Border Crossings: Czech Republic - Germany

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(Černý Kříž -) Nové Údolí ČD - Haidmühle DB ( - Waldkirchen)

Line closed and lifted after World War II. However, there is a small railway museum on the Czech side of the border. 105 m of rails have been laid on the former trackbed and across the border bridge. The Pošumavská jižní dráha claims to be the world's shortest international railway.

(Plzeň -) Železná Ruda centrum ČD - Bayerisch Eisenstein DB

[D] Bayerisch Eisenstein station (Železná Ruda Alžbětín in Czech) is on the border. (The actual border runs through the middle of the station building) There had been no through services since this crossing reopened in 1991, with ČD and DB trains using opposite ends of the station - a considerable distance apart. From 28 May 2006 some services by the German operator Waldbahn were extended to Špicák, thus covering the gap between the ČD and DB operations but these last ran on December 13 2014.

(Plzeň -) Česká Kubice ČD - Furth im Wald DB

[D] ČD works to Furth im Wald.

(Cheb -) Pomezi nad Ohri ČD - Schirnding DB (- Marktredwitz)

[D] DB works through trains from Nürnberg to Cheb via Marktredwitz. German operator Oberpfalzbahn works through trains between (Hof), Cheb and Marktredwitz.

(Cheb -) Aš ČD - Selb-Plößberg DB

[D] A 2 hourly Hof – Selb – Aš – Cheb - Marktredwitz service started on 13 December 2015 run by Oberpfalzbahn. The section had not seen a passenger train since April 1945 and it had closed to freight on June 1 1996

(Cheb - Aš -) Hranice v Čechách ČD - Arnsgrün DB (- Adorf)

Line closed. A bridge near Adorf was destroyed on 15th April 1945 and never repaired. The track was removed between 1946 and 1951.

(Cheb -) Vojtanov ČD - Raun DB (- Adorf)

[D] This is a very complex area; the line crosses the Czech/German border seven times in this 18 km section:

Vojtanov ČD - Plesná ČD

The line runs through Germany for 3.934 km. The only intermediate station, Schönberg, closed on April 14 1945 and never reopened

Plesná ČD - Bad Brambach DB

The line runs through Germany for only 230 metres and then 525 metres in the Czech Republic before crossing into Germany.This section closed on April 14 1945 and was reopened on an unknown date in 1955

Bad Brambach DB - Raun DB

The line runs through the Czech Republic for 523 metres, with no intermediate stations. A halt existed at Sanatorium Brambach between 1948 and 1957

(Sokolov -) Kraslice ČD - Klingenthal DB

[D] Re-opened on 28 May 2000 having been closed since April 16 1945 The German operator Vogtlandbahn works to Kraslice with diesel railcars.

(Karlovy Vary -) Potůčky ČD - Johanngeorgenstadt DB

[D] ČD works to Johanngeorgenstadt.

(Chomutov -) Vejprty ČD - Bärenstein DB (- Cranzahl)

[D] This route has lost passenger services and regained them several times in recent years. It re-opened for a second time in December 2003, but since 2015 it has operated only on summer weekends. Since 2020, three pairs of Länderbahn CZ trains, instead of the previous two ČD pairs, have run from Chomutov to Cranzahl.

(Chomutov - Křimov -) Reitzenhain v Čechách - Reitzenhain DB (- Marienberg (Sachs.))

Line closed. No cross-border traffic ran after 1945. On the Czech side, passenger services to Reitzenhain v Čechách ceased in 1948. The line formally closed in 1972 and the cross-border section has been obliterated by a new road. On the German side, passenger services to Reitzenhain ceased in 1978 and the line formally closed in 1998.

Moldava v Krušných horach ČD - Hermsdorf-Rehefeld DB (- Holzhau)

Line closed and lifted after World War II. Reopening has been discussed many times but has foundered on cost grounds.

(Děčín -) Dolní Žleb ČD - Schöna DB (- Bad Schandau)

[E*] There is a fixed voltage change at the border, km 11+859, (Děčín km 0 Bad Schandau km 13+870) and through passenger trains are mostly worked by dual-system electric locomotives: ČD locomotives work to Dresden and beyond and DB locomotives work to Praha. ÖBB 1216 class locomotives run through from Graz to Berlin and return via this crossing with the "Metropol" overnight train. A few local passenger trains between Děčín and Bad Schandau have been known to be operated by ČD diesel railbuses. Time critical freight trains are usually worked by dual-system electric locomotives whilst lower priority trains change locomotives at both Děčín and Bad Schandau, being hauled by diesel locomotives between these two points.

Dolni Poustevna ČD - Sebnitz DB (- Bad Schandau)

[D] This route, closed in 1945, reopened on 5 July 2014 with a 2-hourly Rumburk <=> Děčín service.

(Rumburk -) Jiříkov-Filipov ČD - Ebersbach (Sachs) DB

[D] Passenger services were withdrawn from the December 2010 timetable change but occasional OSEF (Ostsächsische Eisenbahnfreunde) charter services continue to run. See the OSEF website

(Dresden -) Taubenheim (Spree) DB - Neusalza-Spremberg DB (- Zittau)

[D] This section carries Trilex trains on a 1 km long section of the Bischofswerda - Zittau line through the Czech Republic with no intermediate stations. The future of this line was insecure but services have now been retendered until 2031.

Varnsdorf ČD - Seifhennersdorf DB (- Eibau)

[D] DB Corridor Trains on the secondary route between Eibau and Zittau ceased at the end of the winter 2000/2001 timetable. A local service, provided by Sächsisch-Böhmische-Eisenbahngesellschaft (SBE) ran until December 2006.

In December 2010 services restarted between Liberec, Zittau, Varnsdorf and a temporary replacement platform at Seifhennersdorf, operated by Trilex. The line between the border and Eibau was leased from DB by Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn GmbH (DRE).

From 13 March 2015, because of problems with DRE meeting "operational requirements for cross-border railway operations", the service terminated at Varnsdorf Pivovar Kocour on the Czech side of the border, with the cross-border section to Seifhennersdorf being served by rail replacement minibus. The rail service across the border did not resume until 11 June 2023. It now runs to the original Seifhennersdorf station and is still operated by Trilex.

Varnsdorf ČD - Großschönau (Sachs) DB (- Zittau)

[D] German operator Trilex operates services between Rybniste/Seifhennersdorf and Zittau or Liberec.

(Liberec -) Hrádek nad Nisou ČD - Zittau DB

[D] This line also passes through a short stretch of Poland, without stations, between the Czech Republic and Germany. ČD trains work to Zittau and German operator Trilex runs through trains between Dresden, Zittau and Liberec.

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