Denmark - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable dated from 16 December 2019. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA" refer to the European Railway Atlas Nordic Region, Regional Series 2016, by M.G.Ball.

Obscure services

Lemvig – Lemvig Havn

(Vemb-Lemvig-Thyborøn Jernbane: Midtjyske Jernbaner) (ERA 14A3, not shown) DK20/1

The line into Lemvig station continues as a steeply-graded branch to the harbour, with a reversal en route. A tourist service with preserved railbuses has operated in the summer between the main station and a quayside platform, but not since 2018. However the line needs renovation before it can be used for passenger traffic. There is supposedly a plan to obtain a new train for 2020, but it is unclear how this would be achieved.

If no firm plans appear during the year for resumption of services this item may be deleted at the end of 2020.

Other seasonal services over freight lines are to be found in Danske Veterantog [site in Danish] each year.

Hundested – Hundested Havn

(Frederiksværkbanen: Lokalbanen A/S) (ERA 15B5, not shown) DK20/2

Some (but not all) Frederiksværkbanen train services continue approximately 0.5 km to the Hundested Havn station, connecting with an hourly vehicle passenger ferry to Rørvig. The Rejseplanen journey planner contains this service but, for unknown reasons, never offers it when connecting with the ferry, and instead advises a walk from Hundested. The trains can, however, be found by explicitly selecting "Hundested Havn st." or "Hundested Havn (færge)" as the origin or destination. Train times can also be found on the ferry company's timetables. Note that there are seasonal variations.

Fredericia avoiding line: Middelfart (Snoghøj) – Taulov

80,81 (ERA 14B2) DK20/3

This east to west curve between the main line from København and routes to Esbjerg and the German frontier, is used by trains between København/Odense and Esbjerg/Kolding not calling at Fredericia

København – Ringsted high speed line: Dybbølsbro – Køge Nord – Ringsted

50 (ERA 15C1, not shown) DK20/4

This high speed line between København and Ringsted, opened on 1 June 2019, is used by trains running between København H and Ringsted or Odense that do not call at Roskilde.

København Østerport - Lersøen (- Bispebjerg)

(ERA 15C2, not shown) DK20/5

This freight line diverges east from the København H - Helsingor main line, dives under it at Nordhavn and runs parallel to the passenger tracks through Svanemollen and Ryparken before joining the Hellerup - Ny Ellebjerg S-Tog line north of Bispebjerg station.


This line was used by the “Rundt om husene” (round the houses) steam specials run by Nordsjællands Jernbaneklub, which made an anti-clockwise circuit starting and finishing in København H, calling at Østerport, Nørrebro and Flintholm. It is thought the train has not run since 2018 owing to (i) the junction at Vigerslev being closed for construction of the high speed line to Ringsted and (ii) removal of the freight line at Nordhavn for construction of a tunnel between the new Metro station and the S-bane station.

It was hoped to run the “Rundt om husene” train for the last time in 2020 as it will have to cease permanently by the first quarter of 2021 owing to the installation of CBTC signalling on its route. However, no trains are shown on the Nordsjællands Veterantog page.

København S-Tog

[Leaflets] (ERA 15C1, not shown) DK20/6

There are numerous route splits on various lines, some of which are substantial. They are grouped together from north to south to assist travellers wanting complete track coverage:-

  • [Klampenbourg] - Charlottenlund – Hellerup: The southbound line makes a large separate loop
  • [Hillerød] – Gentofte – Hellerup: The east- and westbound lines take separate routes
  • [Farum] – Ryparken – Svanemøllen: The line towards Farum is a diveunder
  • The east- and westbound lines from Kobenhavn H are separated by substantial turnback/stabling sidings
  • The line towards Kobenhavn H from Carlsberg dives under the Køge line
  • The line from Valby towards Høje Tastrup dives under the Frederikssund line
  • Rødovre is an unusual split level station; the line towards Høje Tastrup at least 10 metres higher than the line in the opposite direction
  • The track towards Høje Tastrup from the penultimate station of Tastrup dives under an access line to a sizeable S-Tog Depot
  • On the Køge line the south- and northbound tracks at Hundige are separated by an S-Tog Depot

The northbound DSB line to Helsingør takes a separate route to the east of Nordhavn Depot

Other sparse services


Deletions since previous edition

DK19/4 Valby avoiding line: Dybbølsbro – Ny Ellebjerg – Høje Taastrup (Hvidovre Fjern) No longer used; trains use the København – Ringsted high speed line instead

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