Border Crossings: France - Germany

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(Thionville -) Apach (Moselle) SNCF - Perl DB (- Trier)

[E*] DB operates freight to Apach using dual-frequency electric locomotives. Regular passenger services terminate short of the border, SNCF at Apach and DB at Perl. A limited cross-border passenger service operates at weekends, comprising two round trips from Metz to Trier, presumably operated by SNCF. On 4 April 2019 Grand Est and Rheinland-Pfalz announced that they were working on plans to improve the service by 2024.

(Bouzonville -) Guerstling SNCF - Niedaltdorf DB (- Dillingen (Saar))

[D] Freight only. DB operates a passenger service between Dillingen (Saar) and Niedaltdorf. Cross-border freight ceased in 2013 and the line in Germany is up for sale or closure. A shuttle service has operated for a number of years on Good Friday from Dillingen (Saar) in conjunction with the market at Bouzonville - see Niedaltdorf – Bouzonville for details and train timings.

(Bouzonville -) Hargarten-Falck SNCF - Überherrn DB (- Völklingen)

Line closed.

Reumaux HBL - Merlebach Nord HBL

[D] This line is part of the Houillères du Bassin de Lorraine system, a network serving the remaining mining industry in the area. The unadvertised passenger service over this line has ceased.

(Forbach -) Stiring-Wendel SNCF - Saarbrücken DB

[E*] DB ICE trains run between Frankfurt and Paris via this route. SNCF diesel multiple-units are used on local trains. Most freight trains use DB dual-frequency electric locomotives.

Sarreguemines SNCF - Hanweiler-Bad Rilchingen DB (- Saarbrücken)

[E] Stadtbahn Saar GmbH works a light rapid transit system between Sarreguemines and Saarbrücken, using DB and SNCF tracks south from Brebach. The through workings between Strasbourg and Saarbrücken are operated by SNCF diesel multiple-units. The line between Sarreguemines and Saarbrücken is electrified at the German standard 15kV 16.7Hz.

Wissembourg SNCF - Schweighofen DB (- Winden (Pfalz))

[D] DB works to Wissembourg.

Lauterbourg SNCF - Berg DB (- Wörth (Rhein))

[D] DB works to Lauterbourg.

Roeschwoog SNCF - Wintersdorf DB (- Rastatt)

Line Closed.

Strasbourg SNCF - Kehl DB

[E*] DB works long-distance passenger trains and some local services to Strasbourg using dual-frequency locomotives. From 10 June 2007 daytime trains between Paris and München were replaced by SNCF TGVs between Paris and Stuttgart/München. Local trains between Strasbourg and Offenburg comprise diesel rail cars. Most are operated by Ortenau S-Bahn GmbH, but a few are worked by SNCF.

Strasbourg CTS: Port du Rhin - Kehl Bahnhof

[E] Tram line D of the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois was extended across the river Rhin (Rhine), initially to Kehl Bahnhof, on 29 April 2017.

(Mulhouse -) Bantzenheim SNCF - Neuenburg (Baden) DB (- Müllheim (Baden))

[E*] SNCF works freight to Neuenburg (Baden) using dual-frequency electric locomotives. A full passenger service using SNCF diesel units replaced the former seasonal service from 9 December 2012 and a through TGV between Paris and Freiburg im Breisgau was introduced in August 2013.

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