Border Crossings: Germany - Switzerland

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  • Despite a common electrification system, different designs of overhead line and pantographs prevents through working by electric trains without special arrangements.

Konstanz DB - Kreuzlingen SBB / Kreuzlingen Hafen SBB

[E] SBB operates hourly IR75 services between Konstanz and Kreuzlingen, which run on to Weinfelden and Luzern. A half-hourly S14 service also runs between Konstanz, Kreuzlingen and Weinfelden, operated by Thurbo who also operate hourly RE services from Herisau via Kreuzlingen Hafen and the east to north curve to Konstanz.

(Singen -) Rielasingen DB - Ramsen SBB (- Etzwilen)

[D] Scheduled passenger services were withdrawn in 1969 and cross-border freight in 1996. The SEHR preservation group has progressively reopened the line from the Etzwilen end from 2007. The cross-border section to Rielasingen was reopened as a heritage line in May 2011 and the full line in August 2020.

(Singen -) Bietingen DB - Thayngen SBB (- Schaffhausen)

[E] SBB works an hourly service of IC4 trains from Zürich to Singen (Hohentwiel) or Stuttgart Hbf. DB works diesel trains between Singen and Basel Bad Bf via Schaffhausen and Waldshut. Trains between the Zürich line and Singen change from left-hand to right-hand running at Schaffhausen.

(Waldshut -) Erzingen (Baden) DB - Trasadingen DB (- Schaffhausen SBB)

[E] Erzingen is now the limit of electrification from Schaffhausen. SBB works S-Bahn services from Schaffhausen to Erzingen with EMUs. DB works diesel trains between Singen and Basel via Schaffhausen and Waldshut.

(Eglisau –) Jestetten SBB – Neuhausen SBB (– Schaffhausen)

[E] This route passes through German territory with two intermediate stations in Germany, Lottstetten and Jestetten, which are operated by SBB.

SBB operates hourly IC4 services which run non-stop between Zürich HB and Schaffhausen via this route, extending to Singen or Stuttgart. SBB also run hourly limited-stop RE and half-hourly S9 services between Zürich and Schaffhausen, the latter serving the intermediate stations in Germany. There is also an hourly S-Bahn service between Jestetten and Schaffhausen only, operated by Thurbo.

(Schaffhausen -) Lottstetten SBB - Rafz SBB (- Eglisau)

see item above.

Waldshut DB - Koblenz SBB

[E] SBB electric trains work from Baden and Bülach to Waldshut, using bay Platform 5 which is the only electrified platform. All DB services from Waldshut are diesel-operated.

(Waldshut -) Grenzach DB - Basel Badischer Bf DB

[DE] DB Regio operates RB services between Lauchringen or Waldshut and Basel Bad Bf, and IRE services from Singen or beyond to Basel Bad Bf. As the line between Basel Bad Bf and Erzingen (Baden) is not electrified, all trains are diesel-powered.

(Lörrach -) Lörrach-Stetten DB - Riehen (b Basel) DB (- Basel Badischer Bf DB)

[E] SBB operates S-Bahn services between Basel SBB and Zell (Wiesental) via Lörrach Hbf.

The Trinationale-S-Bahn Basel map may assist with understanding cross-border routes in the Basel area.

(Freiburg -) Weil am Rhein DB - Basel Badischer Bf DB

[E] DB operates RB services to Basel Bad Bf, and RE and a few IC services to Basel SBB. SBB rolling stock with a DB electric locomotive is used on the EC services between Hamburg, the Ruhr and Switzerland via Basel SBB.

(Basel –) Kleinhüningeranlage BVB (Switzerland) – Weil am Rhein Grenze – Dreiländerbrücke (Germany) (– Weil am Rhein Bahnhof/Zentrum BVB)

[E] Metre gauge. The Basler Verkehrsbetriebe tram route to Weil am Rhein Bahnhof/Zentrum was extended across the border from Kleinhüningen on 14 December 2014.

The stop at Weil am Rhein Grenze is served only by trams bound for Basel. Almost all of its one platform is on the German side of the border. The purpose of the stop is to enable Swiss citizens who have been shopping in Weil am Rhein to get off, obtain a German customs stamp on their tax forms from the office which lies between the two running lines, and get back on the next tram.

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