Poland - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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PKP now releases PDFs for both part and all of the current timetable year so this list is based on those for the period 9 December 2018 to 14 December 2019 which suggested unusual lines use commencing later in 2019. Travellers are strongly advised to check the Journey Planners for ALL Unusual lines timings as revised PDFs are issued on a regular basis.

In 2016 a number of one off specials were included in the full year PDFs but this has not occurred since. These were mainly frequent excursions run by Turkol (Turystyka Kolejowa. Many involve the Wolsztyn steam engines and freight only track but not all visited on these Tours will be EGTRE Unusual Line entries. Anyone interested in travelling PKP freight lines is strongly advised to become familiar with the Turkol website as examples in 2018 include trips to Miedzychod [both routes], Czarnkow, Gniezno via Kcynia to Naklo and Brodnica - Rypin – Sierpc [by DMU].

There are also special services via unusual routes run by PKP-PR for the Woodstock Festival Poland (Przystanek Woodstock), the largest Free annual music festival in Europe near Kostrzyn attended by over 600,000 people and usually held in early August. Note these trains require special tickets; normal PKP tickets are not valid and details of the 2018 services appeared only when the Summer PDFs were released.

Standard abbreviations used are explained in General Information. Map references to pages in the "Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011", ISBN 978-83-931006-3-7, published by Wydawnictwo Eurosprinter, are shown in italics eg R14.

For details of recent and near future route openings and closures, please refer to Poland - General Information.

List of Regions

South East Timetables 100 - 199 entries starting with 'PLxx/100'
South West Timetables 200 - 299 entries starting with 'PLxx/200'
North West Timetables 300 - 399 entries starting with 'PLxx/300'
North (Central) Timetables 400 - 499 entries starting with 'PLxx/400'
North East Timetables 500 - 599 entries starting with 'PLxx/500'
Warsaw Area Timetables 600 - 650 entries starting with 'PLxx/600'

Corridor Trains

The following sections of line within Poland can be ridden only in the through (corridor) trains of neighbouring administrations:

  • (Hagenwerder [Germany] -) frontier - Ręcszyn - (- Krzewina Zgorzelecka -) Trzciniec Zgorzelecki - frontier (- Hirschfelde [Germany]) (36A2): DB table 220. The section between Ręcszyn and Trzciniec Zgorzelecki is traversed only by trains on DB table 220 (Zittau - Görlitz, presently operated by Connex/Lausitzbahn) as PKP trains on table 260 were withdrawn with the 2000/01 timetable.
  • (Zittau [Germany] -) frontier - frontier (- Hrádek nad Nisou [Czech Republic]) (36A2): ČD table 089. There are no stations in Poland on this line.
  • Głuchołazy - frontier (- Jindřichov ve Slezsku [Czech Republic]) (37A1): Through Krnov – Jesenik trains on ČD table 292 use PKP tracks in and out of Głuchołazy as there is no triangle here and the approximately 13km of PKP tracks east of Głuchołazy are only traversed by ČD services. From 10 December 2006 ČD services call to set down and pick up at Głuchołazy.


See Poland - Tram services over obscure routes

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday.

123 Jarosław - Horyniec-Zdrój
123 Horyniec-Zdrój - Hrebenne (- Zamosc) May Day Bank Holidays & Summer SSuO only
131 Żagorz - Jasło
137 Sucha Beskidzka - Żywiec
150 Czechowice Dziedzice - Oświęcim
203 Nowy Świętów - Głuchołazy Miasto SSuO
215 Opole Glówne – Biskupice Olawskie – Jelcz Laskowice SSuX
235 Nysa - Kamieniec Ząbkowicki SSuO
247 Sędzisław – Kralovec [ČD] Spring/Summer SSuO only
270 Żary - Forst [DB]
322 Kępno – Wielun Dąbrowa
328 Wolsztyn - Zbąszyń
381 Słupsk – Ustka Summer only
382 Mścice – Mielno Koszaliński Summer only
384 Sławno - Darłowo
385 Chojnice – Szczecinek
390 Golańcz - Wągrowiec
410 Toruń Wschodni – Sierpc
429 Laskowice Pomorskie – Szlachta
431a Laskowice Pomorskie – Wierzchucin FSuO
440 Chojnice – Kościerzyna
451 Łeba - Lębork Summer only
503 Gutkowo - Braniewo [Timetabled only until 31 August 2019]
515 Pisz – Ełk
520 Szymany Lotnisko - Szczytno
530 Kuźnica Białostocka - Grodno [Belarus]
537 Suwałki – Šeštokai (LG) FSSuMO
550 Chelm – Jagodin (UŽ)
552 Świdnik Miasto - Lublin Airport [Two pairs MTO, more on other days]
554 Zamość Wschód – Hrubieszów Miasto
556 Zwierzyniec – Stalowa Wola Rozwadów
557 Zwierzyniec - Hrebenne May Day Bank Holiday and Summer only
609 Wieliszew – Tłuszcz

As a further guide, a few lines with four pairs a day in 2019 or which do not run at weekends are listed additionally here:-

  • 122 Przemysl Główny - Medyka [Local service and overnight on Standard Gauge]
  • 130 Piwinicza - Krynica Zdrój [Four pairs a day plus extra at weekends in Winter]
  • 321 Jarocin – Krotoszyn
  • 541 Czeremcha - Hajnówka

Deletions since last edition

A few have become more frequent but none have ceased running.

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