestic Austrian tickets are valid on these trains. Sopron to Ebenfurth is electrified at the Hungarian standard 25 kV 50 Hz, and Ebenfurth station area has switchable tracks: the ÖBB Corridor Trains change frequency whilst reversing here, and electrically-hauled freight trains can work to here from Sopron.

(Wiener Neustadt -) Loipersbach-Schattendorf ÖBB - Sopron-deli GYSEV (- Sopron)

[D] carries ÖBB Corridor Trains via Sopron to Deutschkreutz. Domestic Austrian tickets are valid on these trains.

Deutschkreutz ÖBB - Harka GYSEV (- Sopron)

[E] carries ÖBB Corridor Trains between Deutschkreutz and Sopron. Domestic Austrian tickets are valid on these trains. The route between Deutschkreutz and Sopron is electrified at the Hungarian standard 25 kV 50 Hz.

(Oberloisdorf -) Lutzmannsburg ÖBB - Répcevis MÁV (- Bük)

Line closed.

  • This line was built in 1913.
  • Through traffic ceased for the first time after World War 1 around 1920, because of the Treaty of Trianon, when Hungary had to release the territory of Western Hungary to Austria and the new border had cut the line.
  • In 1922 traffic was started again but Oberloisdorf to Répcevis was closed to all traffic on 14 May 1930.
  • Oberliosdorf to Lutzmannsburg reopened for freight only on 5 July 1937.
  • In 1944, the Deutsche Reichsbahn dismantled the superstructure of the railway from the then Imperial Frontier of the Third Reich to a point between Lutzmannsburg and Frankenau. Before that, traffic is likely to have disappeared.
  • The now separate routes restarted on August 15 1945 on the Hungarian side of the border and on August 12 1946 on the Austrian side of the border.
  • Traffic ceased and the whole track was completely removed in 1955 on the Austrian side (between the border and Oberloisdorf), and in 1974 on the Hungarian side (between Répcevis and Bük). In the latter case, only the superstructure was removed as is usual in Hungary when abandoning a railway line.

(Oberloisdorf -) Rattersdorf-Liebing ÖBB - Kőszeg MÁV (- Szombathely)

Line closed.

  • Through passenger traffic ceased on 6 October 1951.
  • Because of an alleged land slide on the Austrian side the through goods traffic was halted on 1 September 1960; after that the line was completely removed between the border and Oberloisdorf.
  • The section between the border and Köszeg railway station was not removed until the 2000s as it was the property of ÖBB - so MÁV could not remove it.

There are plans for re-opening this route.

(Oberwart) - Rechnitz ÖBB - Bucsu MÁV - (Szombathely)

Line closed.

  • Through traffic ceased on February 28 1953
  • Traffic was stopped on the Hungarian side (Bucsu - Szombathely) on 31 December 1959. The superstructure was removed in 1960 (except for a short section in Szombathely used for industrial purposes).
  • The line is intact between Oberwart and Rechnitz but has not been used since November 25 2011 (freight; passenger traffic ended between Oberwart and Großpetersdorf on June 2 1984 and from Großpetersdorf to Rechnitz on 18 October 1982) . The track has been removed between Rechnitz and the border.

There is some intention to rebuild the line, but only in the distant future.

(Güssing -) - Moschendorf ÖBB - Pinkamindszent MÁV (- Körmend)

Line closed.

  • Through traffic ceased in February 1945.
  • The track may have been removed immediately after the war on the Austrian side, because it had no connection to any other line in Austrian territory.
  • All traffic was stopped on 30 September 1959 on the remaining section between Pinkamindszent and Körmend.
  • The superstructure was removed sometime in the 1960s, however on the section between Pinkamindszent and the border a bridge over the Creek Pinka was left intact. It is still there.

(Jennersdorf -) Mogersdorf ÖBB - Szentgotthárd GYSEV (- Körmend)

[D] ÖBB works to Szentgotthárd.

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