Romania - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services



This list is based on the timetable dated from 09 December 2018 to 14 December 2019, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Obscure services

Arad avoiding line: Glogovăţ – Aradu Nou

[200,310] (ERA 107C2) RO19/1

A south to east curve connecting the Timişoara Nord to Arad and Arad to Simeria lines.

There were no services in the 2017-2018 timetable and there are no services in the current timetable

Teiuş avoiding line: Mihalţ – Coşlariu

[200A,300] (ERA 108A2/B2) RO19/2

This east <=> west curve avoiding Teiuş is used by through trains shown on Table 200A with no timing at Teiuş.

Săcueni Bihor avoiding line: Târguşor Bihor (Ram. Diosig) – Cadia (Ram. Târguşor Bihor)

[402,413] (ERA 107C4) RO19/3 CFR took over this line from 14 January 2019 and no services now use this curve.

Mărăşeşti avoiding line: Putna Seacă (Mărăşeşti Ram. Putna) – Gral. Eremia Grigorescu (Mărăşeşti Ram. Gral. Eremia Grigorescu)

[500,704] (ERA 109A2) RO19/4

This south to east curve is used by through trains between Bucureşti and the Tecuci line, shown on table 500 with destination Iaşi but no time at Mărăşeşti, and on table 704 with destination Bucureşti but no time at Mărăşeşti.

IR1661 Bucureşti Nord - 09:07 Focşani - Iaşi
D 15661 Bucureşti Nord - 09:47 Focşani - Iaşi
IR1663 Bucureşti Nord - 15:09 Focşani - Iaşi
IR1665 Bucureşti Nord - 19:20 Focşani - Iaşi
IR1668 Iaşi – 02:23 Tecuci - Bucureşti Nord
IR1660 Iaşi – 09:11 Tecuci - Bucureşti Nord
D 15662 Iaşi – 17:46 Tecuci - Bucureşti Nord
IR1664 Iaşi – 19:25 Tecuci - Bucureşti Nord

Paşcani avoiding line: Paşcani triaj – Ruginoasa

[500,606] (ERA 109A4) RO19/5

This south to east curve linking the Buzău and Iaşi lines is used by through trains shown in Table 606 with no timings at Paşcani and in Table 500 with a vertical line or timing at Paşcani traj and a blank at Paşcani.

D FO 1852 Iaşi - 18:50 Târgu Frumos - Bacau
401 Chişinău – 22:43 Iaşi - Bucureşti Nord
402 Bucureşti Nord - 01:36 Paşcani Triaj H. - Chişinău
D SuO 1851 Bacau - 18:51 Roman - Iaşi

(Suceava –) Cacica – Gura Humorului

[502, 513] (ERA 108C4) RO19/6

Table 513 Suceava - Dărmăneşti - Cacica - Paltinoasa (- Gura Humorului) forms an alternative route between Suceava and Gura Humorului. There are no trains in the current timetable or for the previous two years, so this entry will be deleted if there are no trains in the next timetable period.

Tecuci avoiding line: Cosmeşti – Tecuci Nord

[600,704] (ERA A2/B2) RO19/7

This west to north curve avoiding Tecuci station is used by trains between Mărăşeşti and Bârlad with no time shown at Tecuci.

D 1862 Iaşi - 01:16 Tecuci Nord hc. - Constanţa
D 1964 Iaşi - 01:16 Tecuci Nord hc. – Mangalia
1662 Iaşi - 16:52 Tecuci Nord hc. – București Nord
FSSuO 16068 Iaşi - 18:23 Tecuci Nord hc. - Brașov
D 1861 Constanţa - 03:46 Mărăşeşti - Iaşi
D 1963 Mangalia – 03:32 Mărăşeşti - Iaşi
MSSuO 16067 Brașov - 12:22 Mărăşeşti - Iaşi

D1 To 28 February/01 March (1861) and 01/02 March (1862)

Pantelimon – Bucureşti Obor

[800] (ERA 111A5) RO19/8

Express services on the Constanţa line run to/from Bucureşti Nord whereas local services run to/from Bucureşti Obor, which lies at the end of a branch running SW from a triangular junction at Pantelimon. A few local trains run between Bucureşti Nord and Bucureşti Obor but they reverse at Pantelimon station (which lies at the east end of the triangle) and hence do not traverse the W <=> S curve.

Bucureşti Nord – Pajura Hm. (700) – Chitila

[700] (ERA 111A5) RO19/9

Trains, usually from the east side platforms at Bucureşti Nord, bound for Urziceni and calling at all stations before Chitila, use this line which runs mostly parallel to and to the east of the fast lines. North of Pajura this line diverges away from the fast lines on a separate formation before rejoining them to enter Chitila station. The working timetable for 2017-18 showed that seasonal trains from Mangalia calling at Ploiești Vest and vice versa (see RO19/10) used part of this line, which is presumably bi-directional. It is assumed a similar situation applies for 2018-2019


Bucureşti Baneasa -Ram. Pajura - Pajura Hm. (700) – Chitila)

[300/800] (ERA 111A5) RO19/10

This route is used by seasonal services between the Brașov line and the Black Sea coast, calling at Bucureşti Baneasa instead of Bucureşti Nord. Part of the route is common with RO19/9

D 1944 Satu Mare – 03:53 Ploiești Vest - Mangalia
D 1932 0radea – 04:24 Ploiești Vest – Mangalia
D 16088 Brașov – 09:21 Ploiești Vest – Constanta
D 16089 Mangalia – 18:18 Bucureşti Baneasa - Brașov
D 1945 Mangalia - 19:28 Bucureşti Baneasa – Satu Mare
D 1931 Mangalia – 20:30 Bucureşti Baneasa – Oradea


Bucureşti Baneasa – Ram Pajura – Buc. Triaj Post 17 – Bucureşti Noi Gr.C. – Chiajna

[800/900] (ERA 111A5) RO19/11

This route is used by seasonal services between the Videle line and the Black Sea coast, calling at Bucureşti Baneasa instead of Bucureşti Nord.

D IR1992 Timișoara Nord – 03:03 Videle - Mangalia
D IR1991 Mangalia – 00:22 Bucureşti Baneasa - Timișoara Nord


Fetești – Cernavodă

[800] (ERA 111B5) RO18/12

The combined road/rail bridges over the Danube between Fetești and Cernavodă were in urgent need of repair. The old single track rail bridges have therefore been temporarily rehabilitated. The line over the old bridges is used as the second track to substitute for the track closed for repair on the new bridges. The old bridge at Fetești is the southern one but the one at Cernavodă (actually over the Borcea branch of the Danube) is the northern one. As at January 2018, the new bridge at Fetești is now ready but the old bridge is still in working order, albeit rarely used. Only one track has been rehabilitated on the new bridge at Cernavoda so the old bridge is still in regular use. Normally therefore, eastbound trains will use both the new bridges and westbound trains the old bridge at Cernavodă although this cannot be guaranteed. Note that if a train is double headed, it will use the new bridges irrespective of direction.

Palas – Post Medeea – Constanta P2 – Constanţa

[800] (ERA 111C5) RO19/13

This line diverges at Palas and allows access to either the southern end of Constanţa station or directly onto the Mangalia line, the latter curve not being used by any passenger trains. Although there would appear to be no reason why any train should not use this route, in practice only some summer only through trains between Bucuresţi (or beyond) and Mangalia seem to use it. Usage may be dependent on timekeeping. The following trains used the line in 2017-2018.

D (April/May) 1987 Bucuresti Nord – 05:26 Medgidia - Mangalia
D (June to September) 1923 Sibiu – 05:26 Medgidia - Mangalia
D (April/May) 1964 Iași – 06:46 Medgidia - Mangalia
D (June to September) 1944 Satu Mare – 06:46 Medgidia - Mangalia
D 1992 Timișoara Nord – 07:25 Medgidia – Mangalia
D 1922 Arad – 08:26 Medgidia – Mangalia
D 1942 Baia Mare – 08:57 Medgidia – Mangalia
D 1932 Oradea – 10:29 Medgidia – Mangalia

Railway Map of Constanţa area:


Făurei avoiding line: Gâiseanca Hc – Cireşu Hm

[700,702] (ERA 109A1/B1) RO19/14

This southeast to northeast curve connects the Făurei to Galati and Făurei to Feteşti lines.

D 1971 Constanţa – 20:01 Tandarei - Galați
D 1961 Mangalia – 23:57 Tandarei - Iași
D 1962 Iași – 02:29 Ianca – Constanta
D R1970 Galați - 06:40 Ianca hc. - Constanţa

Lunca Budieni to Copăcioasa "double track" section

[202] (ERA 108A1) RO19/15

Although shown on CFR schematics as double track, the section between Lunca Budieni and Copăcioasa is actually two single lines, each over 5km long and up to 1200 metres apart. Budieni halt is located on the more southerly line. Trains calling at Budieni take the southern route and all fast services between Târgu Jiu and Filiaşi and v.v. (not calling at Budieni) take the northern route.


Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday.

A1.1 Golenţi - Vidin Patnichesca (Bulgaria)
A3 Salonta - Kotegyan (Hungary)
B Domeşti - Vicşani - Vadu Siret (Ukraine)
D/903 Giurgiu Nord - Ruse (Bulgaria)
E Carei – Mateszalka (Hungary)
216 Sânnicolau Mare - Vălcani
302 Ploiești Vest - Târgoviște
307 Bălăuşeri hcv. - Praid
700 Urziceni - Făurei
905 Golești - Cămpulung - Parcul Kretulescu h.
908 Roșiori Nord - Turnu Măgurele
912 Golenţi - Calafat
923 Berzovia - Oravița
925 Oravița - Anina

Deletions since last edition

213 Radna - Remetea Mică Three train service
906 Pitești - Curtea de Argeș Three train service
909 Alexandria - Zimnicea No service
914 Strehaia - Motru Est Gr. Călători No service

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