Border Crossings: Moldova - Romania

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(Chişinău -) Ungheni CFM - Ungheni Prut CFR (- Iaşi)

[D] The track is dual 1435/1520 mm gauge between Ungheni and Socola marshalling yard on the eastern outskirts of Iaşi. CFR operates two daily 1435 mm gauge local train pairs between Iaşi and Ungheni. CFM introduced a daily 1520 mm gauge train pair between Chişinău and Socola on 30 September 2015, but as of September 2019 these only operate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; see Obscure Services for details. There is also a daily through train pair between Chişinău and Bucureşti which changes gauge at Ungheni.

(Basarabeasca -) Prut-2 CFM - Fălciu CFR (- Bârlad)

[D] The track between Prut-2 and Fălciu was dual 1435/1520 mm gauge. A service was re-introduced on the 1520 mm gauge line in 2010, but this ceased by the 2011-2012 timetable. By September 2019 the tracks of both gauges had been cut at the former junction west of Prut-1, putting the line out of use.

Giurgiuleşti CFM - Galaţi CFR

[D] A 1520 mm gauge freight-only line runs over the border from Giurgiuleşti (Moldova) to a steelworks west of Galaţi (Romania). A standard (1435 mm) gauge track was added between Galaţi and Giurgiuleşti in 2014, making the route dual gauge, the traffic being fuel tanks serving a transfer area adjacent to Giurgiuleşti station.

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