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Country Name

Estonia (Eesti)

National railway system

AS Eesti Raudtee (EVR) is the state-owned railway holding company.

National Railway Operator

AS Eesti Liinirongid (Elron) is the state owned national operator.

The state-owned Elektriraudtee was renamed Elron, which took over the assets and operations of the privately owned Edelaraudtee on 1 January 2014,





UIC code

numeric 26; alpha EST


Journey Planner


Downloadable Timetable


Printed Timetable

It is not known if Elron, which has replaced both Edelaraudtee and Elektriraudtee, publishes any printed timetable information. The compilers would be grateful for any information.

Engineering Information


Bus Information

BussiReisid is the major service provider.


Printed Maps

Web-based Maps


There are no known "runabout"-type tickets, but fares are cheap.

A plastic smartcard and e-ticket system is now in use in Tallinn. Information on buying and using smartcards can be found on the Tallinn Tourism website.


Infrastructure Authority

AS EVR Infra is the infrastructure subsidiary of AS Eesti Raudtee.

Network Statement

No Network Statement as such has been identified, but infrastructure information (only in Estonian) has been identified under Raudteeinfrastruktuuri kasutamine.


"Russian" gauge (1520mm)


3 kV dc

Rule of the road

Most lines are single track, but on double track sections right hand running applies.


Useful distance information can be found under Announcements of railroad network; see Raudteevõrgustiku teadaande lisa 3 (raudteeinfrastruktuuri tehnilised andmed ja kavandatud raudteetööde kestus) and Raudteevõrgustiku teadaande lisa 4 (andmed tellitud rongkilomeetrite arvutamiseks).

An Eesti Raudtee map giving distances for each station can be found at Railway maps > Stations and distances of Estonian Railways 2014

Other Railways

GO Rail runs overnight trains between Tallinn and Moskva, in partnership with the Russian Railways (RŽD), and daytime trains between Tallinn and St Peterburg. Note that the english language version of the website no longer contains any information.

Tourist Lines

Naissar Island: former military line (600 mm gauge)





Recent and future changes

Latvian railways (LDz) reinstated three cross-border passenger services from Valka/Lugaži to Valga on 25 April 2008.

On 14 January 2009 AS Eesti Raudtee became a holding company with two wholly-owned subsidiaries - AS EVR Infra for infrastructure management and AS EVR Cargo for freight traffic.

Following the completion of engineering work, passenger services between Tartu and Valga restarted on 1 January 2010.

The new Koidula station on the Russian border, serving the lines from both Tartu and Valga, opened to traffic on 23 May 2011. It replaced the former border facilities at Orava on the Tartu line and at Valga on the line from Riga LDZ. Opening of the new connection from the Orava line to Koidula resulted in the closure of part of the former line between Orava and Pechory-Pskovskie RZD. Tartu - Orava passenger services were extended to Koidula with effect from 1 September 2011 and further from Koidula to Piusa from 27 May 2012. Services between Valga and Piusa may be introduced in 2014 if funding can be obtained.

From 27 May 2012 GO Rail restarted its Tallinn - St. Peterburg service withdrawn in August(?) 2008.

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