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This document provides a list of Swiss services that were under review in December 2012. By the end of 2018, no action towards closure had been taken on any of the listed lines or services. Accordingly, this review would appear to be largely dormant. In many cases the funding of these lines is the responsibility of the relevant Cantons. This page has been retained for historical information, and it may be a good indication if future budgetary cuts are made.

A list of services that do not cover 50% of their costs and are therefore considered to be under threat is shown here. The page gives no source details, but RTS appears to be Radio Television Suisse, so it is presumably reasonably authoritative. This list is just a starting point and there are likely to be many political hoops to go through before any withdrawals take place. Furthermore, it must be emphasised that it is services rather than lines that are under review and it is most unlikely that, for example, that Visp - Brig - Andermatt - Disentis /- Göschenen line is going to be closed.

It should be noted that this is all part of a greater review of Swiss rail transport - some of which might have other far-reaching implications.

The following table attempts to rationalize the list and re-sort it into lines, and to assess the risk of closure. Category C lines are mainly those where the services under threat are local trains on lines with other, usually express, services so the risk of closure is considered very low. At other end of the scale, category A lines are generally those with local services only, so considered most under threat. Category B lines are those, somewhere in the middle, where specific issues affect the level of threat, and these issues are shown in the notes.

Table No. Line Risk Category Notes
101 Lausanne – Bercher B Line extended into Lausanne in recent years
111 Vevey – Puidoux-Chexbres A
112 Vevey – Blonay B Suburban line, and provides connection to Les Pleiades rack line
112 Blonay – Ondallaz [- Les Pleiades] C Seems unlikely that the rack line would be partly shut.
120 Montreux – Zweisimmen C Local services between Montreux and Les Avants, and Zweisimmen and Saanen specifically mentioned. Local though services may also be threatened but can’t see this premier tourist route closing
120 Zweisimmen - Lenk A Has been threatened with closure before
121 Montreux – Glion – Haut-de-Caux [- Rochers de Naye] C Threat is presumably to morning and evening short workings to Haut-de Caux. Popular tourist line.
124 Aigle – Les Diablerets A Has been threatened with closure before
125 Aigle – Leysin B Rack line, may be difficult to bus substitute
126 Aigle – Ollon – Monthey – Champéry B Rack line, busy with tourists, closure seems unlikely
127 Bex – Villars-sur-Ollons [- Col-de-Bretaye] B Includes rack sections, Villars is major tourist resort.
130 St Gingolph – St Maurice A Branch from St Maurice to St Gingolph has been threatened with closure before.
130 St Maurice – Sion – Brig C
132 Martigny – Le Châtelard-Frontière B Rack line, popular tourist service
133 Martigny – Orsieres/Le Châble A
142 Visp – Brig – Andermatt – Disentis/Göschenen C Some local services may be threatened, but this is a major and popular tourist route.
150 Allaman – Lausanne (S4) C
150 Lancy–Pont Rouge – Genève - Coppet C Coppet to Geneve is a local service on the main line. The branch to Lancy-Pont Rouge is currently being linked by a new underground line to the SNCF branch from Annemasse, so closure is most unlikely.
151 Genève – La Plaine [- Bellegarde] C
155 Nyon – St-Cergue –La Cure B Relatively recent investment in new terminus at Nyon
156 Morges – Apples – Bière B Freight traffic so branch would not close
156 Apples – L’Isle-Mont-la-Ville A Sparse service by Swiss standards
200 Vallorbe – Daillens (S2) C S2 is the local service on a main line, although if this were withdrawn then only peak hour services and a limited international service would remain.
201 Vallorbe – Le Pont - Le Brassus A
210 Yverdon-les-Bains – Neuchâtel – Biel/Bienne C
210 Lausanne – Yverdon-les-Bains (S1) C
211 Orbe - Chavornay A
212 Yverdon-les-Bains – Ste-Croix A
213 Neuchâtel – Areuse – Boudry B Local tram line 5, closure seems unlikely
221 Neuchâtel – Travers C
221 Buttes – Fleurier – Travers A
222 Les Ponts-de-Martel – La Chaux-de-Fonds A
223 [Morteau -] Le Locle Col des Roches – La Chaux de Fonds B Withdrawal of the local trains would leave a sparse cross border service
223 Neuchâtel – La Chaux-de-Fonds – Le Locle B Presume that this is the local service on what is an important regional line
224 Les Brenets – Le Locle A
225 Sonceboz-Sombeval – La Chaux de Fonds B Presume that this is the local service on what is an important regional line
226 Biel/Bienne – Sonceboz-Sombeval A
226 Sonceboz-Sombeval – Moutier B Presume that this is the local service on what is an important regional line
230 Basel SBB – Laufen – Delémont (S3) C
236 La Chaux-de-Fonds – Le Niormont - Govelier A
237 Le Noiremont – Tavannes A
238 Porrentuy – Bonfol A Seriously threatened owing to the cost of renewing the signalling and providing disabled access
240 Delémont - Porrentuy – Boncourt – Delle B Both local and regional services under threat, but cross-border services to Belfort to be restored
249 Lausanne – Palézieux (S4/2) C
250 Palézieux - Romont - Fribourg C
251 Palézieux - Payerne A
252 Yverdon-les-Bains – Payerne – Fribourg A
253 Bulle - Broc A
254 Bulle – Romont A
255 Fribourg – Murten – Ins/ - Kerzers A
256 Bulle – Montbovon - Palézieux A
290 Biel/Bienne – Täuffelen – Ins A
291 Kerzers – Lyss - Büren a A A
301 Fribourg – Flamatt – Bern C
302 Laupen – Flamatt A
303 [Thun -] Belp – Bern (S3) B Other services through to Thun
304.1 Burgdorf - Solothurn B S44 services specifically mentioned, but there are also RE services on this route
305 Kerzers - Murten – Payerne A
Bern – Bern Brünnen Westside - Kerzers (S51/2) C
306 Bern – Schwarzenburg A
310 Spiez – Interlaken Ost C Busy line with Inter City services
320 Spiez - Zweisimmen C Part of important regional and tourist route
330 Spiez - Frutigen C Part of key international route
340 Thun – Hasle Rüegsau B Busy route with Brig – Solothurn RE services
410 Biel/Bienne - Solothurn - Olten C Principal passenger route from Zurich to Geneve
411 Solothurn – Moutier A Threatened with closure from 2016 owing to the condition of Weissenstein tunnel.
412 Oensingen - Balsthal A Some buses
413 Solothurn – Niederbipp – Langenthal A
414 Langenthal - St Urban – St Urban Ziegelei A
440 Wolhusen – Langenthal (S7) B Other services on this line
440 Luzern – Schachen (S61) C
450 Langenthal – Olten – (S23/29) C
460 Luzern – Wolhusen – Langnau (S6) C Line also used by RE services
470 Meiringen – Interlaken Ost C Important regional and tourist line
470 Luzern – Giswil (S5) C Important regional and tourist line
474 Meiringen – Innertkirchen A
480 Luzern – Stans (S4) C Short workings on Engelberg branch
500 Olten – Basel (S3) C
501 Basel SBB – Basel Bad Bhf C
502 Liestal – Waldenburg A
503 Sissach – Läufelingen – Olten (S9) A A closure proposal was rejected in a local referendum in November 2017
510 Olten - Sursee – Luzern C
514 Lenzburg – Suhr – Zofingen (S28) A
600 Zug – Arth-Goldau – Erstfeld (S2) C
600 Luzern – Arth-Goldau – Brunnen (S3) C
600 Airolo – Bellinzona – Lugano – Chiasso (S10) C
603 Vitznau – Rigi Staffelhöhe [- Rigi Kulm] C Would appear to represent a couple of short services on this tourist rack line
620 Locarno – Camedo [- Domodossola] C
632 Bellinzona – Locarno (S20) C
633 Bellinzona – Pino Tr (S30) A Line with local service only
635 Lugano – Ponte Tresa (S60) A Line with local service only
644 Aarau – Menziken (S14) A Line with local service only
650 Aarau – Wildegg - Turgi (S29) C
650 Aarau – Lenzburg – Brugg – Baden (S23) C
650 Olten – Aarau (S23/29) C
651 Luzern – Hochdorf – Lenzburg (S9) A
653 Lenzburg – Wohlen – Muri AG – Rotkreuz (S26) B Line with local service only, but important regional route
653 Arth-Goldau – Rotkreuz (S32) B Line with infrequent local service, but important regional route
654 Wohlen – Bremgarten – Dietikon A
660 Baar Lindenpark – Zug (S2) C
670 Arth-Goldau – Biberbrugg (S31) B Significant local line with IR services
670 Pfaffikon – Biberbrugg B Significant local line with IR services
671 Rapperswil – Pfäffikon (Shuttlezuge) B Important link line with other through services
672 Biberbrugg – Einsielden (Shuttlezuge) B Many other through services
672 Wädenswil – Samstagern A
700 Basel SBB – Frick – Brugg (S1) C
700 Stein-Sackingen - Laufenberg A
701 Turgl – Koblenz – Waldshut/- Bad Zurzach A
711 Zürich HB – Affoltern a A (S15) C Short workings on suburban through line
712 Zürich HB – Adliswil – Langnau–Gattikon (SN4) C Late evening services only
720 Zürich HB – Pfäffikon – Ziegelbrücke C
720 Thalwil – Zug (S21) C
736 Ziegelbrücke – Schwanden - Linthal A Local services only and some buses beyond Schwanden
740 Zürich HB – Wetzikon (S14) C Other suburban services on this line
740 Wetzikon – Hinwil (S14) A
754 Winterthur – Bauma – Rüti (S26) A
760 Bulach – Schaffhausen (S22) C
761 Koblenz Grenze – Eglisau (S41) A
761 Winterthur – Bülach (SN)/(S41) A
763 [Singen -] Thayngen – Erzingen [- Waldshut] B Significant international line, electrification planned west of Schaffhausen
820 Schaffhausen – Stein am Rhein (SN3) C Overnight trains only
820 Kreuzlingen – Stein am Rhein (S3) A
821 Winterthur – Seusach (S29) C Other local services on this section
821 Seusach -Stein am Rhein (S29) A
830 Weinfelden - Konstanz (SN) C Night services only
840 Winterthur – Frauenfeld – Weinfelden (S30/S8) C
845 Romanshorn – Rorschach (S7/8) A
850 Winterthur – Wil (S35) C
852 Sulgen – St Gallen (S5) A
853 Wil – Wattwil – Nesslau-Neu St Johann (S9) A
854 Gossau – Appenzell - Wasserauen A
856 Gais – Alstätten Stadt A
857 Rorschach Hafen – Heiden A
858 Rheineck – Walzenhausen A
859 St Gallen – Trogen A
870 Romanshorn – St Gallen C Peak hour services only affected
Uznach – Wattwil – St Gallen (S4/6) C Local and peak hour services only affected
880 St Gallen - Buchs – Sargans C Important international line
900 Ziegelbrücke – Sargans – Chur C Important regional line with IC services
910/60 Landquart – Klosters – St Moritz C Recent massive investment in new tunnel on this important regional line
910 Klosters – Davos B Davos is an important regional centre
915 Davos – Filisur A
941 Schiers - Chur – Rhäzüns - Thusis C
960 Pontresina - Samedan A
960 Sanglians – Scuol-Tarasp B Important regional line
BUS Chêne-Bougeries – Gare-Augustins (Genève) Replacement service while new line built
Tram 12 Zürich Flg – Glattbrugg – Wallisellen – Dübendorf – Stettbach
Tram 6 [Bern Fischermatteli -] Bern Bahnhofplatz – Muri – Worb Dorf (6)

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