Border Crossings: Bulgaria - North Macedonia

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Note that there is a one hour time difference between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

(Skopje - Kumanovo -) Beljakovce MŽ - Gjueshevo BDŽ (- Sofia)

This route has been planned for many years - some construction work was done on the North Macedonian side - On 14 July 2017 the European Union announced it would finance its construction with a Memorandum of Understanding that the line would be completed by 2025/2027.

In November 2018 the 34Km of line to the branch terminus at Gjushevo from Kjustendil was only being served by two train pairs on WSSuO and practically the entire line subject to 20km/h limit. There was definitely no signs of works on the Bulgarian side as the line stops a short distance beyond the station at the foot of a mountain through which presumably any putative extension is projected?

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