Border Crossings: Bulgaria - North Macedonia

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Note that there is a one hour time difference between Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

(Skopje - Kumanovo -) Deve Bair MŽ - Gyueshevo BDŽ (- Sofia)

Plans for this cross-border link have existed for many years with the route forming part of the proposed Pan-European Corridor VIII and supported by the EU as part of their Western Balkans infrastructure upgrade plans. The cross-border section would link a newly constructed branch on the North Macedonian side at Deve Bair (see Recent and future changes) with the existing Bulgarian station at Gyueshevo and will be mostly in a 2.35km long tunnel. Some tunnelling work was started on the Bulgarian side as long ago as the early 1940s but no work has yet been carried out on the North Macedonian side. Both Governments have committed to completing the whole of Corridor VIII by 2030.

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