Border Crossings: Estonia - Russia

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Tallinn -) Narva ER - Ivangorod-Narvskiy RŽD (- Sankt-Peterburg)

[D] Russian Railways run a daily Moskva – St Peterburg – Tallinn service, replacing the former GO Rail services after a period without trains of less than 2 months. RŽD runs to Narva.

(Tartu - Orava -) Piiroja ER - Pechory-Pskovskie RŽD (- Pskov)

This direct line to Pechory-Pskovskie closed completely when the new Estonian border station of Koidula opened to traffic on 23 May 2011. It was replaced by a new connection from the Orava direction to Koidula.

(Tartu - Orava -) and (Riga LDZ - Valga ER -) Koidula ER - Pechory-Pskovskie RŽD (- Pskov)

[D] No cross-border passenger service. The new Estonian border station of Koidula opened to traffic on 23 May 2011 although the actual station building was not completed until July. Opening of the new connection from the Orava line to Koidula resulted in the complete closure of the direct connection from the Orava line to Pechory-Pskovskie, with its separate viaduct over the river which forms the border. Koidula is not listed as a border station in the legal agreement between Estonia and Russia because this was drawn up in 2002. It would need to be amended before any cross-border passenger services could start.

Tartu - Orava passenger services were extended to Koidula with effect from 1 September 2011 and to Piusa, one station towards Valga, from 27 May 2012. Services between Valga and Koidula were expected to be introduced in 2014, but this had not happened as at May 2015.

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