Border Crossings: Germany - Lithuania

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Sassnitz Fährhafen DB - Klaipėda LG {train ferry}

Now closed.

Although there is no land border between Germany and Lithuania the two countries were connected by a 1520mm-gauge train ferry. This was established by the USSR so that military traffic could be operated to and from the former DDR without needing to pass through Poland (though much was routed that way). The ferry was retained in order to avoid border delays and paperwork caused by transit through Poland. Bogies were changed at Sassnitz, where a small number of 1520mm-gauge locomotives were retained for shunting wagons on and off the ferries. The ferry "MS Vilnius" provided a weekly Sassnitz - Klaipėda service for foot passengers, taking 16 hours. However, it was discontinued with effect from 30 September 2013. The ship was equipped with a total of 1362 metres of 1520 mm gauge track.

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