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Obscure Services

Raccordement de la Grave: St.Loubès (La Grave d'Ambarès Supérieure) – Ste.Eulalie-Carbon-Blanc (Bifurcation de la Grave)

(ERA-E 28C2 not shown; ERA-R 73A2) FR20/401

This east to south curve links the high level (Angoulême) and low level (Saintes) lines north of Bordeaux.
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In the past this curve was used by late evening trains southbound to Bordeaux and by early morning and late evening ones northbound from Bordeaux. This pattern probably still applies but details of individual trains are no longer available to the compilers.
However, all northbound trains from Platform 2S at Cenon (the eastern pair of lines) must use this curve. Trains departing from the high numbered platforms at Bordeaux are more likely to go this way.
The compilers would greatly appreciate details of trains that currently use this route.

The following train used this route on Tuesday 20/06/2023 and also 20/11/2023:

SSuX 865216 Tulle - 13:08 Libourne - Bordeaux St Jean

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