Poland - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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These entries are for the timetable period from 12 December 2021 to 10 December 2022.

It should be noted it is completely reissued four times per year with "adjustments" in 2022 due on 13 March, 12 June, 4 September & 6 November. Travellers are strongly advised to check the Journey Planner and PDFs for ALL Unusual lines timings as revised PDFs are issued on a regular, often weekly, basis in-between those dates. The PDF issue date is in small font at the bottom left of each page.

A number of one off specials were included in the full year PDFs in 2016, mainly excursions run by Turkol but this has not occurred since. Turkol run frequent Tours including freight only track which will not be EGTRE Unusual Line entries so anyone interested is strongly advised to become familiar with the Turkol website as recent examples have included trips to Czarnkow, Sokolów Podlaski, Gdansk and Gdynia Docks and the freight lines north from Gniezno.

There are no longer special services via unusual routes for the Woodstock Festival Poland (Przystanek Woodstock), the largest Free annual music festival in Europe to Kostrzyn as it has morphed into Pol'and'Rock held at Makowice Airport near the town of Płoty 6km south of Gryfice [on the diesel line from Szczecin to Kolobrzeg]. There were no specials for 2021 when held on 29-31 July.

Standard abbreviations used are explained in General Information. Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" are to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series - Poland) by M.G. Ball. References in italic are to Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011 by M. Stiasny and R. Stankiewicz.

For details of recent and near future route openings and closures, please refer to Poland - General Information.

Obscure Services

Now all of Poland is on one Wiki page, please use CTRL F to find geographic locations or key words. This does not require accents.

Bialystok south - north avoiding line

[543/535] (ERA-E 76B2 'not shown'; ERA-R 179B; C12/R4) PL22/0

A long closed and lifted avoiding curve for direct running from 543 to/from Elk is being re-instated. This is shown as being used between 4 May - 11 June 2022 as per the March 2022 543 PDF which show > markers at Bialystok against some TLK's, as well as increased running time on local services which reverse at Białystok Starosielce and appear there in 535.

Bydgoszcz area

Maksymilianowo - line 201 - Bydgoszcz Wschód

[430/430a] (ERA-E 75A2-A3; ERA-R 176C5; C6/R3) PL22/1

Bydgoszcz Glówna avoiding line last used on one night by one train in 2017. May be used in conjunction with PL22/2

Bydgoszcz Wschód - line 201 - Nowa Wies Wielka - [Inowrocław]

[430] (ERA-E 75A2; ERA-R 176C5; R3/C6) PL22/2

Used if the main line is closed between Bydgoszcz and Nowa Wies Wielka, or, in conjunction with PL22/1, to avoid reversal at Bydgoszcz Glowny. Last scheduled on one night by one train in 2017 and by a Turkol DMU Tour on 26 & 27 February 2022.

Bydgoszcz Główna

[425] (ERA-E 75A2, not shown; ERA-R 176C5; R3) PL22/3

The station building splits the lines to Inowrocław and Piła and at the west end it is possible to arrive/depart from the "wrong" side using connections:-

[A] is a 200m link only possible between platform IV and the Piła line, or
[B] from platform I - III to/from the Inowrocław line requires use of a 350m connection into and freight yard throat and 750m parallel to the main line.

[A] 16:35 to Wyrzysk Osiek from 14 December 2021 - 11 March 2022 SSuX. Previous scheduled by one Gdynia - Piła train between 6 - 10 May 2019. Note the Mały Atlas shows an 800m long line 745 from the west end of the goods yard curving underneath the Inowrocław main line to line 425, but this would require running through the complete length of the goods yard so is unlikely to be used by passenger services.

[B] scheduled for use by odd departures/arrivals from 12 December 2021, the 06:59 to Inowrocław being confirmed by a traveller. Check the Peron sheets for details. Previous report was in April 2018 and not known to be scheduled since.

Bytów area

Lipusz - Bytów

[Line 212] (ERA-E 75A4; ERA-R 171C2/C1; B5) PL22/4

  • Private operator SKPL has the contract to operate all traffic and maintain this branch and has run passenger trains in previous years [PKP Line 212] SSuO from July to September plus a few other dates. Their website reveals no services ran in 2020 nor 2021 and a September 2021 Press Article advises SKPL have given notice to terminate the contract to operate freight services on the branch which will therefore expire on 31 December 2021 so future passenger trains look doubtful. No service is shown on the SKPL website as at March 2022.

Chabowka and Sucha Beskidzka (on the Kraków to Zakopane line)

Sucha Beskidzka

[135] (ERA-E 78B2; ERA-R 185B5; G8) PL22/5

All services between Kraków and Zakopane had to reverse at Sucha Beskidzka until an avoiding curve opened on 11 June 2017. Since then most Zakopane trains run via the avoiding line, calling at a new station called Sucha Beskidzka Zamek. Use of the relevant North to West and South to West curves can be identified by appropriate services calling at Sucha Beskidzka.

(Chabowka –) Rabka Zdrój – Nowy Sacz

[136] (ERA-E 78C2; ERA-R 185C5-186A5; H8/9) PL22/6

  • In 2020 services were planned between Chabówka - Mszana Dolna/Kasina Wielka SSuO or Chabówka - Nowy Sącz SuO from 4 July to 26 August but the last two weekends were cancelled due to the imposition of a 50% virus related seat sale restriction making them uneconomic. Details and bookings were via the Chabowka Museum website for the Kasina Wielka services or kolejegalicyjskie website to Nowy Sacz.

Unexpectedly the Skansen specials planned for 29 August 2021 appeared in the PDF valid from that day but as per the above they didn't run. Most of this line is due to be modernised as the new high speed line from Kraków to Zakopane and Nowy Sacz will join its formation at a triangular junction.

Chełm area

Chełm – Dorohusk – Jagodin (Ukraine)

[550/M401] (ERA-E 79C54; ERA-R 184C5; F13) PL22/7

Two parallel unelectrified lines cross the Poland/Ukraine border here, standard gauge (1435mm) and broad gauge (1520mm). Only the standard gauge currently has a scheduled passenger service.

Standard gauge line to Ukraine

Used by the Warszawa – Kiev (and v.v.) overnight train pair on the 1435mm gauge tracks to/from Jagodin where gauge changing takes place by means of bogie exchange. PKP diesel traction is needed for the short cross-border journey from Dorohusk. Note this is the only passenger service east of Chelm meaning Dorohusk had no service during its Covid suspension until 15 September 2021. Due to westbound punctuality issues, from a date in Spring 2022 the Kiev - Warszawa has run separate from a Dorohusk - Warszawa service run to the quoted timings.

68 Warszawa Zachodnia - 21:10/21:11 Chelm - Kiev Passajirskii
67 18:48 Kiev Passajirskii - 06:21 Dorohusk - Warszawa Zachodnia
Broad gauge line to Ukraine
  • No current scheduled service. A daytime pair using Ukrainian DMUs commenced running through to Chełm on 12 June 2017, initially successful and increased to two pairs, subsequently reduced to one in December 2018. Then allegedly due to a Customs dispute with the Polish Authorities concerning fuel duty this pair only ran cross border to Dorohusk [with a bus to/from Chelm] from 9 June 2019, but even this was withdrawn after running on the 18 June 2019. In use by Ukrainian refugee services from February 2022.

Chełm - Włodawa

[558] (ERA-E 79C4-C5; ERA-R 185B5-C5; E13/F13) PL22/8

This otherwise freight only branch has had a sponsored summer weekend only service in recent years but as at March 2022 no PDF was included. In 2021 there were two train pairs SSuO from 26 June until 26 September inclusive.

CMK connections (Centralna Magistrala Kolejowa connections off the Warszawa to Katowice/Kraków high speed line)

Radzice – Idzikowice (Line 573)

[100/113] (ERA-E 78C5; ERA-R 183A5; E9) PL22/9

These services reverse at Idzikowice and use this curve between the CMK and line 113. Note they do not appear in table 100. Used by several Kraków Główny <=> Olsztyn Główny services up to 13 March 2022. No service after this date.

Koniecpol – Kozłów (p.odg. Starzyny)

[107, 109] (ERA-E 78B4; ERA-R 182C3; F8) PL22/10

Used by services in Table 109 with a timing at Częstochowa/Częstochowa Stradom and Kraków not running via Kielce. This 11 km line reopened in the 2012 timetable and since 2017 has seen increased use when regular services via Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice to Jaworzno Szczakowa ended.

[Częstochowa –] Żelisławice – Włoszczowa Północ [– Warszawa]

[100/109/P200/175] (ERA-E 78C4; ERA-R 183C3; F8) PL22/11

This 7.7 km west to north link between the Częstochowa - Radom line and the CMK is used by EIC Pendolinos and limited IC's running between Warszawa Zachodnia and Częstochowa Stradom most easily identified in 109 by | to/from Żelisławice.

Psary – p.odg. Starzyny – Kozłów

[100] (ERA-E 78B4-C4; ERA-R 182C3; F8) PL22/12

This north - southeast link with the Koniecpol - Kozłów line is used by all trains using the CMK between Warszawa and Krakow with a vertical bar '|' against Kozłów.

Czarnca – Psary (p.odg. Knapówka)

[100, 109] (ERA-E 78C4; ERA-R 182C3; F8) PL22/13

This 3.8 km east - south link with the Kielce - Częstochowa line is used by services marked in table 109 with a '<' at all stations between Żelisławice and Częstochowa plus a timing at Katowice.

PolRegio have withdrawn their semi-fast R services so in 2021/22 there are three pairs daily via this curve.

Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Dęba Opoczyńska – p.odg. Zapowiedź – Idzikowice

[100,114] (ERA-E 78C5; ERA-R 183A5; E9) PL22/14

Shared as far as p.odg. Zapowiedź with table 113, the TLK services shown in Table 114 with stops at Opoczno Poludnie are the only services covering the 4.5 km west to south curve to/from the CMK.

Coal Trunk Line (Magistrala węglowa) From Herby Nowe to Zduńska Wola Karsznice and Inowrocław, with connecting routes and curves

The Magistrala węglowa (Coal Trunk Line) is a major south - north freight artery which, for EGTRE purposes, can be considered as running from Herby Nowe through Zduńska Wola Karznice to Inowrocław. The 258 km route was table 315 in the PKP timetable, but its local passenger service ended many years ago and since then a table has appeared intermittently and rarely shown seasonal and part line diversionary use making entries more difficult to identify.

There are numerous curves and connections with the Coal Trunk Line, some used frequently, others much less so or not for many years. For this reason a route-based approach has been taken with every connection or section given a number in the schematic diagram below. These are then quoted in the headings of each entry to allow easy identification of sections in use.

To assist travellers, the individual sections currently in scheduled use will be listed here, along with their PL22/xx number, so from 13 March to 11 June 2022 they are:-

  • 7 PL22/19 - 20 Zdunska Wola East to North
  • 9 PL22/19 - 20 Zdunska Wola North to Ponętów
  • 11 PL22/19 Ponętów to Barlogi
  • 13 PL22/22 Klodawa - Ponętów north
  • 15 PL22/20 & 22 Ponętów north to Inowrocław Rąbinek
  • 16 PL22/22 Inowrocław Rąbinek - Mogilno

Timings are given from the last point before travel on any part of the Coal Trunk Line.

Herby Nowe – Chorzew Siemkowice – Zduńska Wola Karznice – Ponętów – Lipie Gory – Inowrocław Rabinek (– Inowrocław) 1,3,6,9,12,15,17 or 18

[180, 430, via 315] (ERA-E 75A2-B3/78B4-B5; ERA-R 182A3-177A4; F7,E7,D7) PL22/15

This is the entry for a complete traversal of the Coal Trunk Line. Note that the north- and south-bound routes run up to 1km apart just north of Herby Nowe, with the southbound track crossing over Line 181 (Table 322) on a flyover.
No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last used in 2020 by an overnight Przemyśl Główny <=> Kołobrzeg train pair.

[Częstochowa -] Częstochowa Aniołow (p.odg. Wyczerpy) – Chorzew Siemkowice - Zdunska Wola Karznice - Ponętów - Inowrocław Rąbinek - Podg. Mimowola - Inowrocław. 2,3,6,9,12,15,18

[102, 173, 315] (ERA-E 78A4; ERA-R 182B4; F7) PL22/16

On the 48.3km connecting line from Częstochowa Aniołow, the northbound and southbound tracks remain apart north of the grade separated junction at podg Wyczerpy, north of Częstochowa, and run on significantly different vertical alignments for 3 km as far as Rząsawa.

Map view shows this train booked via the much rarer curve from Inowrocław [part of line 131, No 18] via Podg. Mimowola but see PL22/21 for 2021 reports as equivalents have been known to be diverted via curve 742 [No 17, see below].

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Note A IC402/IC54070 Łeba/Hel - 01:12 Inowrocław - Częstochowa - Bohumin [ČD]

Note A: 26 June - 1 September 2022

[Częstochowa -] Częstochowa Aniołow (p.odg. Wyczerpy) – Chorzew Siemkowice - Zdunska Wola Karznice - Ponętów - Inowrocław Rąbinek - line 742 - Inowrocław. 2,3,6,9,12,15,17

[102, 173, 315] (ERA-E 78A4; ERA-R 182B4; F7) PL22/17

On the 48.3km connecting line from Częstochowa Aniołow, the northbound and southbound tracks remain apart north of the grade separated junction at podg Wyczerpy, north of Częstochowa, and run on significantly different vertical alignments for 3 km as far as Rząsawa.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

This service is shown in map view as being booked via the shorter Inowrocław curve 742 [No 17].

Note A IC403/45070 Bohumin [ČD] - 21:49 Częstochowa - Hel/Łeba

Note A: 24 June - 30 August 2022

(Łódź –) p.odg Gajewniki – p.odg Dionizów – Ponętów – p.odg. Zamków – Klodawa (– Kutno ) 7,9,10

[315/300] (ERA-E 75B1; ERA-R 177A2; D7) PL22/18

No service in 2021/22. This combination is from/to Lodz via the Zdunska Wola East to North curve, a mid section of the Coal Trunk Line and the very rare curve from Ponętów to p.odg. Zamków to join line 300 towards Kutno and saw use by two pairs of IC's from 29 August to 11 December 2021.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

(Łódź –) p.odg Gajewniki – p.odg Dionizów – Ponętów – Barlogi (– Poznań) 7,9,11

[315/300] (ERA-E 75B1; ERA-R 177A2; D7) PL22/19

Short term use in 2021/22. This combination is the east to north curve at Zdunska Wola, the Coal trunk Line and the south to west curve at Ponętów to the Warszawa - Poznań line.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

This route was previously used by a pair of ICs from December 2020 - March 2021 & again from 29 August 2021

Note A IC3722 Kraków Główny - 09:47 Pabianice - Poznan Główny
Note B IC 18170 Warszawa Wschodnia - 23:09 Pabianice - Świnoujście
Note A IC7322 Poznan Główny - 17:18 Koło - Kraków Główny

Note A: 12 - 31 December 2021
Note B: 13 March - 30 May 2022

(Łódź –) p.odg Gajewniki – p.odg Dionizów – Ponętów – Inowrocław Rabinek – line 742 (– Inowrocław) 7,9,12,15,17

[315, 405] (ERA176C4; D6) PL22/20

This route covers the east to north curve at Zdunska Wola, then the Coal Trunk Line to Inowrocław Rąbinek and the short curve (line 742) to Inowrocław.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Note A 35191 Kraków Główny - 01:12 Pabianice - Hel
Note B 45101 Katowice - 16:44 Pabianice - Gdynia Główna
Note B IC54100 Gdynia Główna - 09:29 Inowrocław - Katowice
Note A 53190 Hel - 02:13 Inowrocław - Kraków Główny

Note A: 25/26 June - 31 August/1 September 2022
Note B: 12 - 31 December 2021

(Łódź –) p.odg Gajewniki – p.odg Dionizów – Ponętów – Inowrocław Rąbinek – Podg. Mimowola – line 131 - Inowrocław. 7,9,12,15,18

[102, 173, 315] (ERA-E 78A4; ERA-R 182B4; F7) PL22/21

No booked use of this combination in 2021/22 which from/to Łódź used the Zdunska Wola East to North curve, the northern section of the Coal Trunk Line and map view showed one service from 26 June to 1 September and another from 29 August to 6 November 2021 booked via the curve via Podg. Mimowola of line 131 [No 18] from Inowrocław, the rarer of the two.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

From reports received of the two booked trains in summer 2021, use of curve 131 [code 18] was subject to being on time, it did not when late for the first, and the second did curve 131 [code 18] for two travellers but not for another, all when on time, but the Compiler confirms from a previous years successful travel over curve 131 that doing so avoided a conflict with a train on the Poznan line so use may also be subject to punctuality of a different service. If they do not take the route from Inowrocław to Podg. Mimowola they use line 742 [code 17] instead.

(Kutno –) Kłodawa – p.odg. Zamków – p.odg. Borysławice – Inowrocław Rąbinek – p.odg. Dziarnowo (– Poznań) 13,15,16

[B170, 300, 315] (ERA-E 75B1; ERA-R 177A2; D7) PL22/22

This route is via the east to north curve from the Warszawa - Poznań line on to the Coal Trunk Line and the curve off it at Podg Dziarnowo on to the Inowrocław - Gniezno - Poznań main line.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Use continues in 2021/22. This route had frequent diversions whilst parts of the Warszawa - Poznań main line (T300) were being upgraded and when the main line reopened, one all year daily train pair continued calling at reopened stations on the Coal Trunk Line at Babiak and Piotrków Kujawski. A PDF table 315 has reappeared again in March 2022 clearly showing this pair, but as before it does not include the summer overnights booked via 315.

TLK17102/3 Warszawa Wschodnia - 16:47/17:01/17:08 Kutno - Zielona Góra
TLK71102/3 Zielona Góra - 09:35/09:36 Mogilno - Warszawa Wschodnia

Czechowice Dziedzice area, including Chybie

Czechowice Dziedzice avoiding line: Goczałkowice Zdrój (p.odg. Most Wisła) – Zabrzeg (p.odg. Ochodza)

[146, 147] (ERA-E 77B1; ERA-R 188C3; H7) PL22/23

The north-to-west curve avoiding Czechowice Dziedzice is used by all trains between Goczałkowice and Zabrzeg in table 146 and those to and from Katowice in table 147 with a '<' symbol against Czechowice Dziedzice.

This curve is being vertically and horizontally re-aligned with the north end junction relocated further north and the 2021/22 timetable suggests this would be in use from 20 December 2021. Confirmation would be appreciated by the Compilers. The changes are clearly illustrated on OpenRailwayMap

Czechowice-Dziedzice (p.odg Ochodza)- via Zabrzeg Czarnolesie Goods line 693 to (p.odg Bronów) - Chybie

[147] (ERA-E 77B1, not shown; ERA-R 182A1; H7) PL22/24

No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last passenger use was engineering work diversions from March 2020 until 13 March 2021 when all trains between Czechowice Dziedzice and Chybie used lines on the south side of Zabrzeg Czarnolesie goods yard as confirmed by < markers at Zabrzeg and Zabrzeg Czarnolesie.

Chybie – Chybie Mnich (p.odg Bieniowiec) (– Skoczów)

[146/147/148] (ERA-E 78B2; ERA-R 182A1; H7) PL22/25

One heavily dated train pair uses this curve in the current timetable

Note B SSuO Os44123 Gliwice - 08:06/08:13/08:20 Chybie – Skoczów [- Wisła Glebce]
Note A SSuO Os44112 [Wisła Glebce -] 17:36/17:49/19:26 Skoczów - Gliwice

Note A: SSuO 19-27 March, 2 April to 26 June, 2 July to 5 November and 6 November to 10 December + 13 March, 2-3 May, 16-17 June, 15 August, 31 October 20 1 November, 11 December NOT 16 April
Note B: SSuO 19-27 March, 2 April to 11 June, 12-26 June and 2 July to 10 December + 13 March, 18 April, 16-17 June, 15 August, 31 October to 1 November and 11 November

Żory – Chybie

[146a/154] (ERA-E 77A1; ERA-R 188C2; G6-H7) PL22/26

Local services were withdrawn on 8 May 2020 but resumed in 2020-2021 with a published table 146a and two train pairs in the 2021-2022 timetable.

Some IC services, especially summer holiday trains, also use this line but are not shown in table 146a. They may be identified in table 154 by < markers between Żory and Czechowice-Dziedzice or Bielsko-Biała Główna.


(Sulechów-) podg Czerwieńsk Wsch. – Czerwieńsk – podg Czerwieńsk Płd. (-Przylep)

[334, 355] (ERA-E 74B1; ERA-R 175B2 E2 partially shown) PL22/27

Almost all trains between Zielona Góra and Sulechów (- Zbąszynek) avoid Czerwieńsk by the south <=> east avoiding curve (podg Czerwieńsk Południe - podg Czerwieńsk Wschodnia) opened on 9 June 2013. A small number of services still use the old line from the avoiding curve east junction to Czerwieńsk station which crosses underneath the Zielona Góra line to the south side of the two-sided Czerwieńsk station. Additionally these services also use a significant connection to/from the Zielona Góra line at the east end of Czerwieńsk station. Services were suspended from 16 March 2020 when the line through Sulechów was closed for long term engineering work and despite the December 2021 timetable showing trains resuming from 13 March, later versions show this has been deferred to 12 June 2022.

Click on the thumbnail for a diagram:

Note A 78569 Zielona Góra Główna - 16:14 Zielona Góra Przylep - Gorzów Wielkopolski
Note A 78571 Zielona Góra Główna - 18:59 Zielona Góra Przylep - Gorzów Wielkopolski
Note A 70529 Zbąszynek - 05:49 Sulechów - Zielona Góra Główna
Note A 87568 Gorzów Wielkopolski – 17:56 Sulechów - Zielona Góra Główna

Note A: 12 June - 10 December 2022

Częstochowa Area

Częstochowa (Częstochowa Towarowa) – line 703 – podg Kucelinka – line 155 - Poraj

[102] (ERA-E 78B4; ERA-R 182B3; F7 R15) PL22/28

No use in 2021/22, see PL22/29 for use of just podg Kucelinka – line 155 - Poraj to/from Częstochowa Stradom as this entry is for the alternative route between Częstochowa Osobowa [main station] and Poraj.

What appears to be a grade separated junction for the Częstochowa - Koniecpol line is actually separate routes as line 701 on the east side is used by Koniecpol passenger services in both directions. Any service relevant to this entry uses freight Line 703 that diverges at the north end of Częstochowa Towarowa (marshalling yard) to run on the far west side of this yard to Częstochowa Raków [where a temporary platform was provided on the goods lines for the early 2020 diversionary use] before climbing on the west side of the main line to go over the Katowice main line to podg Kucelinka. Here it joins the passenger route from Częstochowa Stradom to Koniecpol and also where Line 155 to Poraj [separate use as per PL22/29] diverges. Note there is no connection between line 701 on the east side and line 155 to Poraj at podg Kucelinka.

Częstochowa Stradom via Częstochowa Raków and/or podg Kucelinka & line 155 - Poraj

[102/175] (ERA-E 78B4; ERA-R 182B3; F7 R15) PL22/29

There are three possible routes between Częstochowa Stradom and Poraj. In order by known use:-

  • [A] From Częstochowa Stradom on the line to Koniecpol to/from podg Kucelinka and then via line 155, usually, but not since 2021 indicated by a '<' symbol in table 102 against Częstochowa Raków and Korwinów. This route is used occasionally, ongoing since March 2021.
  • [B] Line 702 is a curve from Częstochowa Stradom to Częstochowa Raków with a connection to/from main line line 102. This was used by one train for one night in October 2020.
  • [C] Line 702 and then via all of entry PL22/28 above. As far as is known this combination has never been used by passenger diversions.

Note none of these services appear in the 102 or 175 PDFs despite calling at stops on them and all use PL22/55.

73102 Kolobrzeg - 08:45 Częstochowa Stradom - option [A] - Kraków Główny
83106 Kolobrzeg - 16:03 Częstochowa Stradom - option [A] - Kraków Główny
38106 Kraków Główny – 11:43 Myszków - option [A] - Kolobrzeg
37102 Kraków Główny – 18:38 Myszków - option [A] - Kolobrzeg

Częstochowa avoiding line: Częstochowa Stradom – Kusięta Nowe (p.odg. Kucelinka) (– Koniecpol)

[109/175/P200] (ERA-E 78B4; ERA-R 182B3; R15) PL22/30

This line enables trains between Wrocław/Herby/Wielun and Kielce, Kraków via Koniecpol PL22/10 or Poraj /Warszawa (via the CMK) PL22/11 avoid reversing at Częstochowa Osobowa (the main station) by calling instead at Częstochowa Stradom. Use can be identified by a < at Częstochowa Osobowa in table 175 or by those listed in PL22/29 using Option A to Poraj [as they do not appear in 175].


Dęblin: Zajezierze k. Dęblina (p.odg. Wisła R2) – Zarzeka (p.odg. Wisła R1)

[111/550] (ERA-E 79A5; ERA-R 183C5; E10) PL22/31

This west-to-south curve avoiding Dęblin is used by direct services between Radom and Lublin which appear in table 111 with a '<' symbol against Dęblin.

Dęblin – Stawy

[553] (ERA-E 79A5; ERA-R 178C1; E11) PL22/32

There are two passenger routes approaching Dęblin from the Łuków line which connect to either the north or south ends of Dęblin station forming a balloon loop. The normal mode of operation for some years as confirmed by the Journey Planner map view is for trains from Łuków to Dęblin to arrive at Dęblin using the southern route, [even if they are continuing south and need to reverse in order to do so]. Trains from Dęblin to Łuków use the northern route.

Gdańsk area

Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

[442,443] (ERA-E 75B4, not shown; ERA-R 172B4; R2 not shown) PL22/33

There is a flyover as part of the reinstated junction for the newish services via Gdańsk Port Lotniczy which should be used by the through services from Gdańsk Główny. Note crossovers also allow use of the non-flyover route but any departure or arrival using Peron II is more likely to use the flyover.

Gdańsk Osowa – Rębiechowo

[440] (ERA-E 75A4; ERA-R 172B4; A6 not shown) PL22/34

The direct Gdynia Główna - Kościerzyna/Kartuzy service via this third side of the triangle is significantly reduced now that most services run via the new line through Gdańsk Port Lotniczy.

Gdańsk Stadion Expo

[Ex 453] (ERA-E 75B4, not shown; ERA-R 172B4 not shown; R2 not shown) PL22/35

A 2km section of the long closed, now freight only line towards Gdańsk Nowy Port is used occasionally in connection with Football or special events to a lengthy platform built near to the Stadium. For example three pairs ran on 18 September 2021 with details published on the ZTM local transport Authority website. Note those services did not appear in the PKP Journey Planner.

Gdynia area

Gdynia Główny – Rumia via line 202

[452] (ERA-E 75A5, not shown; ERA-R 172B4 not shown; R2) PL22/36

There are two routes between Gdynia Główna and Rumia. Used mainly for SKM local services is line 250 from Gdynia Główna Platforms 1-2 via Gdynia Stocznia-Umorski, Gdynia Chylonia Platform 1 then Gdynia Cisowa where it divides either side of Gdynia Cisowa Elektrowozownia EMU depot. The two single lines come back together at Rumia Janowo. Note the south side line is bi-directional.

The alternative is line 202 from Gdynia Główna between platforms 3 and 4 (crossovers allow access from other platforms) which passes under and then alongside line 250 on non-platform tracks at Gdynia Chylonia after which it becomes single track and runs to the north side of Cisowa Elektrowozownia EMU depot parallel with 250 to bypass Rumia Janowo platforms, this single track is also believed to be bi-directional. Note although largely parallel with line 250 there are significant divergences at the diveunder west of Gdynia Stocznia-Umorski and after Gdynia Cisowa.

The following operating pattern appears to apply in the December 2021-22 PKP timetable update but there are many exceptions by PolRegio/PKP IC services leaving or regaining line 202 by crossovers at Gdynia Chylonia:

  • Line 250 is used by local services stopping all stations to Rumia. From Gdynia Główna to Gdynia Chylonia platform 1 is used only by local stopping services.
  • Line 202 is used by IC services and also local services that only call at Gdynia Chylonia and have no other intermediate stops between Gdynia Główna and Rumia.

Some assistance is given by < markers in table 452 at local stations other than Gdynia Chylonia or | at local stations between Gdynia Chylonia and Rumia. However, on some dates these services take lines 250/202 or vv between Gdynia Chylonia and Rumia...

There is a 1km alternative route line 963 from the higher numbered platforms at Gdynia Główna with pointwork for both arrivals and departures to/from the west but note this avoids Gdynia Stocznia. The PKP Journey Planner Map view does not show this and there are no services in table 452 showing only a < at Gdynia Stocznia. Line 963 joins line 250 before Gdynia Grabowek avoiding the flyover over line 202 so any reports of usage of line 963 would be welcomed by the compilers.

Diagrams of the relevant parts of the route are available here:

Gdynia Stocznia

[450/451 & 452] (ERA172B4 not shown, R2) PL22/37

The SKM local and main lines take separate routes with Gdynia Stocznia station on an elevated section flying over freight lines leading into the docks. Gdynia Stocznia services in either direction must use Gdynia Główna Peron 1.

Gorzów Wielkopolski

[334/345] (ERA-E 74B2, not shown; ERA-R 175B4, not shown; D2) PL22/38

No use shown in the 2021/22 Peron sheets. The station is split by route with any trains to/from the Międzyrzecz line platform IV onto/off the Kostrzyn line (345) using a lengthy connection of over 1 km to the west. Regular use when all services to/from Kostrzyn were using this connection due to an engineering work closure between Gorzów Wielkopolski and Gorzów Wielkopolski Wschodni ended during 2019.

Hajnówka area

Hajnówka station is a double "v".

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


[541/543] (ERA179B4, D13) PL22/39

Most trains use platform IV, on the west side of the now demolished station building, by means of a 370 metre connection south of the station to/from the Lewki and Czeremcha lines. Some Czeremcha services, starting or terminating at Hajnówka, use platforms I & II, on the east side, by means of a 250 metre section south of the station. The new platform III, on the west side, on line 52 at a distinct angle to platform IV, is used by a few arrivals/departures from/to Lewki. See the Hajnówka – Siemianówka entry for use north from Hajnówka.

Check the Peron sheets for ongoing platform use.

Hajnówka – Siemianówka

[541] (ERA-E 76C2; ERA-R 179B4; D13) PL22/40

An all year two pair service has been introduced from 1 January 2022, previously a summer only service ran in 2019 & 2021.

Only one of the four services uses the recently re-instated northern connection line 858 from the west side platforms. This is train 10745, the 06:15 SX departure from Hajnówka Peron 3 to Siemianówka. The other three trains run to/from Peron 1 as through services to/from Czeremcha.

Herby Stare area

Herby Stare – Boronów (p.odg Kalina)

[175/180] (ERA-E 78B4; ERA-R 182A3; F7) PL22/41

This 2.2km east <=> south curve, [line 687] regained a local service in 2016 and although easily identified in timetable 180 are now listed as they are no longer regular operating days. The IC train pair ended 12 March 2022.

Note A SO PR44207 Tarnowskie Góry - 11:18 Boronów - Częstochowa
SSuX PR44214 Lubliniec - 07:44/07:48 [Reverse] depart 07:54/07:58 Herby Stare - Tarnowskie Góry
Note B SO PR44210/11 Częstochowa - 13:09 Herby Stare - Tarnowskie Góry

Note A: Saturdays Only from 8 January - 9 April, then 23 April - 10 December 2022 + 14 August
Note B: SO 19 March to 9 April, 7 May to 11 June, 18 August to 10 December + 23 and 30 April, 14 August NOT 13 August

Herby Stare – Herby Nowe

[175/180/315/322] (ERA-E 78B4; ERA-R 182A3; F7) PL22/42

Continues in 2021/22 but reduced to one pair which can be identified from the 322 PDF with a | at Herby Stare as they are not included in 175. Use resumed in 2019/20.

TLK37101 Kraków Glówny – 08:50/09:51 Częstochowa Stradom - Poznań Główny
TLK73100 Poznań Główny – 18:30/18:34 Krzepice - Kraków Glówny

Lisów – podg Liswarta - Herby Nowe

[175/180] (ERA-E 78B4; ERA-R 182A3; F7) PL22/43

No use of this curve in 2021/22. Last use was by one morning train from Lubliniec to Tarnowskie Góry not shown in either PDF but confirmed in the Journey Planner and map view from 14 June to 29 July 2020.

Lisów – Herby Stare

[175] (ERA-E 78B4, not shown; ERA-R 182A3; F7) PL22/44

The east and westbound routes take significantly different routes through a forest between these points.


[400/405/500] (ERA-E 75B3, not shown; ERA-R 172B1; B8) PL22/45

There are two routes between Iława station and Działdowo, the Malbork – Warszawa main line diving under the Toruń – Olsztyn line from the north side, plus Line 968, an inside curve to/from south side Peron III which also accesses a freight yard.

It is believed the track layout does not allow trains to/from Działdowo Peron III to reach the diveunder line so as trains from Iława Peron I & II can reach Line 968, only those using Peron III are guaranteed to use line 968. Additionally all Olsztyn - Iława - Malbork services use connections at the Olsztyn end of the station to cross to the north side platforms.

The usual route for through Malbork - Iława - Działdowo services is the diveunder to avoid conflicts so query the platform arrival/departure sheets for details of Peron III arrivals and departures from Działdowo. However the journey planner map view now shows these and all other local services to/from Peron III using the diveunder, so the status of line 968 is unknown. Feedback would be appreciated by the Compilers, especially as reports were received during 2021 that the IC services diverted from Torun to Warszawa via Ilawa [reverse] were also using line 968 and these continue in 2021/22 until 10 June 2022.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


[321] (ERA-E 74C1, not shown; ERA-R 176B2, not shown; E5) PL22/46

Jarocin is a split station with a sizeable yard south of the platforms.

Click on the thumbnail for a plan of the Jarocin area:-

All through Poznań - Krotoszyn services use connecting line 826 south of Jarocin station to/from west side platforms 1 & 2 so this is no longer an obscure route.

All services to/from Gniezno normally terminate or start from platform 3 on the east side of Jarocin station, but a 400 metre connection (line 983) allows trains to run into west side platforms 1-2. No service in 2021/21, last scheduled for part of 2019.

South from the east side platform 3 [Track 256!] to the junction with line 826 (about 1.6km) is on the east side of a sizeable yard from the main lines. No scheduled use in 2021/22. The all year PDF issued in December 2020 suggested a pair from August 2021 but this did not happen, it was used in 2020. The Region is tendering some routes and bids for T321 are to include through Gniezno - Krotoszyn services from the 2022/23 timetable.

Katowice area - East of a north-south line through the station

Podg Dorota – line 171 – Dąbrowa Gornicza Wschodnia (– Sławków)

[105] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188A4-B4; R18) PL22/47

Previously used between 20 March - 6 April 2020 and in the 2021-22 timetable to 4 March. Note north from podg Dorota is separated by width and height from line 133 in-between and the curve to Dąbrowa Gornicza Wschodnia is substantially grade separated so travel in both directions is recommended.

From 10/11 April to 9 May 2022 all trains Katowice <=> Kozłów use this route and PL22/47A, running from Sosnowiec Dańdówka to Sławków without calling at Dąbrowa Gornicza Wschodnia.

(Sosnowiec Dańdówka – Sosnowiec Porąbka – line 171 –) Podg Dorota

[105] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188A4-B4; R18) PL22/47A

In recent years use of this entry has been in conjunction with PL22/54, but a 2022 entry until 4 March 2022 ran via Dąbrowa Gornicza Ząbkowice, hence a split of entries. Previously used between 20 March - 6 April 2020. Again but this time west from Podg Dorota is a sizeable grade separated junction.

From 10/11 April to 9 May 2022 all trains Katowice <=> Kozłów use this route and PL22/47, running from Sosnowiec Dańdówka to Sławków without calling at Dąbrowa Gornicza Wschodnia.

Sosnowiec Głowny - curve 62 – Sosnowiec Południowy

[105] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188A4-B4; R17) PL22/48

1½ days timetabled use in 2021, in 2022 three SSuX T101 services are scheduled via this curve. Although they are listed in the 105 PDF, Sosnowiec Głowny is not but use of this curve is confirmed in map view and by additional time between Katowice Szopienice Południowe and Sosnowiec Południowy. Note these services also use PL22/54.

Note A SSuX KS40524 Tychy – 18:35 Sosnowiec Głowny - Częstochowa
Note B SSuX KS40569 Zawiercie - 15:24 Sosnowiec Południowy - Tychy Lodwisko
Note C SSuX KS44107 Częstochowa - 17:44 Sosnowiec Południowy - Tychy Lodwisko
Note D SSuX KS40111 Częstochowa - 17:57 Sosnowiec Południowy - Tychy Lodwisko

Note A: SSuX 1-15 April, 27 April to 10 June + 28 April, 2-3 May
SSuX 13 June to 4 November and 7 November to 9 December NOT 16-17 June, 15 August and 31 October to 1 November
Note C: SSuX 13 June to 9 December NOT 16-17 June, 15 August, 31 October to 1 November and 11 November
Note D: SSuX 1 April to 10 June +18 April and 2-3 May

(Katowice –) Sosnowiec Porąbka – Sosnowiec Kazimierz avoider curve 663 – line 163 – Sosnowiec Maczki – Jaworzno Szczakowa

[140] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188B4; R18) PL22/49

None scheduled in 2022 via this alternative route between Katowice and Jaworzno Szczakowa indicated by < markers at Mysłowice and usually a partial entry in 105. The regular passenger service on line 163 via Sosnowiec Kazimierz using the north to east curve as part of then table 105 ended on 2 April 2001.

After nothing since 2012, several trains used this diversion between March and June 2021, then only an overnight train pair until 29 August 2021.

(Katowice – Mysłówice –) Sosnowiec Jęzor – podg Dorota – part line 133 - Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice

[140/102/109] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 182B1-C1; R18) PL22/50

This entry has alternative routes and with no intermediate stop it is impossible to confirm from PDFs which would be taken so those listed here are identified from the Journey Planner map view. The route options are:-

  • [A] from Mysłówice via Sosnowiec Jęzor and Line 180 to podg Dorota. Note the flyover south of podg Dorota to line 180 shown in the Mały Atlas no longer exists so southbound services may be more likely to use this route.
  • [B] from Mysłówice via Sosnowiec Jęzor to podg Długoszyn (west of Jaworzno Szczakowa), curve 667 and Sosnowiec Maczki to podg Dorota

Route B appears to be taken by all trains in the current timetable.

Note A 40504 Tychy Lodwisko - 08:09 Katowice - Częstochowa
Note B SSuX KS40107 Częstochowa - 14:05 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice - Gliwice
Note C 41100 17:35 Katowice - Płock
Note A 40622 Gliwice - 14:44 Katowice - Częstochowa
16171/191 Warszawa Wschodnia - 00:02 Zawiercie - Jelenia Góra/Szklarska Poręba Górna
Note D 14101 Płock - 09:58 Zawiercie - Katowice
54101 Gdynia Glowna - 14:46/14:48 Zawiercie - Katowice
Note E 26101 Lublin Główny - 14:59 Zawiercie - Katowice
Note F SSuX 40111 Częstochowa - 17:36 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice - Tychy Lodwisko
Note D 54103 Gdynia Glowna - 18:28 Zawiercie - Katowice

Note A: 19-22 April and 25-26 April
Note B: SSuX 14 March to 10 June + 18 April and 2-3 May
Note C: Not 16 April
Note D: 13 March to 11 June. Not 17 April
Note E: 13 March to 11 June
Note F: 14 to 31 March

Also note the section from podg Dorota to Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice is common with PL22/54 & PL22/55.

(Katowice –) podg. Gottwald – podg. Hajduki – podg. Radoszowy – podg. Panewnik – Katowice Ligota

[151/151a/155] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 182A1; H7) PL22/51

This line provides an alternative route, further west, between Katowice and Katowice Ligota. Last used between 1 and 10 August 2017 (SSuX). They can be identified by a < marker at just Katowice-Brynów and an extended journey time of more than 30 minutes.

(Zawiercie –) Łazy – Line 160 southbound or 186 both directions – Dąbrowa Gornicza Ząbkowice

[101/102] (ERA-E 77B2-C2; ERA-R 188A5-B5; too detailed to be shown correctly, G7 R18) PL22/52

Alternative routes previously identified by < markers between Łazy and Dąbrowa Górnicza Sikorka,

  • [A] Southbound via flyover route 160 to the southern end of 186
  • [B] Line 186 in both directions

but in Autumn 2020 travellers noticed new platforms have been built on line 186 at Chruszczobród [Peron II] and Wiesiółka [Peron III] so use of Option [B] can now be identified from the Peron sheets by calls at both. Also note if a southbound service calls at any Wiesiółka platform it is then impossible to travel Option [A] via line 160.

When [B] was in use northbound during 2016 and 11 August 2017, mainline services continued on the goods lines north of Łazy on the east side of the first, then in-between parts of two freight yards for the 6km to Zawiercie. However when scheduled again between August and December 2020 it is believed all northbound services re-joined the normal route by at least Łazy, as would any currently timetabled local services.

Option [A] was scheduled between 13 June to 28 August and 7 November - 11 December 2021 but no use identified in 2022.

Mysłowice avoiding line - Sosnowiec Jęzor - Mysłowice Brzezinka

[140,150] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188B4; R18) PL22/53

No use in 2021/22 over this curve for trains from Jaworzno Szczakowa to proceed directly to Oświęcim without reversal at Mysłowice. Last used between 14 March to 28 August 2021.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

(Sosnowiec Porąbka –) part line 171 - podg Dorota – part line 133 – Dąbrowa Gornicza Ząbkowice

[102, 105] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188A4-B4; R18) PL22/54

Note there is a large flying junction to/from podg Dorota and Sosnowiec and this route is partly common with PL22/47 from Sosnowiec Porąbka to podg Dorota and podg Dorota - part line 133 - Dąbrowa Gornicza Ząbkowice is part of PL22/50 & PL22/55.

Some local services also use PL22/48.

Note A 94161 Częstochowa - 06:33 Łazy - Wisła Głębce
Note B 40659 Częstochowa - 09:03 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice - Gliwice
24101 Lublin - 10:57/11:02 Zawiercie - Katowice
Note C 54101 Gdynia Glowna - 14:08 Zawiercie - Katowice
Note D SSuX 40569 Zawiercie - 15:02 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice - Tychy Lodwisko
Note B 40109 Częstochowa - 16:18 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice - Gliwice
Note E SSuX 44107 Częstochowa - 17:22 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice - Tychy Lodwisko
Note F SSuX 40111 Częstochowa - 17:34 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice - Tychy
24103 Kielce - 19:58 Zawiercie - Katowice
61170/72 Szklarska Poręba Górna/Jelenia Góra - 03:42/03:48/04:27 Katowice - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note B 40500 Tychy Lodwisko - 06:09 Katowice - Częstochowa
42102 07:19/)7:57 Katowice - Kielce
45100 13:19/13:23 Katowice - Gdynia Glowna
42100 15:41/15:56 Katowice - Lublin
4161/4121 Zwardoń/Bielsko-Biała - 17:57 Katowice - Warszawa Wshodnia
Note G SSuX 40524 Tychy Lodwisko - 18:10/18:19 Katowice - Częstochowa

Note A: 23 to 24 April
Note B: 19 to 22 April and 25 to 26 April
Note C: 12 June to 10 December
Note D: SSuX 13 June to 4 November, 7 November to 9 December NOT 16-17 June, 15 August and 31 October to 1 November
Note E: SSuX 13 June to 9 December. NOT 16-17 June, 15 August, 31 October to 1 November and 11 November
Note F: SSuX 1 to 15 April, 27 April to 10 June + 28 April and 2-3 May
Note G: SSuX 14-31 March, 1-15 April, 5 May to 15 June, 20 June to 12 August, 16 August to 28 October, 2-10 November, 14 November to 9 December + 19-22 April, 25-29 April and 4 May,

Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice – Dąbrowa Górnicza Południowa – podg Dorota - Sosnowiec Maczki – Jaworzno Szczakowa

[Ex 140] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188A4-B4; R18) PL22/55

This 15.8km route is line 133 and allows trains from the Kraków to Katowice line [140] proceed direct towards Częstochowa or the CMK/Warszawa, or vice versa. Note that line 133 is also used, in part, by PL22/54 and despite calling at stations on table 102, these services do not appear in the PDF and all use PL22/29.

Note A 83190/91 Kolobrzeg - 06:57 Zawiercie - Kraków Główny
Note A 53191 Hel - 06:56 Częstochowa - Kraków Główny
13109 Łódź Fabryczna - 07:08/07:20 Częstochowa - Kraków Główny
73102 Poznan Główny - 09:43/09:20 Zawiercie - Kraków Główny
83106/7 Kolobrzeg - 16:38/16:41 Zawiercie - Kraków Główny
Note B 35170 00:12 Kraków Główny - Gdynia Glowna
38106 Kraków Główny - 10:56/11:06 Jaworzno Szczakowa - Kołobrzeg
37102 Kraków Główny - 18:02/18:06 Jaworzno Szczakowa - Kolobrzeg
Note C 31108 19:11 Kraków Główny – Łódź Fabryczna
Note D 38190 Kraków Główny - 22:55 Jaworzno Szczakowa - Kolobrzeg

Note A: 26 June - 1 September 2022
Note B: 22 and 29 May
Note C: 14 March to 11 June
Note D: 24 June to 30 August

Katowice Ligota - goods line 142 via Katowice Murcki - podg Mąkołowiec - Tychy

[146/151] (ERA-E 77B1-B2; ERA-R 182A1; R17) PL22/56

No use in 2021/22. Indicated by < markers at Katowice Piotrowice and/or Katowice Podlesie, this 14km freight only line was used by numerous trains on odd days in September and November 2021.

Katowice area - West of a north-south line through the station. Includes Rybnik and Nędza area

Katowice – flyover departure line – Katowice Brynów (p.odg. Brynów)

[146, 151] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188B3; R17) PL22/57

Westbound departures from Katowice platforms 1-4 towards Katowice Ligota can run either via the main line (line 139) or via the 2km line 656 including a flyover over the main line to Gliwice. From observation, all trains departing from platform 1 at Katowice appear to use this route.

Katowice - podg Gottwald - Ruda Kochłowice - Line 141 - Gliwice Sośnica - Gliwice

[220] (ERA-E 77A2-B2; ERA-R 188A2-B2-B3; R16/17) PL22/58

No use in 2021/22. This is an alternative route between Katowice and Gliwice. Last scheduled use was from 24 December 2020 to 11 January & 14 March to 29 August 2021.

Bytom avoiding line

[165/180] (ERA-E 77B2; ERA-R 188A3; R19) PL22/59

This curve was booked to be used by the Russian Railways Nice Ville <=> Moskva Belorusskaia train pair on certain dates in 2020 when diverted from its usual route. They were identified by a | in table 102 at Gliwice.

Gliwice – Line 711 - Podg Maciejów Płn - Bytom

[166] (ERA-E 77A2-B2; ERA-R 188A2-A3; G7 R16/17) PL22/60

A regular local service was re-introduced [again!] from the December 2021 timetable but all eastbound services towards Bytom are diverted via a 5km long alternative line 711 immediately on departing Gliwice. Map view shows this initially on the north side of the substantial yards, but travellers advise this is then incorrect as the route taken moves closer towards the main line albeit at a lower level until rising to come alongside the inbound from Zabrze main line just before the A1 road overbridge. The tracks remain alongside except for separate bridges over the lines to/from the freight yards and Katowice Ligota, then map view is correct as Bytom services go over the usual inbound route and then as shown to re-join the usual route at Podg Maciejów Płn.

Also note the junction at Bytom with the Katowice main line is east of the platforms and the 166 PDF shows all services are a self contained shuttle. There are no services in the March 2022 Peron sheets from Bytom to/from Katowice using the junction to/from the Gliwice platforms.

It is suggested all eastbound trains remain diverted via line 711 for the remainder of the 2021/22 timetable but this is not confirmed.

Tychy – line 169 – Orzesze Jaśkowice

[151/155] (ERA-E 77A1-B1; ERA-R 188B2-B3; G7) PL22/61

This line reopened to passenger services in 2017. Use can be identified in 155 by < markers from Mikolow Jamna to Orzesze plus timings or | from Orzesze Jaśkowice.

(Rybnik –) Lesczczyny – Line 149 – Gierałtowice – podg Mizerów – Zabrze Makoszowy Kopalnia (– Gliwice)

[156] (ERA-E 77A1-A2; ERA-R 188A2-B2; G6, R16) PL22/62

The one train pair KS Os use continues, in 2021 increased to all year SSuO, plus in 2022 by a revised summer overnight pair which runs direct between Lesczczyny and Gliwice and not via PL22/63 to/from Katowice [reverse].

Note approaching/leaving Gliwice these services use a reinstated south side connection to/from the ex Katowice main line shown closed and lifted in the 2011 Mały Atlas.

Note B TLK83192 Szczecin Glówny - 02:07 Gliwice - Zakopane
Note D SSuO Os44123 06:29/06:30 Gliwice - Skoczów or Wisła Glebce [from 2 July 2022]
Note C TLK38192 Zakopane - 00:54 Rybnik - Szczecin Glówny
Note A SSuO Os44112 Wisła Glebce [from 2 July 2022] Skoczów - 20:54 Leszczyny - Gliwice

Note A: SSuO 19-27 March, 2 April to 26 June, 2 July to 5 November and 6 November to 10 December + 13 March, 2-3 May, 16-17 June, 15 August, 31 October 20 1 November, 11 December NOT 16 April
Note B: 30 June - 31 August 2022
Note C: 1 July - 1 September 2022
Note D: SSuO 19-27 March, 2 April to 11 June, 12-26 June and 2 July to 10 December + 13 March, 18 April, 16-17 June, 15 August, 31 October to 1 November and 11 November

(Rybnik –) Lesczczyny – Line 149 – Gierałtowice – podg Mizerów – Zabrze Makoszowy – line 141 - Ruda Kochłowice – line 164 - podg Gottwald (– Katowice)

[155,156] (ERA-E 77A1-A2; ERA-R 188B2-B3; G6, R16/17) PL22/63

No service in 2022. In 2021 the above route was taken by a Bohumin [ČD] - Świnoujście pair between 25 June to 1 September 2021.

Rybnik – Sumina

[153/154/160] (ERA-E 77A1; ERA-R 188B1; G6, H6) PL22/64

There are two routes between Rybnik and Sumina: a direct line and a longer single track route via Rybnik Towarowy and Rydułtowy used by local services. Any TLK booked via Sumina normally takes the direct line but note only those to/from Raciborz are shown in 153, there are others to/from Kędzierzyn-Koźle identified by timings to/from Wrocław Głowny in 154.

Services not booked to call at Sumina to/from the direct line may, but do not always use the station avoiding line.

Nędza Wieś – Kuźnia Raciborska (p.odg. Turze)

[153/160] (ERA-E 77A1; ERA-R 188B1; G6) PL22/65

This east-to-north chord avoiding Nędza station is used by trains running direct between Kędzierzyn Koźle and Rybnik. Use is indicated by < markers at stations from Nędza to Chałupki in Table 160. Note these services do not appear in table 153 but should use the direct route to/from Rybnik and Sumina in PL22/64 which can be confirmed by the Map View in the Journey Planner before travel.


Kędzierzyn-Koźle – p.odg. Stare Koźle – Kędzierzyn-Koźle Azoty

[160] (ERA-E 78A3, not shown; ERA-R 181C2 too detailed to be shown; R14) PL22/66

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

There are three routes between Kędzierzyn-Koźle and podg. Stare Koźle. From east to west they are:

1. Line 709. This is the normally used passenger route in both directions, a 4 km single track over the avoiding curve line 681 via a staff halt at the PKP depot to/from Peron (platform) I. See 2. & 3. for exceptions.

2. Line 151 (northbound). From a travellers July 2017 observation, its 2021/22 equivalent as below is the only northbound service from T160 booked via a line not shown in the 2011 Mały Atlas but in OpenRailwayMap. This initially heads east at podg. Stare Koźle, then underneath Lines 709 and 681 to run parallel to, but up to 30m apart of the southbound track of Line 151 as per entry 3. Both tracks of 151 remain on the west side of the substantial yard and lead to/from only Kędzierzyn-Koźle Peron IV or the station avoiding lines.

4122 Racibórz - 08:46 Kuźnia Raciborska - Kędzierzyn-Koźle [reverse] - Gliwice - Białystok

3. Line 151 (southbound). This runs on the west side of the yard (Kędzierzyn-Koźle KKD) up to 0.5 km away from Line 709. The southern junction at podg. Stare Koźle is grade separated and note any service from Kędzierzyn-Koźle Peron IV towards Rybnik or Racibórz must use this route.

Check the Kędzierzyn-Koźle Platform sheets for the latest information on all three variants.

Kędzierzyn-Koźle avoiding curve

[160/220] (ERA-E 78A3; ERA-R 181C2; R14) PL22/67

Use continues in 2022 but only by international services as listed. In 2020/21 from 7 November 2020 to 30 July 2021 all Raciborz <=> Kędzierzyn-Koźle local services were also diverted via this curve to reverse and call at Sławięcice on the line towards Gliwice.

Note this curve is significantly grade separated at the south end.

101/40001 Katowice - 05:18 Gliwice - Wien Hbf [OBB]
131/14004 Warszawa Wschodnia - 11:46 Gliwice - Budapest-Nyugati [MAV]
300/34004 Kraków Głowny - 16:40 Gliwice - Ostrava Svinov [CZ]
310/24001 Lublin Głowny - 20:42 Gliwice - Bohumin [CZ]
311/42000 Bohumin [CZ] - 05:03 Kuźnia Racibórska - Lublin Głowny
301/43004 Ostrava-Svinov [CZ] - 10:42 Kuźnia Racibórska - Kraków Głowny
130/41004 Budapest-Nyugati [MAV] - 15:15 Racibórz - Warszawa Wschodnia
100/44000 Wien Hbf [OBB] - 21:51 Racibórz - Katowice

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Kędzierzyn-Koźle goods lines and northern approach line 680

[160/220] (ERA-E 78A3, not shown; ERA-R 181C2; R14) PL22/68

No scheduled use in 2022. In 2021 until 30 July up to seven express services did not call but used the goods lines parallel to the platforms at Kędzierzyn-Koźle, stopping instead at Kędzierzyn-Koźle Azoty. As a consequence [and the journey planner map view confirms], they also used goods line 680 north of the station. Map view showed all trains taking the southbound non-flyover option of that grade separated section but this is a fault of the system as a report confirmed a northbound service did use the flyover route.


Kępno station avoiding curve: Domanin (p.odg. Hanulin) – Wieruszow (podg Kępno Kp1)

[320/322] (ERA-E 78A5; ERA-R 181C1; F6) PL22/69

No scheduled use in 2021/22. This north to east inside curve avoids all platforms and was last used between 5 - 19 November 2018. Click on the thumbnail for a map.

(Domanin -) p.odg. Hanulin – Kępno (low level) (– Wielun)

[320/322] (ERA-E 78A5; ERA-R 181C1; F6) PL22/70

Kępno is a two level station. The Poznań - Ostrów - Kluczbork line has high level platforms at right angles to those of the low level Herby Nowe line. There are two north-to-east curves some km's apart connecting the two lines and all services to/from Ostrów Wielkopolski starting or terminating at Kępno use the 1.8km outside curve (Line 812) to/from the low level platforms. These can be identified either in the station platform arrival/departure sheets using Peron II, or from the table 320 PDF as it shows Kępno separately in italics at the top or bottom of the table (depending on direction) for starting or terminating trains.

The following IC services also use the outside curve (line 812) and additionally, as shown in timetable 322, are the only services between Wieluń Dąbrowa and Kepno.

37101 Kraków Główny - 10:22/09:57 Wieluń - Poznań Główny
73100 Poznań Główny - 17:36/17:14 Ostrzeszów - Kraków Główny

An inside curve to/from 322 bypasses all platforms and is a separate entry.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map

Ketrzyn area

Kętrzyn - Węgorzewo

[536] (ERA-E 76A4; ERA-R 173B3/B2; B10/A10) PL22/71

Private operator SKPL has run summer services on this 33 km branch. The SKPL/Shortlines website reveals they did not run in 2020 with no mention of 2021 so the situation for 2022 is not known.

Kielce area

Kielce avoiding line: Kielce Piaski (podg Piaski k. Kielc) – Kielce Herbskie (line 567)

[100/113/110] (ERA-E 78C4; ERA-R 183A4; F9) PL22/72

No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last diversionary use was between 10 July - 10 August 2017.


Kołobrzeg Port

[off 375] (ERA-E 74B4, not shown; ERA-R 170C3; B2) PL22/73

A 1km freight-only branch partly through city streets to terminate on the quayside adjacent to the lighthouse. The annual Poznań Główny - Kołobrzeg "Pirat" steam excursion resumed running to the Port some years ago, joined from 2012 by a separate Diesel hauled excursion "Katamaran". The "Pirat" was scheduled for 30 May 2020 but cancelled due to Covid-19 but allegedly ran to Kołobrzeg Port on 29 May 2021 with a diesel.

The "Pirat" is advertised as running to the Port on 28 May 2022, again with a diesel on the Turkol website.

Kościerzyna area

Czersk - Bąk - Kościerzyna

[429] (ERA-E 75A4; ERA-R 171C2; B6) PL22/74

No service since Arriva Poland ran two SSuO Bydgoszcz - Gdynia pairs from 23 June to 1 September 2018. They are timetabled in Summer 2022 but scheduled via Tczew.

Lipowa Tucholska - Bąk - Kościerzyna

[429] (ERA-E 75A3-A4; ERA-R 171C2; B6) PL22/75

This route overlaps with PL22/74 between Bąk and Kościerzyna. No scheduled services except occasional use by excursions organised by SMK Chojnice or Turkol

Kraków area

Kraków northern loop line: (Kraków Główny –) Kraków Batowice – podg Dłubnia – Kraków Nowa Huta – Podłęże

[120] (ERA-E 78B2-B3; ERA-R 171B5; R15) PL22/76

Diversions of long distance services via Nowa Huta continue throughout the 2021/22 TT period but identification of this route is now with a | or a timing at Nowa Huta as well as "<" markers between Kraków Główny and Podłęże as Table 120 now shows local services calling at the reopened (from 15 March 2020) Lubocza & Kraków Nowa Huta [new station on site of old PKP one, not the further east staff halts].

To/from the east of Kraków Nowa Huta the longer single track north side line outside the elevated freight only balloon loop is the usual route in both directions, but it has been known for services to take a shorter inside curve to/from podg Koscielniki, especially eastbound if schedules show paths crossing in this area. Note both routes are known as line 95 as shown more clearly on Open Railway Map than the Mały Atlas Kraków insert, and there is a lengthy grade separated junction of line 95 approaching Podłęże. It has been known for trains in both direction to take the ground level route to/from Podłęże so any reports of services not taking the normal route near Podłęże or east of Nowa Huta would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Kraków northern loop line: (Miechów –) podg Raciborowice - podg Dłubnia - podg Rudzice - Kraków Nowa Huta

[107/120] (ERA-E 78C3; ERA-R 171B5; R15) PL22/77

No use in 2021/22. This curve giving access to Nowa Huta from the north was scheduled from 12 December 2020 until it commenced running direct to Kraków Glówny from an unknown date. Previously used for diversions for a period in 2018.

Kraków northern loop line: Kraków Nowa Huta – podg Podgrabie - podg Rudzice [- Kraków Płaszów]

[107/120] (ERA-E 78C2; ERA-R 171B5; R15) PL22/78

No use in 2021/22. Was scheduled from 12 December 2020 until its one train commenced running direct to Kraków Glówny from an unknown date which was believed to be the first known passenger use of this north to west curve since clockwise steam specials to/from Kraków Glówny ran in the Summer of 2008 & 2009. Note this curve is grade separated from end to end.

Kraków Główny avoider via Kraków Olsza - line 100 - Kraków Bronowice

[120/120a/140] (ERA-E 78C3; ERA-R 182; R15) PL22/79

An odd new PDF 120a appears [and increased in size at March 2022] showing three trains running via or calling at Kraków Olsza to/from Kraków Płaszów. All trains call at or start from Kraków Główny so a reversal is needed in the Kraków Mydlniki area.

Previous use was in 2020 with limited locals terminating at Olsza from the east plus four through westbound InterCity services in the summer timetable and one train for 2021-2022 up to 13 March 2021.

Note A KMŁ33474/5 Tarnów - 14:59 Kraków Płaszów - Kraków Olsza 15:06 with footnote to Kraków Główny [arrive 15:31]
Note B KMŁ33478 Tarnów - 17:10 Kraków Płaszów - Kraków Olsza 17:19 with footnote to Kraków Główny [arrive 17:39]
Note C KMŁ43802/3 Katowice - 13:12 Kraków Główny - Rzeszów Główny

Note A: 12 December 2021 to 11 June 2022.
Note B: 12 December 2021 to 11 June 2022 and a traveller in March advises the train was advertised internally as calling at Kraków Mydlniki arrive 17:32, the doors were released and passengers alighted
Note C: 13 March to 11 June. After departing Kraków Główny this service is shown in map view as returning west to reverse to access line 100 via, but does not stop at Kraków Olsza or Kraków Plaszow so is additionally routed via Kraków Prokocim Towarowa (PO22/79A). Reports of travel on this service would be appreciated by the Compilers as a westbound journey on KMŁ33478 in March 2022 crossed to the passenger route west of Kraków Łobzów omitting the separate alignment of line 100 by-passing Kraków Bronowice platforms.

North side Kraków Płaszów avoider via Kraków Prokocim Towarowa to Kokotów

[120] (ERA-E 78C3; ERA-R 182; R15) PL22/79A

This provides an alternative route between Kraków Zablocie and Kokotów which avoids stations on the main line between Kraków Płaszów and Kraków Złocień, currently the subject of single line working due to extensive engineering works. Trains using this route have < markers from Kraków Płaszów to Kraków Złocień. Only eastbound trains use this route - westbound services make use of the limited capacity on the main line. Map view shows them avoiding the platforms at Kraków Płaszów and running via the far northern side of the substantial yards to the east of the station but this is incorrect, as from travellers reports, services use the southern (eastbound) split of line 100, clearly seen and labelled in OpenRailwayMap. As far as is known this is the first time such diversionary use has been scheduled for long enough to be shown in the timetable.

After an initial two services, usage has been dramatically increased to 15 trains, including two IC services.

Note A 33151 05:42 Kraków Główny - Krynica-Zdrój
Note F 33403 05:46/06:05 Główny Główny - Tarnów
Note B 43801 Katowice - 07:13 Kraków Główny - Dębica
Note A 33153 07:46 Kraków Główny - Krynica-Zdrój
Note A IC13101 Warszawa Wschodnia - 08:45 Kraków Główny - Przemyśl
Note A 43802/3 13:12 Kraków Główny - Rzeszów Główny
Note C SSuX 33125 14:45 Kraków Główny - Tarnów
Note A 33127 15:43 Kraków Główny - Tarnów
Note A IC6201 Wrocław Główny - 16:14 Kraków Główny - Nowy Sącz
Note F 33421 16:11/16:21 Kraków Główny - Tarnów
Note A 33155 16:45 Kraków Główny - Krynica-Zdrój
Note A EC43000/115 Praha Hl. - 17:13 Kraków Główny - Przemyśl
Note D SSuX 33131/133 18:01 Kraków Główny - Tarnów/Jasło
Note E IC63111/30111 Katowice - 18:25 Kraków Główny - Zagórz
Note A 33425 19:23 Kraków Główny - Tarnów

Note A: 13 March to 11 June
Note B: 13 March to 11 June NOT 1 May and 3 May
Note C: SSuX 14 March to 10 June NOT 18 April and 3 May
Note D: SSuX 14 March to 10 June NOT 15 April
Note E: 13 March to 10 June
Note F: 12 December 2021 - 11 June 2022

Kraków Bronowice

[140/142] (ERA-E 78C3 not shown; ERA-R 182C1 not shown; G8) PL22/80

A new station has been built at Kraków Bronowice as part of the western approach improvement works for Kraków Główny. It has platforms [Peron I and II] on the existing main line (table 140) and on the previous high level goods line [Peron III and IV]. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Platforms III and IV are used by Kraków Airport services (table 142). New connections were built to/from Kraków Łobzów: (i) the westbound track rises to link with the eastbound line of the western freight avoider (line 95) before it crosses over the main line; (ii) the eastbound track drops down to run parallel with the main line all the way to Kraków Główny. This is known as line 118 in both directions. It should be noted there are occasional trains and periods of the year when services use Peron III or IV in the opposite direction to that expected, so all journeys should be checked.

Note that line 118 west from Kraków Bronowice is at a higher level than the main line as far as a connecting junction east of Kraków Mydlniki.

[Kraków Mydlniki -] Kraków Bronowice - Line 95 - Kraków Batowice

[107/140] (ERA-E 78C3; ERA-R 182; G8 & R15) PL22/81

So far identified either by increased running time between Kraków Główny and Kraków Lubocza in T120 or in conjunction with map view from a > at Kraków Główny in 140. In December 2021 one morning service was shown in map view calling twice at Kraków Mydlniki, reversing on the second call to run via the flying junction at Kraków Bronowice onto line 95 to by-pass Kraków Batowice platforms towards Nowa Huta. Previously used between 29 August - 6 November 2021 by one PR Katowice - Rzeszów Główny service avoiding Kraków Główny.

There are no services shown using this line in the March 2022 timetable pdfs.

(Kraków Batowice –) podg Kraków Przedmieśie – Line 602 – Kraków Olsza – Line 100 – Kraków Plaszów

[107, Lines 100/602] (ERA-E 78C3; ERA-R 171A5, not shown; R15) PL22/82

This entry allows trains from the Kozłów line (table 107) to avoid Kraków Główny and proceed directly to Kraków Płaszów. It is used by one morning service from March 2022. Enter 107 in the Search by Table section and look for trains with a < at Kraków Główny and a time at Kraków Plaszów. Last scheduled use in 2019/20.

Note A KMŁ33851 Kozłów - 08:18 Kraków Batowice - Kraków Płaszów

Note A: 14 March to 11 June

Kraków Plaszów – Kraków Bonarka (– Skawina)

[135a] (ERA-E 78C2; ERA-R 182; R15) PL22/83

Services via this route were much reduced once the Kraków Plaszów avoiding curve opened in December 2017. Service levels have varied from none, a service but all buses, to limited trains. From 7 November 2021 there was no service of any description, from 13 December 2021 there are limited buses..


Krotoszyn avoiding line (podg Osusz - Durzyn)

[350] (ERA-E 77C5; ERA-R 176B1; E5) PL22/84

No use in the 2021/22 timetable. This 5.4km by-pass last scheduled use was between 7 - 11 September 2020.


Kwidzyn - Prabuty

[415] (ERA-E 75B3; ERA-R 172B1; B7) PL22/85

This 33km freight only line 218 has been used occasionally for diversions.

Toporów - Łagów

[375] (ERA-E 74B13; ERA-R 175B3; D2) PL22/86

PolRegio have run limited SSuO summer services from Zbąszynek/Zielona Góra to Łagów on the freight only branch from Toporów to Sienawa Lubuska since 2020. In 2022 they appear in table 334 as through services from Zielona Góra running from 12 June - 11 September 2022. The train appears in the PDF only to the branch junction at Toporów with a departure from Zbaszynek at 08:55, or re-appearing at Toporów at 17:47 SSuO. The 2021 flyer was this timetable.

Łódź and the area to the east including Koluszki

Łódź Kaliska avoiding line 539

[601/200a B110] (ERA-E 78B5; ERA-R 177B2-B3, R11) PL22/87

After a period of no use from 14 June until 24 August 2020, most IC trains between Warszawa and Ostrow Wielkopolski plus some local ŁKA services now use this curve.

Łódź Chojny - Łódź Olechow Wschód - curve 541 [- Łódź Widzew]

[602a] (ERA-E 78B5; ERA-R 177B2; R11) PL22/88

The December 2019 timetable change introduced a "circle" service from Łódź Widzew to Łódź Kaliska via three new stations on the southern ring line between Łódź Olechow Wschód and Łódź Chojny. Use significantly increased from 2020/21 with details in a new timetable 602a including additional services to/from the Zdunska Wola direction avoiding Łódź Kaliska starting from/bound for Łódź Fabryczna given one minute at Łódź Widzew meaning they also run via the "circle". Curve 541 was previously used only by staff trains, latterly unadvertised, and note this reopening meant reinstatement of the flyover to access curve 541 to/from Łódź Olechów Wschód.

Any use of the remaining section of the southern ring section from Łódź Olechow Wschód to Bedoń will be shown in PL22/89.

(Łódź Chojny –) Łódź Olechów Wschód - Bedoń (- Koluszki)

[601/200] (ERA-E 78B5; ERA-R 177B1; R11) PL22/89

There are two routes between Łódź Chojny and Bedoń: the normal passenger route via Łódź Widzew or the southern ring line via Łódź Olechów. Łódź Chojny to Łódź Olechów Wschód is now in regular use by the new circular service as per PL22/88, so this entry will only identify services running direct between Łódź Olechów Wschód and Bedoń. Previously used by diverted PR services between 29 April and 15 May 2019.

Note this is shown with a Koluszki departure time as opposed to the last stop before the curve to Łódź Olechów Wschód as it will also use parallel unusual tracks to the normal Łódź bound main line approaching Bedoń.

Note A ŁKA 10680 Tomaszów Mazowiecki - 04:51/04:28 Koluszki - Pabianice

Note A: 12 December 2021 to 11 June 2022

The originally issued Timetable in December 2021 showed additional use by the following, but they were cancelled before running. They were shown in map view reversing at the junction east of Łódź Olechów Wschód and using line 541.

Note A SSuX 7111 Łódź Fabryczna – 07:58 Łódź Widzew - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note B 14225 Łódź Fabryczna – 16:19 Łódź Widzew - Częstochowa
Note B 41212 Częstochowa - 15:07 Koluszki - Łódź Fabryczna
Note B 10684 Tomaszów Mazowiecki - 17:02 Kolszki - Łódź Fabryczna
Note A SSuX 99294 Radomsko - 17:16 Koluszki - Łódź Fabryczna
Note B 99296 Radomsko - 19:59 Koluszki - Łódź Fabryczna

Note A: 20 January 2022 to 11 March 2022
Note B: 20 January 2022 to 12 March 2022

(Bedon -) Żakowice (p.odg. Pękowice) - (p.odg Bęzelin) - Chrusty Nowe (- Piotrków Trybunalski)

[102, 601] (ERA-E 78B5-C5; ERA-R 177C1; F9) PL22/90

Trains between Łódź and Piotrków Trybunalski/Częstochowa that do not call at Koluszki use this west to south curve.

(Łódź –) Gałkówek – Żakowice Połudnowie - Wykno (– Tomaszów Mazowiecki)

[114/601] (ERA-E 78B5-C5; ERA-R 177C1; E8, R11) PL22/91

There are two possible routes between Łódź and Tomaszów Mazowiecki avoiding Koluszki:
[A] Line 25, a double track line direct from Żakowice Połudnowie via the closed station and junction at Mikołajów to Wykno.
[B] Line 537, a single track line from Żakowice Połudnowie to Słotwiny via podg Zielen.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Note that Gałkówek via Żakowice Połudnowie to podg Zielen is common with part of PL21/92.
Both routes are scheduled during 2021/22 with a greatly increased use of option [B].

[A] is in use in 2021/22 by daily express services in Table 114 PDF with no timing at Koluszki, '|' from Wykno to/from Tomaszów Mazowiecki and/or a '<' at Słotwiny.

[B] Use of this route is indicated in the Table 114 PDF by no timing for Koluszki, but a timing or '|' at Słotwiny.
No Żakowice Południowe station listing appears in the PDFs for tables 114 or 601 despite most option [B] services calling there. Additional confirmation of use via line 537 can be obtained via that station's departure sheet.

Note A ŁKA12225 Łódź Fabryczna – 08:58 Żakowice Południowe - option [B] - Drzewica
Note A ŁKA12227 Łódź Fabryczna – 11:26 Żakowice Południowe - option [B] - Drzewica
Note A ŁKA12207 Łódź Fabryczna – 12:41 Żakowice Południowe - option [B] - Drzewica
Note A ŁKA10671 Łódź Fabryczna – 13:58 Żakowice Południowe - option [B] - Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Note A ŁKA12209 Łódź Fabryczna – 14:56 Żakowice Południowe - option [B] - Drzewica
Note B ŁKA12213 Łódź Fabryczna – 16:55 Żakowice Południowe - option [B] - Drzewica
ŁKA122137 Łódź Fabryczna – 18:08 Żakowice Południowe - option [B] - Drzewica
Note A SSuX ŁKA21204 Drzewica - 08:09 Słotwiny - option [B] - Łódź Fabryczna
Note A ŁKA21206 Drzewica - 09:16 Słotwiny - option [B] - Łódź Fabryczna
Note A ŁKA21208 Drzewica - 11:09 Słotwiny - option [B] - Łódź Fabryczna
Note A ŁKA21210 Drzewica - 13:23 Słotwiny - option [B] - Łódź Fabryczna
ŁKA21214 Radom/Drzewica - 17:31 Słotwiny - option [B] - Łódź Fabryczna

Note A: 13 March - 10 December 2022
Note B: 12 June - 10 December 2022
Note that Interrail and PR Regional tickets are not valid on services run by local operator ŁKA

(Gałkówek –) Żakowice Południowe – p.odg. Zieleń – line 535 - Koluszki

[601, 114] (ERA-E 78B5-C5; ERA-R 177C1; R11) PL22/92

Train use falls into two distinct groups which in the past has been indicated by either a timetable * footnote, < marker against Żakowice or calls at Żakowice Południowe. The confirmed service level via Żakowice Południowe in recent years has varied from many, or a few, to none. Check the Żakowice Południowe Peron sheet for :-

[A] some Łódź area to Skierniewice and Warszawa or vv services calling at both Żakowice Południowe and Koluszki. There were none in the June 2020-21 timetable but use commenced again from August 2021 and there were three trains in early 2022.

[B] from the Łódź area to/from Tomaszów Mazowiecki that call at both Żakowice Południowe and Koluszki where they reverse in platform 3. Also found by a journey planner search for direct trains between Żakowice Południowe and Słotwiny via Koluszki taking 17-20 minutes.

Note Gałkówek via Żakowice Południowe to podg Zielen is common with PL22/91 and a December 2018 traveller advised his Łódź – Koluszki - Opoczno service ran non-stop through Żakowice Południowe meaning likely use by other services which may be identified from Journey Planner map view searches.

Click on the thumbnail for a diagram:

Łowicz area

(Warszawa -) Bednary - podg Arkadia - Łowicz Przedmieście (- Zgierz - Łódź Kaliska)

[602, 606] (ERA-E 75C1; ERA-R 177C2; D8) PL22/93

Not scheduled since 2016 and no trains take this line in the current timetable.

(Warszawa -) Bednary - podg Arkadia - line 533 (- Belchów - Skierniewice)

[606, 603] (ERA-E 75C1; ERA-R 177C2; E8) PL22/94

A train pair was scheduled to use this line from 4 May to 16 June 2017, but there has been nothing since.

(Skierniewice –) curve 531 - Łowicz Przedmieście

[601, 602, 603, B110] (ERA-E 75C1; ERA-R 177C2; D8) PL22/95

None in the 2021-2022 timetable, this curve last saw passenger use in March 2016.


Lublin Tatary Goods Yard: Świdnik – Lublin Tatary - Lublin

[550A] (ERA-E 79B4; ERA-R 184A5; F12, R4) PL22/96

This is the route through the Lublin Tatary Goods Yard by line 67 which starts at Świdnik and rejoins the normal route just before Lublin station. It was used from an unknown date in 2021 until 28 August by the Piła Główny to Hrubieszów Miasto train pair. Trains using this route may be identified by a < symbol at Lublin Północny. There are none in the 2021-22 timetable.

Western approach to Lublin: Line 935 via Goods Yard

[550/555] (ERA-E 79B4; ERA-R 184A5; F12, R4) PL22/97

By November 2019 an additional platform had been built on the furthest south and previously goods only track and it would appear any service booked to arrive/depart at this Peron IV track 111 from the west must use 1.5km long line 935 via the goods yards and the south side of the locomotive Depot.

It may have been built mainly for use whilst the station platforms were being refurbished as there was only limited dated use until 12 March 2021 in the all year Peron sheets. An informed source suggested eight trains would use it in the Autumn 2021 timetable period but a traveller advised his arrival booked into Peron IV was re-platformed so as no trains are shown using Peron IV track 111 in the 2021-22 timetable period, any reports to confirm any scheduled or actual use would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Lubliniec area

Lubliniec avoiding line: podg. Jawonica – podg. Droniowiczki

[165/175] (ERA-E 78A3-B4; ERA-R 182A3; G6) PL22/98

This north <=> south connection links the Częstochowa line (line 61) with the Paczyna line (line 152). Previously used by PKP services diverted away from their normal route via Fosowskie between 10 - 23 July 2017.

Since some time in 2020 this section was booked for use by the Nice - Moskva RZD operated services, but these were suspended during the height of the covid pandemic and in light of the Russia Ukraine war are unlikely to run for the foreseeable future.

(Lubliniec –) Toszek Północ – Rudziniec Gliwicki (– Kędzierzyn-Koźle)

[175] (ERA-E 77A2; ERA-R 182A3; G6) PL22/99

This is the freight line from the Junction of passenger table 165 south towards Kędzierzyn-Koźle, last used by PKP diversions in May 2011 and from some time in 2020 by the Nice - Moskva RZD operated services. The latter were suspended during the the covid pandemic and in light of the Russia - Ukraine war are unlikely to run for the foreseeable future.

Note since the 2011 diversions that the southbound flyover part of the grade separated junction at Toszek Północ has been re-instated.

Lubliniec – Paczyna

[165] (ERA-E 78A3-A4; ERA-R 182A3; G6) PL22/100

This 36.5 km section of an otherwise freight only line is used by the limited services listed in table 165 which from at least August 2021 include a pair of daily daytime services. In 2021/22 these depart Lubliniec at 11:34 or Gliwice at 15:51. There is a substantial grade separated junction at Lubliniec.

Nowy Dwor Gdanski (Żuławskiej Kolei Dojazdowej narrow gauge railway)

[457] (ERA-E 75B4, not shown; ERA-R 172B3; A7 not shown correctly) PL22/101

This system worked by the Pomorskie Towarzystwo Miłośników Kolei Żelaznych (PTMKŻ) with three unusual sections of track is a preserved ex PKP narrow gauge line from Nowy Dwor Gdanski to Sztutowo and Prawy Brzeg Wisły. Details are on their timetable. The only service to operate in 2020-21 was from Sztutowo to Prawy Brzeg Wisły. Details of the 2022 timetable are expected in Spring 2022.

Stegna Gdanska

This is a triangular station with platforms on all three sides with the south to east curve to/from Sztutowo only timetabled sporadically, the last in 2021 when an Autumn 2021 addendum advised of trains via this curve on 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 September departing Nowy Dwór Gdański 07:30 and Sztutowo 17:15. Previously it had last seen timetabled services in 2017, before then in 2013.


If travelling to/from Sztutowo on either a loco hauled train or a railcar towing trailers it will reverse around a triangle on arrival or departure at Sztutowo as there is no run round loop.

Nowy Dwor Gdanski - Cementarz-Komunalny

Hourly shuttles run for "All Saints" on the last weekend in October and are the only services running south from Nowy Dwor Gdanski [1.4km]. Those planned for 2020 were cancelled the day before they were due to run due to additional Covid restrictions but their website confirms these services ran on 30, 31 October and 1 November 2021.


Dąbrowa Oleśnicka – Oleśnica Rataje – Oleśnica

[200, 321] (ERA-E 77C4; ERA-R 181B5; F5) PL21/102

Most trains between Ostrów Wielkopolski and Wrocław Główny take the direct route via the north to west curve (Dąbrowa Oleśnicka – Oleśnica Rataje – Borowa Oleśnica (p.odg. Łukanów)) avoiding Oleśnica. However some take this north-to-east curve into Oleśnica station and reverse. Either a timing or < against Oleśnica indicates which route is taken. Note this curve and the north to west curve consist of separate single lines between Dąbrowa Oleśnicka and Oleśnica Rataje.


Opole by-pass: Opole Wschodnie - line 277 - Opole Groszowice

[215, 220] (ERA-E 78A4; ERA-R 181C3; R14) PL22/103

First passenger use since limited engineering work diversions of 215 local services many years ago. Additionally note all are booked by the recent re-opening 216 from Wrocław Sołtysowice to Jelcz-Miłoszyce until 12 June 2022, after then via Siechnice on line 215 to/from Wrocław Główny.

61190/61170 Szklarska Poręba Górna - 02:00/01:53 Opole Wschodnie - Warszawa Wschodnia
83172 Świnoujście - 01:00/01:03/01:06 Wrocław Główny - Przemyśl Główny
38172 Przemyśl Główny - 23:27/23:59/00:09 Gliwice - Świnoujście
16190/16170 Warszawa Wschodnia - 01:46 Strzelce Opolskie - Szklarska Poręba Górna

Opole Glowne

[175/201/215] (ERA-E 78A4; ERA-R 181C3 too detailed to be shown; R14) PL22/104

This is a "v" station and beyond the east end platforms away from the junction there is a 300m connection across from the south to the north side tracks. This previously only served a reversing siding adjacent to Bay Peron 1 Track 3 used by local services towards Kędzierzyn-Koźle or Strzelce Opolskie but a visitor in October 2021 noticed this siding now had a full sized platform. At that time it was still un-numbered but a PKP PLK Press Notice claimed it would be Peron 1A so confirmation of this would be appreciated by the Compilers as the Peron sheets as at March 2022 do not show any services from 1A.

Ostrów Wielkopolski avoiding curve: Czekanów (podg Stary Staw) – Biniew (podg Franklinów)

[200, 320] (ERA-E 78A5; ERA-R 176C1; E5) PL22/105

Some Łódź - Poznań services were diverted via Kalisz and this curve whilst their usual route via Kutno was closed for long term engineering work and continued once that reopened. Additional local services were then introduced and both are still operating. Note the KW operated local services still do not appear in table 200 PDFs.

IC7320 Poznań Główny - 08:37 Pleszew - Kraków Główny
KW77138 Poznań Główny - 18:19/18:30 Pleszew - Kalisz
81108 Szczecin Główny - 20:33/19:41 Pleszew - Łódź Fabryczna
KW77135 Kalisz - 04:57 Nowe Skalmierzyce - Gniezno
18108 Łódź Fabryczna - 06:49/07:51 Kalisz - Szczecin Główny
KW77147 Kalisz - 08:07 Nowe Skalmierzyce - Poznań Główny
IC3720/21 Kraków Główny - 18:27/18:38 Kalisz - Poznań Główny
KW78105 Kalisz - 19:28 Nowe Skalmierzyce - Piła Główna

Oświęcim area

Oświęcim OwC [east junction] – Skawina

[141] (ERA-E 78B2-C2; ERA-R 182B1-C1; G7-G8) PL22/106

An hourly local service was shown as resuming from 13 March 2022 but this has not been shown in the March 2022 table 141 PDF so is delayed. If a service materialises the entry will be deleted in 2023. Use in 2020 was limited summer local trains to the tourist destination at Zator from each end with no onward connection, plus limited overnight trains commencing from 30 August 2020. In the March 2022 timetable pdfs there is no service between Podbory Skawińskie and Oświęcim except for holiday period tourist trains to Zatec. These are clearly shown in table 141.

Oświęcim avoiding curve: Oświęcim OwC1 – OwC - Skawina

[120/140/141] (ERA-E 77B1; ERA-R 188C4; G7) PL22/107

This north <=> east curve links the Mysłowice and Skawina/Trzebinia lines. Used by occasional diversions in 2019/20 and Leo Express workings until 8 January 2019. Two trains used the curve in the period 30 August to 12 December 2020 and from 22 December 2021 to 28 February 2022. There is no use from the March 2022 timetable pdfs.


Piła - Piła Towarowa - podg Piła Północ

[340/365] (ERA-E 74C3, not shown; ERA-R 176A5; C4) PL22/108

If any services to/from the Walcz or Szczecinek lines are booked to arrive or depart from Piła Glowna Peron V or VI they must use this alternative 2.3km route via the Goods Yard and connecting line 999. Previously used in June and September 2020 for the few days the Kostryzn - Gdynia TLK was diverted via Szczecinek, but there is no use in the March 2022 timetable.

Click on thumbnail for a map showing the line:-

Note pointwork also allows any train to/from Peron I to IV to run via line 999 to avoid a conflict on the single track section to podg Piła Północ so anyone wishing to search for this possibility should use the map view facility after a search in the Journey Planner by clicking on the three vertical lines on the right hand side above Connection Details and select “Show this connection on a map”.

Please notify the Compilers of any non Peron V or VI services that are routed via line 999.

Poznań area

Poznań Franowo is a large marshalling yard and depot on the south freight ring around Poznań and the lines through the yard area provide an alternative to passing through Poznań Główny station. Use is normally because:-

  • Trains to/from the north to avoid a reversal at Poznań Główny traverse through Poznań Franowo to/from the Warszawa and Inowrocław lines.
  • the lines from Poznań Główny to Swarzędz or Kobylnica are closed due to engineering work.
  • By Turkol steam excursions from Poznań Główny. Different options exist, but the most usual are ‘short’ circulars via Franowo and Poznań Wschód or ‘long’ circulars via Franowo and the northern freight ring to Kiekrz where they reverse. See Turkol

Within the Franowo area any Turkol anticlockwise ‘long’ circuit services can take different routes, either Line 352 on the north side of the yard, or lines 823/824, a south side route from p.odg Pokrzywno and a flyover to p.odg Stary Młyn. Line 352 on the north side runs via platforms used by staff trains prior to their withdrawal in approx December 2006 and all westbound or clockwise Turkol charters must take this route.

Poznań Starolęka - podg Pokrzywno - Poznań Franowo - Swarzędz

[300a] (ERA-E 74C1; ERA-R 180C1; R10&D4) PL22/109

Indicated by < markers from Poznań Antoninek to Poznań Garbary and confirmed in the journey planner map view. Local sources suggested these diversions all use line 352 on the north side of Franowo Yards in both directions but a summer 2021 traveller reported an eastbound overnight ran to the south of all yards from podg Pokrzywno via line 806 as in previous years.

Note A TLK81106 Świnoujście - 10:56 Poznań Główny - Warszawa Wschodnia/Gdanska
TLK81102 Świnoujście - 12:25/[13:14 from 12.6.22] Poznań Główny - Suwalki
Note B TLK18103 Suwalki - 15:21/15:34/[14:28 from 12.6.22] Swarzędz - Świnoujście
Note A TLK18107 Warszawa Wschodnia - 17:19/17:26 Swarzędz - Świnoujście

Note A: From 13 March - 11 June 2022
Note B: From 1 March except 19 April - 6 May 2022

Poznań Starolęka - Poznań Franowo – podj Zieliniec - Kobylnica

[430] (ERA-E 74C1; ERA-R 180C1; R10&D4) PL22/110

Indicated by < markers from Poznań Garbary to Ligowiec. No scheduled use in 2021/22.

Local sources suggested all diversions from 2020 must use the lines on the north side at Poznań Franowo but no reports were received of the pair of overnights scheduled in 2020/21 as previously any eastbound ran via line 823 on the far south of the Yard and the flyover route to podg Stary Mlyn.

Poznań Starolęka - Poznań Franowo – podj Zieliniec - line 395 - Poznań Piątkowo - podg Suchy Las (- Zlotniki)

[340] (ERA-E 74C1; ERA-R 180C1; R10 & D4) PL22/111

This route around Poznań is indicated by < markers at Poznań Podolany & Poznań Strzeszyn and allows trains to/from the north (Piła direction) to run via the Poznań freight ring and Poznań Franowo to/from the south end of Poznań Główny. No timetabled PKP use in 2021/22, last use was for two months in 2020 by an overnight Bohumin [ČD] to Kołobrzeg train pair.

Local sources suggest all diversions from 2020 and onwards must use the lines on the north side at Poznań Franowo yard as in previous years eastbound diversions ran via line 823 on the far south of the Yard and the flyover route to podg Stary Mlyn.

This route is normally used a few times a year by Turkol steam circles.

Poznań Gorczyn – Line 801 - Poznań Dębina (- Poznań Starołęka)

[300a/320] (ERA-E 74C1; ERA-R 180C1; R10 & D4) PL22/112

No scheduled use in 2021/22. This route is a freight curve from Frankfurt (Oder) DB/Zbąszynek to avoid Poznań Główny towards either Jarocin or Franowo goods yard and was last used by one overnight train pair for one night on 4/5 April 2020 as indicated by the inclusion of their reversal at Poznań Starolęka in table 320.

Poznań Krzesiny - Poznań Franowo - podg Zieliniec - Poznań northern ring to Poznań Piatkowo - line 803 - podg Suchy Las - Zlotniki

[320/340] (ERA-E 74C1; ERA-R 180C1; R10) PL22/113

No passenger use in 2021/22. This combination was last scheduled by one train pair in 2020.

Przemyśl area

(Przemyśl Główny –) Hurko – Medyka (– Mostys'ka 2)

[122] (ERA-E 79B2; ERA-R 184B1; H12, R35) PL22/114

The flow of refugees by train from the Russia- Ukraine war through this area probably means that a special timetable is in operation

There are three routes between these points; from south to north they are:

  • Line 91, a cross border 1435 mm gauge line which ends east of Mostys'ka 1 in Ukraine.

This is used between Przemyśl Główny and Medyka by the PKP local service shown in Table 122 and usually by the through Wroclaw - L'viv service, plus LEO Express have applied to run through to Mostys'ka 2.

  • Line 989, a 1435 mm gauge line through the marshalling yards, re-joining Line 91 at Medyka.

No passenger services use this line. Note that page H12 of the "Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski" is incorrect in showing passenger stations on this line; they are on Line 91 and the enlarged page R35 shows the situation correctly.

  • Line 92, the 1520 mm gauge line into Ukraine.

This route is used by any cross border Ukrainian railways services between Kyiv/L'viv and Przemyśl Główny. These are no longer shown in PKP 122 so are listed below.

Up until the 2016/17 TT change it was believed Lines 91 and 92 were used on alternate days by the overnight L'viv/Lvov services, with either a manual gauge change at Przemyśl (with a longer stop) or an SUW2000 gauge change at Mostys'ka 2 (with a relatively short stop at Przemyśl). The gauge changer at Mostys'ka 2 was noted out of use as at October 2017 but an April 2018 traveller confirms his overnight L'viv/Lvov services used Line 91 and the Mostys'ka 2 gauge changer.

In recent years the Przemyśl Główny Peron sheets have showed the Wrocław - Kyiv services using a Standard gauge platform in both directions with the PKP Journey planner route map showing booked via Line 91. Timings do not preclude use of the gauge changer at Przemyśl so reports would be appreciated by the Compilers. With Covid, the 2021/22 PDF shows it resuming on 14 March 2022.

NOTE: These are ONLY the Ukrainian Railways operated Broad Gauge services.

D716/33013 13:10 Przemyśl Główny - Kiev Passajirskii (via Khmelnytskyi)
D706/33017 15:45 Przemyśl Główny - Kiev Passajirskii (via Korosten)
D36/33025 18:59 Przemyśl Główny - Odessa
D35/33026 Odessa - 07:10 Lviv - Przemyśl Główny
D705/33010 Kiev Passajirskii - 11:20 L'viv - Przemyśl Główny (via Korosten)
D715/33014 Kiev Passajirskii - 13:55 L'viv - Przemyśl Główny (via Khmelnytskyi)

These services resumed during 2021 but in the current circumstances are subject to change.

(Przemyśl Główny –) Przemyśl Bakończyce [reverse] - Hurko – (Medyka)

[122] (ERA-E 79B2; ERA-R 184B1; H12, R35) PL22/115

No planned use indicated in 2021/22. Last used by diversions between 19 - 26 May 2019.

Żurawica - line 614 - Hurko [Przemyśl avoiding line]

[121] (ERA-E 79B2; ERA-R 184B1; H12) PL22/116

None scheduled in 2021/22. Last used between 5 - 9 November 2018 by limited services diverted to/from Przemyśl Glowny via Hurko [reverse].


Przeworsk avoiding line: Przeworsk Gorliczyna – podg Przeworsk Zachodnia

[116, 121] (ERA-E 79B3; ERA-R 184A1; G11), PL22/117

This curve enables trains between Stalowa Wola and Rzeszow to avoid reversing at Przeworsk as indicated by no timing at Przeworsk in timetables 116 and 121. All year use is shown for 2021/22.


(Radzice –) Wolanow – line 576 [Radom avoider] – Rozki (– Skarzysko-Kamienna)

[100/113/110] (ERA-E 79A5; ERA-R 183B5; F9) PL22/118

No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last diversions were between 10 July - 10 August 2017.


Rejowiec avoiding line: podg Rejowiec Zach. – podg Rejowiec Płd.

[550a/554] (ERA-E 79C4; ERA-R 184B2; F12) PL22/119

This reinstated west - south curve (line 563) resumed passenger use on 9 June 2019.

Note A TLK22105 Piła Główny - 18:42/19:10 Trawniki - Hrubieszów Miasto
Note A TLK20104 Hrubieszów Miasto - 08:47/08:20/08:47 Krasnystaw Miasto - Piła Główny/Kołobrzeg

Note A: From 9 May - 10 June 2022 inclusive this train will not run via this curve but terminates/starts at Lublin


Rzepin avoiding line: Jerzmanice Lubuskie – Drzeńsko (podg. Drzeńsko)

[355] (ERA-E 74A1; ERA-R 175A3; D1) PL22/120

No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last use was up to 2 September 2018.

Rzepin: Connection from Frankfurt (Oder) to Zielona Góra line

[355, 300, M103] (ERA-E 74A1, not shown; ERA-R 175A3 not shown; D1 not shown) PL22/121

Rzepin is a two sided station with Frankfurt (Oder) to Poznań services using north side platforms and Szczecin to Zielona Góra services on the south with connections at each end. At the west end is a 0.5km line through freight yards used by DB operated services between Frankfurt(Oder) and Zielona Góra, and [since December 2018] the Berlin - Wien Hbf Nightjet. Details are clearly shown in tables 300 and 355.

The 170m east end connection has been used since 2018 by TLK's between Poznań and Szczecin as listed in Table 300.

Click on the thumbnail for a diagram.


Rzeszów Zachodni - Rzeszów Staroniwa (Rzeszów Głowny avoider) - line 611

[120/132] (ERA-E 79A2-B2; ERA-R 183C1; G11) PL21/122

No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last used on 19 November 2021 by diverted SKPL operated DMU's on the Kraków Główny - Żagórz IC.

Sandomierz area

Sandomierz – Sobów – Tarnobrzeg

[116/126] (ERA-E 79A3; ERA-R 183C3; G10) PL22/123

A limited service was re-introduced in summer 2017. They can be identified in 126 by a Sandomierz entry between Sobów and Grębów. Note this entry and PL21/124 run parallel for 4km south from Sandomierz.

R23431 Stalowa Wola Poludnie – 05:43 Sandomierz - Rzeszów Główny
Note A SSuO R23437 17:20/17:23 Sandomierz - Rzeszów Główny
Note A SSuO R32430 Rzeszów Główny - 08:35/08:37 Sobów - Sandomierz
SO R32434 Rzeszów Główny - 16:03 Sobów - Stalowa Wola Poludnie
SX R32436 Rzeszów Główny - 17:06/17:07 Sobów - Stalowa Wola Poludnie
SSuX R32438/9 Rzeszów Główny - 20:57 Sobów - Stalowa Wola Poludnie

Note A: 30 April - 3 May, SSuO 25 June 2021 to 28 August 2022 +15 August

Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski – Sandomierz – Grębów

[115] (ERA-E 79A3-A4; ERA-R 183B5-C3; F10-G10) PL22/124

Used by the Skarzysko Kamienna avoider services in PL22/127 plus Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski to Sandomierz was until Summer 2021 additionally used by a dated weekend-only (plus limited holiday periods) pair of locals but these were not included in the December 2021/March 2022 issued PDFs. Sandomierz – Grębów is also used by those listed in PL21/123.


Siedlce avoiding line: Białki Siedleckie (podg Doły) – Stok Lacki (podg Ujrzanów)

[541] (ERA-E 76B1; ERA-R 179A2; D11) PL22/125

If additional time is allowed between Siedlce and Stok Lacki, it may be due to the train being required to reverse around the Siedlce avoiding line (line 520). Last scheduled use in the 2017 timetable period.

Sierpc - Brodnica

[418/431A] (ERA-E 75B2/B3; ERA-R 177C4/B5; C7/C8) PL22/126

This 55km line has not had a passenger service since April 2003, but from 2021-22 has a single TLK train pair daily. At December 2021 this service and intermediate call of Rypin did not appear in any PDF, but from March 2022 it is included in table 418!

45103 Katowice - 14:52/14:53 Sierpc - Gdynia Główna
54102 Gdynia Główna - 12:18/12:19 Brodnica - Katowice

Skarżysko Kamienna

Skarżysko Kamienna avoiding line: Lipowe Pole (p.odg. SKA) – SKB – Skarżysko Kościelne (p.odg. SKE)

[115] (ERA-E 78C4; ERA-R 183A4; F9) PL22/127

This route (line 566), ca 5 km long, provides a direct connection between the Radom and Sandomierz lines and is indicated in Tables 110 & 115 by a < marker against Skarżysko Kamienna. From 13 June until 28 August 2021 these trains were routed via Skarżysko Kamienna station to reverse but then resumed running via the curve.

Note A 13104 Warszawa Wschodnia - 07:30/07:35 Radom - Przemyśl Główny
Note A 13107 Warszawa Wschodnia - 19:10/19:13 Radom - Przemyśl Główny
Note A 31106 Przemyśl Główny - 08:39/08:42 Skarżysko Kościelne - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note A 31104 Przemyśl Główny - 18:39/18:56 Skarżysko Kościelne - Warszawa Wschodnia

Note A: The March 2022 PDF shows these running until 29/30 September 2022

Skarżysko Kamienna - Opoczno

[114] (ERA-E 78C4/C5; ERA-R 183A4/A5; F9) PL22/128

This 61km route re-opened to passenger services from 12 December 2021 but was not shown in the 114 PDF. It is from March 2022 so this entry will deleted in December 2022.


Skierniewice avoiding line: podg Skierniewika – podg Skierniewice Park

[601,603,606] (ERA-E 75C1; ERA-R 177C2; E8) PL22/129

This N - S curve (line 530) to the west of Skierniewice links the Łowicz and Koluszki lines. Previous scheduled use by summer overnight trains to/from the Baltic coast and by one train from May to June 2017. Use resumed from 30 August 2020 and continues in the 2020-2021 timetable, though reduced to one train pair after 28 August 2021. These services do not appear in the 603 PDF but can be identified in 601 and 606.

There are no trains scheduled to use this curve in the 2021-22 timetable.

Skierniewice – line 529 – Skierniewice Rawka (podg. Miedniewice)

[601/B170] (ERA-E 75C1; ERA-R 177C2, not shown; E8) PL22/130

This is an alternative route to/from Warszawa as by October 2019 a new Platform had been built on the far north side track [Peron 3 Track 104]. This means any train to/from Warszawa using this platform must run via 2km of previously goods only track on the north side of a yard, plus the 1.9km line 529 which is a separate alignment outside, and on the north side of the flyover from line 604.

Use by local and long distance services can be identified from the Peron sheets plus journey planner map view can show non-stopping IC services booked to use it but from reports received this is subject to good timekeeping.

Note A 91950 03:40 Skierniewice - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note C SSuX 93280 04:39/04:43 Skierniewice - Warszawa Wschodnia/Warszawa Rembertow
Note D TLK 81171 Świnoujście - 07:50 - Łowicz Główny - 08:15 Skierniewice - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note B TLK72101 Zielona Góra 10:17/10:20 Skierniewice - Lublin
Note A EC41/71008 Berlin Hbf - 10:12 Kutno - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note E SuX TLK 51119 Bydgoszcz Główna - 09:53 - Łowicz Główny - 10:13 Skierniewice - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note F IC 38100 Rzeszów Główny - 10:03 - Żyrardów - Szczecin Główny
Note G IC 17102 Warszawa Wschodnia - 15:41 Żyrardów - Zbąszynek/Zielona Góra Główna
Note H IC 28106 Chelm - 17:17 Żyrardów - Piła Główna
Note A 19991 Warszawa Wschodnia - 23:34/23:38/22:34 Skierniewice Rawka - Skierniewice
Note A 19993 Warszawa Wschodnia - 00:34 Skierniewice Rawka - Skierniewice

Note A: 12 December 2021 to 12 or 13 March 2022 & 12 June to 10 December 2022
Note B: 12 - 31 December 2021
Note C: 13 December 2021 to 11 March 2022 and 12 June to 10 December 2022
Note D: 4/5 & 11 June 2022
Note E: 14 - 19, 26, 28 March - 11 June 2022
Note F: 13 March - 4 June 2022
Note G: 13 March - 15 May, 31 May - 11 June 2022
Note H: 13 March - 11 June 2022
Note I: 12 December 2021 to 12 March 2022 & 12 June - 10 December 2022 Click on the thumbnail for a diagram:

Stalowa Wola

Stalowa Wola Rozwadów Towarowy – Stalowa Wola Charzewice - Pilchów

[126, 555] (ERA-E 79A3-B3; ERA-R 183C3; G11) PL22/131

Scheduled services have resumed for 2021/22 via this curve (line 565) after completion of electrification work between Rzeszów and Ocice. Use is indicated by calls or a '|' at Stalowa Wola Charzewice as the platform is on the curve. There had been no use in 2020/21 as these services were diverted to reverse and change locomotives at Stalowa Wola Rozwadów once the line from Lublin was electrified from 13 December 2020.

Note A 83101 Szczecin Główny - 22:01/22:05/22:12 Zaklików - Rzeszów Główny
38100 Rzeszów Główny - 05:08 Tarnobrzeg - Szczecin Główny

Note A: All TT year except 10 -16 January, 27 - 29 April & 3 - 10 June 2022

Stróże and Gorlice area

Stróże avoiding line: SR4 – SR3

[130, 131] (ERA-E 79A2; ERA-R 79A2; H9) PL22/132

Services resumed 1 October 2017. Use can be identified in table 130 and 131 by < markers at Stróże. Much increased service with up to eight trains from March 2022 as the Kraków - Zagórz TLK's run this way and not via Rzeszów.

Stróże Station – SR3 [East Junction]

[131] (ERA-E 79A2; ERA-R 186B5; H9) PL22/133

The limited weekend only use can be identified in T131 by timings at both Stróże and Gorlice.

Stróże SR3 [East Junction] – Gorlice Zagorzany (– Jasło)

[131] (ERA-E 79A2; ERA-R 186B5; H9 - H10) PL22/134

Used by services listed in PL22/132 and PL22/133.

(Jasło –) Gorlice-Zagórzany – Gorlice

[131/a] (ERA-E 79A2; ERA-R 186B5; H10) PL22/135

The limited Jasło - Gorlice-Zagórzany - Gorlice - Gorlice-Zagórzany - Stróże services in 2021/22 are again listed in table 131 rather than separate table 131a.


Suwałki - Papiernia - curve 517 - Las Suwalski

[530] (ERA-E 76B4; ERA-R 174A2; B12) PL22/136

The March 2019 PDF for table 530 showed increased running time between Plociczno kolo Suwałk and Suwałki between 3-8 June 2019, the same scenario that happened in mid March 2018 when this diversion previously occurred. Since then any with extra time in this section are shown in the Journey Planner [and Map view] as purely crossing related delays. There is no evidence of use of this curve in the 2021-2022 timetable.

Swinoujscie area

Świnoujście Przytór

[370] (ERA-E 74A4 not shown; ERA-R 170A2 not shown; B1/R1) PL22/137

No use in 2021/22. An informed source advised of diversions through the eastern part of goods yards approaching Świnoujście from 1 October 2021 but initially not all services were affected. Travellers later in the month confirmed all services were by then diverted from just east of Lubiewo until km 96.2 east of Świnoujście Warszów via 8km of unusual track, albeit a large part parallel to the main line. Note it was not confirmed by < markers in the timetable as the by-passed intermediate station at Świnoujście Przytór was simply omitted from the re-issued 370 PDF.

The diversion ended on 23 November 2021 and had been shown in the Journey Planner map view, albeit incorrectly as due to recent track work line 996 at the west end of the yards now continues straight and to the south of signal box ŚiA4.

Szczecin area

Szczecin Główny eastern approaches

[361] (ERA-E 74A3; ERA-R 170B4; R1) PL22/138

There are two alternative routes from Szczecin Zdroje (p.odg. Regalica) to Szczecin Główny. The shorter northern route runs via Szczecin Port Centralny station into the northern end of Szczecin Główny, and the longer southern route via p.odg. Dziewoklicz and p.odg. Szczecin Wstowo into the southern end of Szczecin Główny. Services taking the southern route may be identified by a '<' symbol against Szczecin Port Centralny.

Szczecin Główny western approaches

[368, 369] (ERA-E 74A3; ERA-R 170B4; R1) PL22/139

There are three possible routes between Szczecin Gumieńce and Szczecin Główny. From north to south these are:

  • a single track line via Szczecin Wzgórze Hetmańskie and Szczecin Pomorzany
  • the single track direct line, which is the one normally used
  • the double track southern loop via p.odg. Szczecin Wstowo - p.odg. Dziewoklicz - Szczecin Port Centralny.

There were diversions in 2017 via Szczecin Wzgórze Hetmańskie, none in 2018 and some via an unspecified route (with allowances up to 14 minutes) on 20/21 & 24 June - 7 July 2019. None have been scheduled since including 2021/22.

Click on thumbnail for a map showing the lines likely to be used:-

Szczecin Podjuchy - Szczecin Zdroje

[366, plus 361/370] (REA-E 74A3; ERA-R 170B4: R1) PL22/140

No scheduled use in 2021/22. In previous timetables limited local services were diverted via this curve on odd days for maintenance on a drawbridge on the usual passenger line. This is to be replaced by a higher fixed bridge on a parallel alignment and when complete [planned for fourth quarter of 2023] no such scheduled diversions will be necessary. Press article including artistic impression

Last scheduled use was between 6 - 24 September 2021 when all services to/from Szczecin and Gryfino/Kostrzyn were to either reverse at Szczecin Dąbie or run direct to/from Świnoujście.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Szczecin Dąbie avoider

[370, 360a] (ERA-E 74A4; ERA-R 170C4; R1) PL22/141

First PKP scheduled use for a number of years in addition to the southbound returning Turkol special “Katamaran” from Kołobrzeg. That had not run in 2020 or 2021 but definitely used this curve on 25 June 2017.

Note A SSuO 78121 Poznań Główny - 08:54 Szczecin Zdunowo – Świnoujście
Note A SSuO 87120 Świnoujście - 19:50 Szczecin Zalom - Poznań Główny

Note A: SSuO 18 June - 28 August 2022

Szczecin airport curves (Goleniów - Mosty direct)

[375] (ERA-E 74A3; ERA-R 170B1; B2) PL22/142

Services between Szczecin and Kołobrzeg via the direct east - west side of the podg Mosty triangle, not serving Szczecin Airport, are indicated in the timetable by a "<" marker against Port Lotniczy Szczecin Goleniów and are much reduced since the Airport branch opened.


Tczew - Rokitki Tczewskie (podg Malinowo) via line 727

[426] (ERA-E 75B4, not shown; ERA-R 172A2; R2) PL22/143

There are alternative routes to/from the Chojnice line: the double track main line which runs on a lengthy embankment to fly over the Gdansk lines to/from the east side platforms of Tczew station, and a single track at ground level (line 727) on the west side. All platforms can be reached by arrivals from line 727 so it is not possible to 100% confirm what route they take [but see below]. However any departures from platforms 1 & 2 must use line 727. To confirm query the platform arrival/departure sheets.

Note C TLK 58110 Gdynia Główna - 09:25 Tczew – Kostrzyn
Note A 55315 17:11 Tczew – Chojnice
Note B SuX R50702 Chojnice - 05:54 Rokitki Tczewskie - Tczew

Note A: 12 December 2021 to 24 June 2022 and 1 September to 10 December 2022.
Not Sundays nor 1/6 January, 18 April, 3 May, 16 June, 15 August or 11 November 2022
Note C: 12 December 2021 - 3 June 2022 with numerous days excepted

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Tczew avoiding lines 730/731: podg Tczew Suchostrzygi - Zajączkowo Tczewskie - Pszczólki

[426/452] (ERA-E 75B4, not shown; ERA-R 172A2; R2, B6) PL22/143A

New for Summer 2022 are a pair with < markers at Tczew in 426 with map view confirming they are booked via the avoiding line and Zajączkowo Tczewskie yard. Note each direction is shown taking totally different routes, northbound line 731 to the east side of Tczew locomotive Depot, 729 on the east side of Zajączkowo Tczewskie yard, 260 and the flyover south of Pszczólki, southbound via line 265 outside and to the west of the flyover south of Pszczólki, and line 730 on the west side of the yard and locomotive Depot. Reports to confirm both routes are in use would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Note A 55304 Chojnice - 09:20 Swarożyn – Hel
Note A 55315 Hel - 17:08 Gdańsk Główny - Chojnice

Note A: 25 June - 31 August 2022

Tomaszów Mazowiecki

Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Spała

[114] (ERA-E 78C5; ERA-R 182C5; E8) PL22/144

It is not known if any trains ran in 2020 or 2021 but the Marshall's Office of the Łódź Voivodeship has announced a weekend service to Spała will resume once ŁKA receive ordered hybrid units, planned from the December 2022 timetable change. PR Łódź had sponsored a weekend passenger service on this branch, the first since 1988 for summer 2014 but from 2017 services ran only on "Harvest" weekend, in 2019 three pairs on 14/15 September. No details of any services in 2021 have been located but in 2020 trains ran SSuO from 8th - 30th August, tickets were free but only on application through email as per this PolRegio link. As timings were not in the Journey Planner they were Łódź Kaliska 08:12 Spała 09:25 & 17:10 return to Łódź Kaliska 18:27.


Toruń Główny – podg Nieszawka (Suchatówka)

[405] (ERA-E 75A2; ERA-R 177A4; R3) PL22/145

There are two routes: the more northerly via Toruń Towarowy yard climbs over the Bydgoszcz line whereas the alternative passes through Toruń Kluczyki station. Trains calling at Toruń Kluczyki (all PR services) must use the southerly route. TLK services, which have a "<" marker against Toruń Kluczyki, are booked to take the northerly route but in practice may use either.

Warszawa area - East of a north-south line through Warszawa Centralna

Routes between Warszawa and Pilawa

There are three routes between Warszawa and Pilawa. All local trains run via Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska and Otwock but as the routes taken by main line services have varied over recent years they are itemised below.

Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Wschodnia Towarowa – p.odg. Warszawa Antoninów – Warszawa Gocławek – Warszawa Wawer

[614] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R 174B5; R6, R8) PL22/146

This is an alternative route (line 506) between Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Gocławek used by any services booked via Otwock with a < against Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska. Note it is grade separated at Warszawa Antoninów, with the inbound remaining a separate track until the Warszawa Wschodnia approaches.

Services were originally shown as resuming via this route from 13 March 2022 but this is delayed until 12 June 2022 by northbound IC services in the afternoon and evening, and southbound in the morning and early afternoon. This follows a period of no use from 7 November 2021 as all Warszawa - Lublin services via Otwock were shown in the PDF as using the local lines via Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska, a consequence of the major works at Warszawa Zachodnia. Initially the majority of IC services had used this obscure route again from 13 December 2020 once the renovation and doubling of line 614 south of Otwock had completed.

Click on the thumbnails for the diagrams:

[Warszawa] - podg Stojadja - Minsk Mazowiecki avoider – Line 13 - Pilawa

[550, 613] (ERA-E 76A1; ERA-R 178B2; D10/E10) PL22/147

Running via this route is indicated either in table 550 by a < at Otwock or in 613 by a < from and beyond Minsk Mazowiecki.

This was previously the main route for fast trains between Warszawa Wschodnia and Pilawa due to capacity limitations on the single track line via Otwock. Use has reduced since the line south from Otwock was doubled.

Chotomów – curve 511 - Legionowo Piaski – (Tłuszcz)

[609, 608] (ERA-E 76A1; ERA-R 174B5; D9) PL22/148

Used by a limited DMU service to/from Sierpc and Tłuszcz where the KM Depot is located to avoid a reversal at Legionowo. A service commenced in 2017 and note the curve separates from the main line north of Chotomów station so eastbound timings are given for the stop before. Note these are the only passenger services between Radzymin and Tłuszcz on 609.

KM 51140 Sierpc - 12:41 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - Wieliszew SSuX/Tłuszcz SSuO
KM 51142 Sierpc - 20:04 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - Wieliszew/Tłuszcz
KM 15140 Tłuszcz/Wieliszew - 14:32/14:37/14:42 Legionowo Piaski – Sierpc
KM 15142 Tłuszcz - 20:46 Legionowo Piaski – Sierpc

Warszawa Praga - Warszawa Toruńska

[608] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R 174B5; R5) PL22/149

Between 23 and 28 August 2020 many KM services to/from Warszawa Gdanska and Legionowo had < markers at Warszawa Praga and Warszawa Toruńska but these used parallel non-platform lines rather than through the freight yard. For a passenger service to run the complete length of the yard and the grade separated junction at the north end, the PDF should also show a < marker at Warszawa Zeran. No use in 2020-21 or 2021-22.

Czachówek Południowy – Czachówek Wschodni

[604, 605] (ERA-E 76A1; ERA-R 174B3; E10) PL22/150

This south <=> east curve connects the Radom to Warszawa line with the southern freight ring. Up to 12 July 2019 limited Warszawa to Góra Kalwaria (and v.v.) services continued to Czachówek Południowy to reverse and used this curve. No scheduled use in 2020-2021 or 2021-22.

Ustanówek (p.odg. Czachówek Płd Czp 11) – Czachówek Wschodni

[604, 605] (ERA-E 76A1; ERA-R 174B3; E10) PL22/151

This north <=> east curve connects the Warszawa to Radom line with the southern freight ring and is used by all services in table 604 services to/from Góra Kalwaria.

[Czachówek Wschodni -] Góra Kalwaria - p.odg Jaźwiny - Pilawa

[605,604] (ERA-E 76A1; ERA-R 178B2; E10) PL22/152

This is a 32 km section of the eastern end of the Warszawa southern freight ring.

A Kraków Główny to Kołobrzeg overnight train was shown in the December 2020 timetable pdfs as running via this route from 14 March 2021, but it was re-routed before running. No current use.

[Czachówek Wschodni -] p.odg Jaźwiny - Pilawa avoider - p.odg Żolnierka

[605,604] (ERA-E 76A1; ERA-R 178B2; E10) PL22/153

This is an entry for a 29 km section of the eastern end of the Warszawa southern freight ring but then via the west to north curve avoiding Pilawa. Last use was 1 September 2018. No use in the current timetable.

(Warszawa Gdańska –) Warszawa Zoo (p.odg. Jagiellonka) – p.odg. W-wa Targówek – (Warszawa Wschodnia/Warszawa Rembertow)

[608, 613, KM2] (ERA-E 76C5,not correctly shown; ERA-R 174B5, not correctly shown; R6, R8) PL22/154

This west <=> east curve east of Warszawa Zoo consists of a very large grade separated junction which allows trains to/from Warszawa Wschodnia or Warszawa Rembertow reach Warszawa Gdańska.

Click on the thumbnail for the diagram:

Considerable use since the 2020-2021 timetable period in both directions by trains avoiding Warszawa Centralna and Warszawa Zachodnia due to engineering work capacity restrictions and this continues in 2021-22 but note it has been known for westbound services to NOT take the longer flyover route. Previous use by two westbound Woodstock service in 2017.

Warszawa Gdańska <=> Warszawa Rembertow services in the current timetable are identified in PL21/155

Warszawa Wschodnia <=> Warszawa Gdańska services in the current timetable can be found by a direct journey search, with many also using PL21/602A.

(Warszawa Gdańska/Legionowo –) p.odg. W-wa Michałów – Warszawa Rembertow

[608, 610, 613, KM2] (ERA-E 76C5, not correctly shown; ERA-R 174B5, not correctly shown; R6, R8) PL22/155

This connecting line between p.odg. W-wa Michałów and Warszawa Rembertow takes totally different alignments east and westbound and allows trains from the Warszawa Rembertow direction to continue west to Warszawa Gdańska (using PL22/154) or north towards Legionowo.

Click on the thumbnails for the diagrams:

It was scheduled throughout the 2020-2021 timetable period in both directions by trains avoiding Warszawa Centralna and Warszawa Zachodnia and this continues in the 2021-2022 timetable period, plus all Warszawa - Bialystok services are diverted this route between 19 -25 March 2022. Previous use by two westbound Woodstock service in 2017.

Note A SSuO 31103 Kraków Główny - 07:50 Warszawa Gdańska - Suwalki
61103 09:19 Warszawa Gdańska - Bialystok
Note E 72101 Poznan Główny - 10:46 Warszawa Gdańska - Lublin
Note F 82107 Piła Główny - 12:11 Warszawa Gdańska - Chelm
Note D 82105 Gorzów Wielkopolski - 16:06 Warszawa Gdańska - Lublin
Note G 1205 Lodz Fabryczna - 16:42 Warszawa Gdańska - Lublin
Note E 83101 Szczecin Główny - 18:46 Warszawa Gdańska - Rzeszów Glowny
Note F 82101 Szczecin Główny - 19:43 Warszawa Gdańska - Lublin
Note A SSuO 41004 Budapest Nyugati - 19:30 Warszawa Gdańska - Terespol
Note B 2622 Lublin - 06:29 Pilawa - Wrocław Główny
Note C 28106/7 Chełm - 15:23 Pilawa - Piła Główna

Note A: 22 January to 13 February & 19/20 March 2022
Note B: 13 to 18 December 2021
Note C: 19 December 2021 to 12 March 2022
Note D: 12 to 18 December 2021
Note E: 19/20 March 2022
Note F: 19 - 25 March 2022
Note G: 20 - 25 March 2022

Warszawa area - west of a north-south line through Warszawa Centralna

Warszawa Zachodnia Peron 9 [Ex Peron 8/ Ex Warszawa Wola]

[608] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R 174B5; R6) PL22/156

Local services to/from Legionowo Piaski/Warszawa Gdanska usually terminate at Warszawa Zachodnia Peron (platform) 9 on a sharp curve in relation to the main station platforms but from December 2019 there was an hourly experimental service continuing to Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina using the connection to the main lines. This was scheduled until 26 September 2020 and so popular that after complaints they were re-instated from 11 November 2020. A Press Notice then stated they could only until run until 14 March 2021 due to Warszawa Zachodnia station improvement works but would resume after that ends in 2023.

Warszawa Włochy - Warszawa Zachodnia [5th track]

[606/601] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R 174B5; R7) PL22/157

The two main and two local line tracks take different routes between these stations, the main splitting around the flyover junction with line 615 outside Zachodnia, the local lines separating to run either side of an EMU Depot and sidings but this entry highlights a separate fifth track. This commences in-between the two local lines to the east of Warszawa Włochy, climbs over the outbound local track and has a separate alignment approaching Warszawa Zachodnia. It appears to be reversible, but its prime function is to allow inbound main line services from Sochaszew on line 606 a non-conflicting approach to the north side platforms at Warszawa Zachodnia. For the same reason any local services from lines 601/606 to the recently re-opened Warszawa Głowna use this fifth track and a few call at Warszawa Włochy departing at 06:36, 08:17, 08:53 SSuX, 08:53 SSuO. This route is clearly shown in journey planner map view.

In early April 2022 both main line tracks to/from the west from Zachodnia and the eastbound local track were lifted resulting in increased use of this “5th track” route.

Warszawa Zachodnia "avoider": Warszawa Aleje Jerozolimskie - Line 510 - part line 20 - Warszawa-Gołąbki [- Line 19 - Piastów]

[601, 612] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R174B4; R7, R5) PL22/158

A new IC service started in 2019/20 between Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina and Łódź Fabryczna running via the above previously freight only route. Trains ran approximately two hourly with gaps but were suspended due to Covid from 18 March 2020. It was shown resuming on 8 November 2020 but did not do so and has not reappeared in the 2020-21 or the 2021-22 timetable.

There is however partial use of the route in the 2021-2022 timetable by one late night train for a short period. This train runs from Warszawa Aleje Jerozolimskie via line 510 and line 20 to the end of Warszawa Główna Towarowa freight yard, reverses and takes line 509 to Warszawa Gdańska.

Note A 21644 Radom - 00:17 Warszawa Rakowiec - Warszawa Wschodnia

Note A: 13 December 2021 to 12 January 2022

Warszawa Gdańska – Warszawa Jelonki – Warszawa Gołąbki – Piastów (podg Jozefinów)

[601, 608] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R174B4; R7, R5) PL22/159

This route allows trains from Warszawa Wschodnia/Warszawa Gdańska avoid Warszawa Centralna and Warszawa Zachodnia to/from the CMK, Koluszki or destinations such as Łódź, Częstochowa and Wrocław. In excess of 15 trains, each way, make use of this diversion from 14 March 2021 until at least 11 December 2022 due to engineering works at Warszawa Zachodnia. Warszawa Wschodnia <=> Łódź Fabryczna trains are especially likely to use this route.

The trains using the route can most easily be identified from the All Year arrival and departure sheets for Warszawa Gdańska Peron sheets. Alternatively look at timetables 100, 601 and departures/arrivals at Warszawa Gdańska, some from/to Warszawa Wschodnia or those that do not call at Warszawa Centralna and Warszawa Zachodnia and have twelve < symbols and two | symbols at Pruszków. See also PL22/161 for extra detail on Warszawa Gołąbki.

Also see entry PL22/160 for much additional use of Warszawa Gołąbki – Piastów until 11 June 2022.

Warszawa Zachodnia - Line 46 - Warszawa-Czyste - Line 20 - Warszawa Główna Towarowa - Warszawa Gołąbki

[606, (601)] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R 174B5; R7) PL22/160

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

This 7km alternative route is in regular use westbound only until 11 June 2022, then limited use in both directions afterwards. It was recently only used by long distance services trains running via Sochaczew as per a < against Warszawa Ursus Północny, [last used from 14 June to 30 August 2020] but since 13 December 2021 only by services in table 601 identified by a < at Warszawa Włochy and a timing at Warszawa Zachodnia. These then continue from Warszawa Gołąbki via line 19 to Piastów, [part of PL22/159].

Note A numerous Ex Warszawa Zachodnia - Warszawa-Czyste - Line 20 - Warszawa Główna Towarowa - Warszawa Gołąbki then line 19 to Piastów
Note B Limited KM services SSuX Warszawa Główna - Warszawa Zachodnia - Line 20 - Warszawa Główna Towarowa - Warszawa Gołąbki then line 19 to Piastów - Grodzizk Mazowiecki
Note B ŁKA services SSuO Warszawa Główna - Warszawa Zachodnia - Line 20 - Warszawa Główna Towarowa - Warszawa Gołąbki then line 19 to Piastów - Łódź Fabryczna
Note C KM 91150 SO Skierniewice - 06:51 Grodzisk Mazowiecki - line 19 - Warszawa Gołąbki - Line 20 - Warszawa Główna
Note D From 12 June 2022 via line 19 - Warszawa Gołąbki - Line 20 - Warszawa Główna

Note A: 13 December 2021 to 11 June 2022
Note B 12/13 June - 9/10 December 2022
Note C: 19/26 March 2022 ONLY with map view showing this table 601 listed service taking the underpass version of line 46 approaching Warszawa Zachodnia
Note D: the March 2022 all year PDF shows 3 SSuX locals and 8 SSuO ŁKA or PR services to Warszawa Główna using this diversion from 12 June with map view showing NONE taking the underpass version of line 46 approaching Warszawa Zachodnia.

For via Sochaszew services, Warszawa Ursus Północny has unfortunately disappeared from the 606 PDF in recent re-issues, making it more difficult to establish use by any fast train, leaving this identification to be unique to diverted KM services in their own local train timetable. There are no KM diversions via this route so far in 2021/22.

All diverted westbound services from high numbered platforms at Warszawa Zachodnia use a split of line 46 to Warszawa-Czyste dropping down from, and on the north side of the main line. Note this route cannot be accessed from the local lines through Warszawa-Srodmiescie, those must use a split of line 46 that passes underneath the main line as per the Note C service above. The route alternatives are best seen in OpenRailwayMap.

See PL22/161 for extra detail on Warszawa Gołąbki.

Warszawa Gdańska - Line 507 - Warszawa Gołąbki (- Sochaczew)

[606,300] (ERA-E 76C5; ERA-R 174B4; R5) PL22/161

This entry indicates use of the connections to/from the Sochaszew main line and Warszawa Gdańska at Warszawa Gołąbki as shown clearly on Open Railway Map. When work to upgrade Warszawa Zachodnia commenced in 2020/21 this route was used both ways by around four pairs of long distance trains daily which could be identified in PDF 606 with a footnote mention of Warszawa Gdańska. This continues in 2021-22, plus since March 2022 there are limited diverted KM services to/from Warszawa Gdanska as identified by a < [or incorrectly a |] at Warszawa Gołąbki in their own local train timetable.

Previously used occasionally by KM, almost always eastbound only, lastly by one service to Warszawa Gdańska between 12-16 March 2018. Note this eastbound towards Warszawa routing is a crossover west of Warszawa Gołąbki platform onto the eastbound track of 507 parallel with line 19, until both join 509 as part of PL21/160.

Note the Westbound split of 507 is a 1.5km separate line running outside the 606 main line flyover from east of Warszawa Gołąbki to west of the station platform and you must be on a service from Warszawa Gdanska as any from Warszawa Zachodnia via PL21/160 can only cross to the Sochaczew line to the west of Warszawa Gołąbki station.


Węgliniec – Bielawa Dolna – Horka Gbf [DB]

[260] (ERA-E 77A5; ERA-R 180B5; F2) PL22/162

No scheduled use in 2021/22. The line was last used by a diversion of one of the weekend-only Pociąg do Kultury Berlin Lichtenberg to Wrocław Główny services on 22 May 2021, previously on 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 October 2019. Note that Interrail tickets etc are not valid on these services.



[424/431/431a] (ERA-E 75A3, not shown; ERA-R 171C2; B6) PL22/163

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

This is a split station with the junction some way north of the platforms and any service to/from Laskowice Pomorskie via Drzycim [currently suspended] terminates at the east side Peron I on a curve. Therefore the 1km to/from Peron I and the junction is significantly rarer than to/from the west side Bydgoszcz platforms.

Note the physical junction is a diamond slip so trains to/from Peron I and Lipowa Tucholska/Szlachta use slightly different pointwork from any to/from Tuchola. From the Peron sheets there had been no scheduled use of Peron I from either direction since 11 December 2020 but when services to/from Lipowa Tucholska/Szlachta resumed on 13 March 2022, north access to/from Peron 1 is used by arrivals at 06:18, 07:19 from Szlachta, 17:26, 19:18 from Czerk all SSuX, and departures at 06:37 to Chojnice, 17:36 to Czersk SSuX and 19:42 to Tuchola SSuO

Wrocław area

(Wrocław Główny) – podg Wrocław Grabiszyn - Line 753 - Wrocław Gądów - Wrocław Nowy Dwór

[260] (ERA-E 77C4; ERA-R 180A1; R13) PL22/164

No scheduled use in 2021/22. This is an alternative route for trains between Wrocław Główny and Legnica, passing through Wrocław Gądów freight yard. Use is indicated by a < marker at Wrocław Muchobór. It is shared to Wrocław Gądów by PL22/165 & 166. It was last used by several TLK services between January and June 2020.

(Wrocław Główny) – podg Wrocław Grabiszyn - Line 753 – Wrocław Gądów – Line 349 - Wrocław Kuźniki

[265] (ERA-E 77C4; ERA-R 180A1; R13) PL22/165

Common with PL22/164 & 166 until Wrocław Gądów and no scheduled use in 2021/22.

This diversion of any service to/from the Głogów line is indicated by a < marker at Wrocław Muchobór. Last used by a Zielona Góra Główna to Warszawa TLK for the first three months of the 2019-2020 timetable but note that although Map view showed the train using the diveunder route towards Wrocław Gądów, of six inbound to Wrocław reports five crossed at Wrocław Kuźniki to run wrong line to Wrocław Gądów and just one on a Sunday went via the diveunder.

(Wrocław Główny) – podg Wrocław Grabiszyn - Line 753 - Wrocław Gądów - Line 751 - Wrocław Zachodni

[240] (ERA-E 77C4; ERA-R 180A1; R13) PL22/166

Common with PL22/164 & 165 until Wrocław Gądów and no scheduled use in 2021/22. This route through Gądów yard to/from the Jelenia Gora line is indicated by a > at Wrocław Grabiszyn. Last used between 30 September and 14 October 2017.

(Wrocław Główny) – Wrocław Muchobór - Line 275 - Wrocław Nowy Dwór

[260] (ERA-E 77C4; ERA-R 180A1; R13) PL22/167

What appears to be a grade separated junction between Wrocław Muchobór and Wrocław Nowy Dwór to/from Legnica is not in practice as the majority of services use only the south side/inside curve to/from Peron 2. Only services running through or calling at Peron I use the diveunder.

Main line services have been known to use either route and despite the on-line Peron sheet for Wrocław Nowy Dwór normally showing numerous services booked to call at Peron 1, a traveller in 2020 advised the Peron sheet displayed at the station showed all services using Peron 2. Note that the Journey Planner map view does not distinguish between the two sides of this junction and shows those booked to call at Peron 1 running via the outside curve, therefore any reports of services using the diveunder route to Peron 1 would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Wrocław Muchobór - Line 757 - Signalbox WS - podg Wrocław Grabiszyn [- Wrocław Głowny]

[260] (ERA-E 77C4; ERA-R 180A1; R13) PL22/168

This is an alternative route between Wrocław Muchobór and podg Wrocław Grabiszyn. Any train booked to call at platform II track 4 at Wrocław Muchobór must run via this route but can only be identified from the Peron sheets as there is no intermediate station for a > marker.

Note the physical junction is north of Wrocław Muchobór station platform and the March 2022 Peron sheets show current use by just PR 66451 & PR66153, 06:50 SSuX & 17:35 Daily ex Wrocław Głowny until frequent use between 19 May - 11 June 2022. Previously in use from 7 November 2021 until the December timetable change by two services to Wrocław Głowny plus two outbound on limited dates.

Click on the thumbnail for a map:

Wrocław Nadodrze (Wp3 Ląki) – Line 752 – Wrocław Gądów – Wrocław Kuźniki

[200/265] (ERA-E 77C4; ERA-R 180A1; R13) PL22/169

No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last used in 2018 by some Woodstock festival services to/from Kosztryn to avoid Wrocław Główny.

Wrocław Brochów freight yards: [Wrocław Główny - ] line 763 - line 349 - Święta Katarzyna

[220] (ERA-E 77C4, not shown; ERA-E 180A1; R13,F4) PL22/170

Diversions can again be identified by a < at Wrocław Brochów and are shown as continuing until 11 June 2022. Note although the Journey Planner map identifies all diverted services, it highlights the eastbound route in both directions which is known to be a software issue and incorrect.

Eastbound diversions initially take a split of line 763 parallel with the main line until diverging towards the west end of Wrocław Brochów yard. This becomes a split of line 349 and runs alongside but at a higher level to the main line [including alongside Wrocław Brochów station] before turning towards the east end yard throat to come alongside the route taken by westbound diversions.

From the eastern end of Wrocław Brochów yards, east and westbound services run alongside each other underneath passenger line 215 on a 1.5km connection to re-join the main line either before or significantly after Święta Katarzyna station platforms.

The westbound diversions from Wrocław Brochów yard east run initially on a split of line 349 through the centre of a feeder yard, then the furthest east track and finally outside the flyover to the Wrocław freight ring line which is a split of line 763. Both routes are clearly shown on OpenRailwayMap.

Diversions commenced with the December 2020 timetable and are believed to have been continuous since then.

Wrocław Brochów freight yards: [Wrocław Główny - ] line 763 - Line 349 - Line 764 - Siechnice

[200, 215] (ERA-E 77C4, not shown); ERA-R 180A1; R13) PL22/171

Diverted table 215 services showing a < marker at Wrocław Brochów take the same east and westbound splits to/from the east end of Wrocław Brochów as per PL22/170, then outbound towards Jelcz use a short connection rising up to become a split of line 764 alongside the normal single track in/out passenger line. Inbound to Wrocław use a separate curve line 764 from Siechnice to join line 349 some way east of the east end of Wrocław Brochów yard.

Scheduled since November 2020 which continues into the 2021/22 timetable period.

Note A SSuX KD69702 06:20/06:56 Wrocław Główny - Jelcz-Laskowice
Note A SSuX KD66151 Jelcz-Laskowice - 15:56/15:52 Siechnice - Głogów
Note B SSuX KD69751 Jelcz-Laskowice - 17:35 Siechnice - Milicz

Note A: 13 December 2021 to 10 June 2022
Note B: 13 December 2021 to 11 March 2022


Września avoiding line Gutowo Wlkp. (p.odg. Sokołowo Wrzesińskie) – Podstolice (Pd box)

[300/300a] (ERA-E 75A1; ERA-R 176B3-C3; D5) PL22/172

This east <=> west main line avoiding Września station is used by trains on table 300 with a < at Września.

Żagań area

Żagań - line 389 - Jankowa Żagańska (- Węgliniec)

[356] (ERA-E 77A5; ERA-R 175B1; E2) PL22/173

In regular limited use since December 2020, before then only for engineering work diversions. As Jankowa Żagańska is a "V" station, Konin Żagański is quoted for northbound services.

PR5822/76205 Zielona Góra Główna - 12:21 Żagań - Görlitz [DB]
Note A PR5318/76211 Zielona Góra Główna - 20:24 Żagań - Görlitz [DB]
Note B SSuX 77211 Ruszów - 05:42 Konin Żagański - Zielona Góra
PR5821 Görlitz [DB] - 10:26 Konin Żagański - Zielona Góra Główna
PR5827/67636 Görlitz [DB] - 18:26 Konin Żagański - Zielona Góra Główna

Note A: 13 March - 10 December 2022
Note B: 10 January - 9 December 2022

Zagórz area

Nowy Zagórz - Zagórz R101 - Uherce - Zagórz R101 - Zagórz

[131] (ERA-E 79B2; ERA-R 187A5; H11) PL22/174

A summer only service commenced from 26 June 2021 outbound on Saturday from Kraków Główny via Sanok and Nowy Zagórz via the Zagórz west to east curve to Uherce to reverse, returning via the Zagórz east to south curve of the triangle before continuing to Łupków. The return service on the Sunday takes this route in reverse.

Note A SO TLK30162 Kraków Główny - 12:51/12:59 Nowy Zagórz - Łupków
Note B SuO TLK33162 Łupków - 14:38/14:45 Zagórz - Kraków Główny

Note A: 30 April, 2 May, SO 18 June 2021 to 27 August 2022
Note B: 1/3 May, SuO 19 June to 7 August then 17 June, 15/21/28 August 2022


Zbąszynek avoiding line [podg Dąbrówka Zbąsca - Zbąszynek Towarowa - podg Chiastawa]

[300/300a] (ERA-E 74B1; ERA-R 175C2; D3) PL22/175

No scheduled use in 2021/22. This is a route through the goods yards south of Zbąszynek station and is indicated by a < at Zbąszynek. It was used by one overnight train for one night in 2020.


Zgorzelec avoiding line: Jerzmanki (p.odg. Krysin) – Zgorzelec Miasto (p.odg. Zgorzelec Miasto)

[255/260] (ERA-E 77A4; ERA-R 180B5; F2) PL22/176

No scheduled use in 2021/22. Last used between 26 August and 28 September 2020 by up to three pairs per day allowed 20 minutes as opposed to the usual 3/4 minutes between Zgorzelec and Zgorzelec Miasto in PDF 260 as they reversed at Jerzmanki. Regular use by one train in one direction ran for the last time on 14 December 2019.

Note the footnote in 255 that services to/from Lubań Śląski to Zgorzelec continue and run across the border to/from Görlitz [DB] as Zgorzelec is a "v" station and the junction with table 260 is considerably west of the platforms. This lengthy overlap had been used by an unusual passenger service until 2018 as most Węgliniec to Lubań Śląski services called at Zgorzelec for a second time after a reversal on the main line.

Corridor Trains

The following sections of line within Poland can be ridden only in the through (corridor) trains of neighbouring administrations:

  • (Hagenwerder [Germany] -) Hagenwerder Grenze (frontier) - Krzewina Zgorzelecka - Trzciniec frontier and Trzciniec frontier - Hirschfelde Grenze (frontier) (- Hirschfelde [Germany]) (36A2). There is a 200m stretch of line in Germany between the two frontiers at Trzciniec. The line is operated only by ODEG trains on the Zittau - Görlitz - Cottbus route (former DB table 220).
  • (Zittau [Germany] -) frontier - frontier (- Hrádek nad Nisou [Czech Republic]) (36A2): ČD table 089. There are no stations in Poland on this line.
  • Głuchołazy - frontier (- Jindřichov ve Slezsku [Czech Republic]) (37A1): Through Krnov – Jesenik trains on ČD table 292 use PKP tracks in and out of Głuchołazy as there is no triangle here and the approximately 13km of PKP tracks east of Głuchołazy are only traversed by ČD services. From 10 December 2006 ČD services call to set down and pick up at Głuchołazy.


See Poland - Tram services over obscure routes

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday.

115 Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski - Sandomierz
123 Jarosław - Horyniec-Zdrój
123 Horyniec-Zdrój - Hrebenne (- Zamosc) May Day Bank Holidays & Summer SSuO only
130 Muszyna - Plaveč [ZSR] Summer & winter skiing weekends
131 Żagorz - Jasło
131 Gorlice Zagórzany - Gorlice FSSuO
134 Żagorz - Łupków - Medzilaborce Summer weekends
137 Sucha Beskidzka - Żywiec
141 Skawina - Oświęcim Hourly service shown as re-commencing on 13 March 2022
150 Oświęcim - Czechowice-Dziedzice 1 pair FSuO
156 Leszczyny - Gliwice SSuO
203 Nowy Świętów - Głuchołazy Miasto SSuO
215 Opole Glówne – Biskupice Olawskie – Jelcz Laskowice SSuX
235 Nysa - Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
240 (Wałbrzych Główny -) Boguszów-Gorce Wschód - Mezimesti [CD} Summer SSuO
322 Kępno – Wielun Dąbrowa
328 Wolsztyn - Zbąszynek Some of the three pairs do not run every Friday/Saturday, check timetable
382 Mścice – Mielno Koszaliński Summer only
424 Wierzchuchin – Lipowa Tucholska – Slachta Suspended for financial reasons during Covid travel restrictions and not yet resumed. Timetable removed.
429 Laskowice Pomorskie – Szlachta - Czersk SSuX and only two pairs until 13 March 2022
431a Laskowice Pomorskie – Wierzchuchin Suspended for financial reasons during Covid travel restrictions and not yet resumed. This section removed from PDF.
440 Chojnice – Kościerzyna
451 Łeba - Lębork Summer only
503 Gutkowo - Braniewo Originally bustituted for engineering works but since March 2020, no trains, nor buses and no re-opening date
520 Szymany Lotnisko - Szczytno
530 Kuźnica Białostocka - Grodno [Belarus]
534 Białystok - Waliły Summer only FSSuO
537 Suwałki – Šeštokai (LG) FSSuMO
541 Hajnówka - Siemianówka
550 Chelm – Jagodin (UŽ)
551a Łuków - Parczew Kolejowa
554 Zamość Wschód – Hrubieszów Miasto
556 Zwierzyniec – Stalowa Wola Rozwadów
557 Zwierzyniec - Hrebenne (- Horyniec-Zdrój) Summer only
609 Radzymin - Tłuszcz

Deletions since last edition

Obscure Services
PL21/111 (Kielce –) Sitkowka Nowiny – Busko Zdroj 2nd year of previously Sparse now frequent service listed in re-instated PDF 112
PL21/112 (Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Dęba Opoczyńska –) podg. Zapowiedź – Radzice 2nd year of new services listed in PDF 113
PL21/127 Zagórz – Komańcza – Łupków - Medzilaborce [ZSR] Re-instated passenger service continues
PL21/202 Nysa – Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Re-instated passenger service continues
PL21/203 (Wałbrzych Główny –) Boguszów-Gorce Wschód – Mieroszów Re-instated passenger service continues
PL21/502 Białystok - Wałily Re-instated passenger service continues
PL21/508 Łuków – Parczew Kolejowa (– Lublin) Fully reopened after engineering work with the two train pairs over the Łuków – Parczew Kolejowa section clearly evident in timetable 551A
Sparse service deleted (due to increased frequency):
  • 122 Przemyśl - Medyka
  • 270 Żary - Forst [DB]
  • 381 Słupsk - Ustka Uroczysko
  • 384 Sławno - Darłowo
  • 410 Toruń Wschodni – Sierpc
  • 515 Pisz - Ełk
Sparse services deleted (no service):
  • 552 Lublin - Lublin Airport (reinstated for part of 2020/21, but withdrawn from 7 November 2021)

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