Border Crossings: Norway - Sweden

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(Narvik -) Bjørnfell BaneNOR - Riksgränsen TRV (- Kiruna)

[E] Regular cross-border passenger trains are operated by SJ until 12 Dec 2020. From 13 Dec 2020, the passenger trains will be run by Vy Tåg (the Swedish subsidiary of Vy). Iron ore trains are worked by Malmtrafik i Kiruna, owned by mining company Luossavaara Kirunavaara Aktiebolag (LKAB). Other freight traffic is worked by Green Cargo or Cargonet.

(Hell -) Teveldal BaneNOR - Storlien TRV (- Östersund)

[DE] No regular freight traffic. SJ Norge (the Norwegian subsidiary of SJ) operates two services a day between Heimdal and Storlien, using Norske Tog DMUs. Electrification of Trondheim - Storlien will start in early 2021 and is expected to be completed in late 2024.

(Oslo -) Magnor BaneNOR - Charlottenberg TRV (- Stockholm)

[E] Passenger services are operated by SJ and Vy Tåg. Freight is worked by Green Cargo, BLS Rail, Cargonet (container trains only), Hector Rail, Protrain Trafik and TÅGAB.

(Oslo -) Kornsjø BaneNOR - Ed TRV (- Göteborg)

[E] Passenger trains are operated by Vy. Freight is worked by Green Cargo, Cargonet (container trains only) or Hector Rail.

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