Border Crossings: Austria - Czech Republic

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(Linz -) Summerau ÖBB - Horní Dvořistě ČD (- Českě Budějovice)

[E*] Electrification between Českě Budějovice and Summerau was completed in December 2001: the voltage change is at the border. ČD Class 380 electric locomotives work passenger trains to Linz and a ČD diesel unit works to Summerau. ÖBB electric locomotives of Class 1116 work push-pull trains to Českě Budějovice.

Freight trains normally change locomotives at Summerau - ČD Class 340 electric locomotives work across the border from Horní Dvořistě. Privately-operated TRAXX multi-system electric locomotives often work trains throughout.

(Wien -) Gmund NÖ ÖBB - České Velenice ČD

[ED] ÖBB electric push-pull trains work to České Velenice. Freight traffic is worked, normally electrically, by ČD Cargo locomotives to Gmund.

(Waidhofen an der Thaya -) Fratres ÖBB - Slavonice ČD (- Kostelec u Jihlavy)

The line closed in 1945 and was lifted on the Czech side in 1951. Proposals for re-opening have all failed owing to lack of funds. A cycle path now runs from Slavonice to Waidhofen a.d. Thaya.

Retz ÖBB - Šatov ČD (- Znojmo)

[E] Electrification at the Austrian standard of 15 kV 16.7 Hz has now been completed from Retz to Znojmo, and the route is worked by ÖBB electric push-pull trains. There is a technical possibility to have a change of voltage and frequency at the border, if the connecting Czech lines to Znojmo are electrified at a later date.

Laa an der Thaya ÖBB - Hevlin ČD

The 3.3 km-long cross-border section closed in 1945. The residual ČD passenger service from Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou to Hevlin ended in June 2010. In 2020 the line was bought by the municipality of Hevlin with the intention of running a heritage railway. The municipality would also like to see the cross-border section reinstated; this has been proposed several times since the 1990s but so far nothing has materialised.

(Wien -) Bernhardsthal ÖBB - Břeclav ČD

[E*] Railjet trainsets operated by dual-frequency ÖBB and ČD locomotives work through between Wien and Praha.

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