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This list is based on the timetable year 10 December 2017 to 8 December 2018, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA" refer to the European Railway Atlas France & Benelux Regional Series 2016, by M.G.Ball. An additional map reference in italics for some entries refers to the Schweers+Wall Atlas Ferroviaire de la France Band 1 Nord, dated 2015.

Obscure services

Luxembourg — Luxembourg Triage (yard) — Luxembourg Sud — Berchem Est — Syren — Oetrange

[30] (ERA 63B3; ) LU18/1

This route, which starts by running south from Luxembourg station on the east side of the freight yard, provides an alternative route between Luxembourg station and the Trier line. It is used only by trains which do not stop at Cents Hamm or Sandweiler Contern and are given 2 – 4 minutes longer. Only the following trains use this route in the current timetable.

D RE5107 06:05 Luxembourg - Wasserbillig - Trier Hbf
SSuX, 15 Aug RE5146 Trier Hbf - 07:51 Munsbach - Luxembourg
RE5106 Trier Hbf - 17:00 Wasserbillig - Luxembourg
RE5126 Trier Hbf - 21:01 Wasserbillig - Luxembourg
RE5128 Trier Hbf - 22:01 Wasserbillig - Luxembourg
RE5130 Trier Hbf - 23:01 Wasserbillig - Luxembourg

D - Two other morning services run non-stop Luxembourg - Wasserbillig; but the transit time appear too short to go by LU18/1. These are RE 5105 [SSuX dep. 05:19] and RE 4856 [dep. 06:26]. The compliers would appreciate feedback on the routing of these trains.

This line can also be used between Luxembourg and Berchem (north junction, PK 11.371) by trains to/from the Bettembourg direction. This is most likely at peak hours, when capacity is limited.

Luxembourg avoiding line: Bertrange-Strassen (Luxembourg Hollerich, km 1.4) — Luxembourg Sud (km 14.0) via Luxembourg Triage (yard)

(ERA 63C5) LU18/2

This line, which avoids Luxembourg City to the south, links the line from Belgium via Arlon with the line to France via Thionville. The compilers are not aware of any booked passenger services over this route at present, although plans exist for future services to serve a new station at Cessange.

Aubange SNCB (Y Aubange) — Rodange CFL

(ERA 63A3; 19C2) LU18/3

See the entry for this line in Belgium - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services.

Wasserbillig — Mertert Port

(ERA 63B4) LU18/4

This non-electrified freight-only line is a remnant of the former Diekirch - Echternach - Wasserbillig - Mertert - Grevenmacher line. Between Wasserbillig and Mertert it follows a separate alignment independent of the Luxembourg - Wasserbillig - Trier line. In most years one or two special trains traverse this line.

Tétange — Langengrund

(ERA 63C4; 19D2) LU18/5

This non-electrified freight-only branch off the Noertzange - Rumelange branch usually sees one or two special trains a year.

Bettembourg avoiding line: Hettange-Grande [France] (Bettembourg-M) — Noertzange (Bettembourg-W)

(ERA 63C5) LU18/6

The line between Luxembourg and Bettembourg is completely closed from 10 to 18 February. 2 pairs of Monday to Friday rush hour trains between Luxembourg and Thionville are diverted non-stop via Petange (reverse), Esch-sur-Alzette and this curve. Service details are available here.

These diversions are likely to be repeated during a long blockade in July-August 2018.

D1 86704 Thionville - 06:24 Hettange Grande - Luxembourg 07:30
D1 86708 Thionville - 06:43 Hettange Grande - Luxembourg 08:01
D1 86707 17:11 Luxembourg - 17:52 Esch-sur-Alzette - Thionville 18:18 or 18:22
D1 86709 18:30 Luxembourg - 18:08 Esch-sur-Alzette - Thionville 19:30

D1: 12 - 16 February 2018

Other Sparse services

60b Noertzange to Rumelange This line has only a limited commuter service SSuX.

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