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Some tram systems advertise their depot workings and enable one to ascertain the regular use by passenger-carrying services of junctions or sections of line that do not otherwise see public service. This occasional series lists such services that have come to notice. While the data for each system is current at the date stated, it is not the intention to endeavour to keep every entry up to date at every service change - the listing serves as a guide for travellers as to the sort of services they can look out for, enabling them to check current published timetable material at their time of travel.

To assist in tracing services, the route and/or timetable number for each journey is shown in parentheses, e.g. (1). Days of operation are in English notation (respectively: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, S) - plus "O" for only, "X" for excepted. Su (Sundays) usually includes public holidays in mainland Europe - but check locally.

Listings for other systems throughout the world - in the same format as shown below (please include date of timetable validity) - will always be welcomed.

Oslo: Oslo Sporvognsdrift AS

[trikken = trams]
Advertised journeys in timetable dated 2 July 2018. There have been city centre road works for some time causing diversions but with a very unusual aspect of constructing temporary lines that go out of use again when the original route reopens! It can be difficult to find an official current route map on line, so a link as at May 2018 is here

Holbergs plass to Stortorvet

The normal route towards the City Centre from the north west of routes 11, 17 & 18 along Kristian Augusts gate is closed for refurbishment with new tracks, sidewalks and water and drainage pipes. There is a temporary route from Stortorvet along Kristian IV’s Gate passing the rear of the Historical Museum to rejoin line of route before Holbergs plass which opened on 11 March 2018 and is allegedly in use until some time in 2020.

Jerbanetorget street loops

The July 2018 TT has a 20 minute service all days of the week on route 11 from Majorstuen terminating at Stortorvet and reappearing at Jerbanetorget to return to Majorstuen so logically would use the currently non-passenger route via Storgata. Any reports if this is traversed carrying passengers to Jerbanetorget would be appreciated.

Jerbanetorget - Bussterminalen Grønland - Ekebergparken

A previous website link showed plans that this section would close in January 2018, assumed in conjunction with the opening of the extension from Bjørvika to Ekebergparken - [Ljabru] but the July 2018 timetables show it remains open. An on line search suggests the replacement tram route may not now open until 2021 and it should be noted that the previous service along the already built section from Jerbanetorget to Bjørvika has been withdrawn!!! link here and here

Normal operating patterns

Storo - Grefsen stasjon

Entry to advise that trams on Routes 13 and 17 now continue after changing routes at Grefsen stasjon so there is no gap. Previously route 13 was only advertised towards Grefsen stasjon as the turning circle was through the adjacent Depot and the exit used was beyond the Grefsen stasjon stop.


  • The street turning loop here is normally only used by route 11, routes 12 and 19 change route on arrival/departure.

Disen turning circle

  • Route 12 previously used this loop in public service for part of SSuX but all have now been extended to/from Kjelsas

Oslo: Oslo T-banedrift AS

[T-banen = metro]
Advertised journeys in timetable dated 2 April 2017. None

On a previous timetable dated 26 April 2009

Ensjø - Carl Berners plass (Tøyen east curve)

  • From Ryen to Vestli (depot workings for route 5): 04:49 SSuX, 05:04 SSuX, 05:19 SSuX
  • From Ryen to Storo (depot workings for route 5): 05:33 SSuX, 05:48 SSuX, 06:19 SO, 06:49 SuO, 10:34 SuO

There are no return journeys advertised by this route

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